How to Change App Store Country for Google Play

What is Google Play Store?

Every Smartphone user will be aware of this term – Google Play Store. Just like an ITunes Account, Google Play Store contains all the apps, software, games, and videos for Android users.

Why should you change App Store Country?

Change App Store Country for Google PlayIf you live in a country like Australia, you surely need to get the UK or US Google Play Store account. The main reason behind this is that most Android apps are geo-blocked and you can’t access them with an Australian Google Play Store Account.

How to create a Play Store Account of another country?

To get Google Play Store account of UK or US, first, you need to change online location – your IP address. You can use IP address country changer for this purpose, but we would recommend VPN to change your IP address.
There are many VPN services available for you (and we have reviewed the best here), but if you are in Australia, ExpressVPN is the best option for you. Other options include NordVPN and Cyberghost.

expressvpn for android

How to set up VPN?

Setting up a VPN server is very simple. Create an account on VPN and download the app. Launch the app and log in to your account. Look for the UK or US server. Once you have found that, connect to it.

After you have changed your IP address. Follow these steps:

Setup VPN On Android

First, you need to manage your payment method. And for that, you need to log in to your Google Wallet Account.

  • Previously if you have any payment added, delete it. And if you don’t have a payment method, add it and then skip this step.
  • Now add a card and enter the billing address of UK or US.
  • Go to Google Play Store and navigate to an item available for download.
  • Click “download” so that the downloading starts and reach to the point where it says “Accept and Buy.” However, you don’t need to complete the purchase.

Now close your Google Play Store Account and erase the data of Google Play Store by following these steps:

  • Navigate to “Settings.”
  • Then to “Apps.”
  • Click on ” Google Play Store .”
  • Click on “Clear data”.
  • Now clear the cache for Google Play Store.

Now re-open your Google Play Store account. Now you will see the Google Play Store Account of your payment billing country. This way you can get Google US or UK play store account.

There are many ways to change App Store Country for Google Play but above-mentioned method is the easy one. It is highly recommended not to use free web proxies or IP changer to change your online location.

Using VPN is very easy, and you will be safely assigned a virtual IP address. While choosing a VPN, take into account your current location and choose accordingly.