VeraCrypt Review: Best Encryption Software

VeraCrypt is probably one of the best-known examples of open-source encryption software, a powerful program with more features than its ease of use portrays.

VeraCrypt is a free, open-source encryption application developed by Mounir Idrassi and a volunteer developer. Although small, VeraCrypt focuses on protecting local files and is full of features.

The core of VeraCrypt comes from the discontinued file encryption software TrueCrypt. To create VeraCrypt, Idrassi used TrueCrypt’s source code to enhance certain aspects of security.

VeraCrypt open-source encryption software

While VeraCrypt is not for most consumers, it is among the best encryption software choices. You have plenty of options when it comes to the storage of your files.

The software features many unique features we have never seen before. In this VeraCrypt review, we’ll determine if it’s right for you. (Find the Best Hard Drive Cleaner)

Is VeraCrypt Trustworthy

Being open-source means anyone can see VeraCrypt code, and although the website looks dated, this should be against how well the service performs.

The software is free and jam-packed with features. here’s a quick look at the main ones.

  • Unlimited Devices and Unlimited File size limit
  • Zero-knowledge
  • None Cloud storage integration
  • N/A Refund policy
  • Knowledgebase
  • User forum
  • AES, Camellia, Kuznyechik, Serpent, Twofish Encryption
  • N/A Sharing encryption
  • RIPEMD-160, SHA-256, SHA-512, Whirlpool, Streebog Master password hashing

Even though the open-source encryption software is free, you can donate. The application is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. If you wish to donate, you can do so with Crypto, PayPal, wire transfer payment methods

Can VeraCrypt Be Hacked?

VeraCrypt’s security is very simple, though hacking it isn’t as easy.

You do not need to certify your identity to log into your account. Also, no direct sharing capacity is available, so it is no concern to use key pairs to match authorized users.

The software is all available locally. VeraCrypt secures the file system using AES-256, the same level of security as most premium VPN providers. This allows you to include encrypted data, filenames, and anything else related to the data you encrypt.

AES is the default, but you have other viable options. These algorithms come from Mitsubishi and NTT of Japan and the Russian Federation.

Regardless, each algorithm is designed with a 256-bit key size and 128-bit block size. You can combine multiple encryption algorithms. For example,

VeraCrypt supports an AES-Twofish-Serpent operating model.
VeraCrypt uses one of five hashing algorithms once you create a password, generating pseudo-random keys based on various factors, including mouse movements and keystrokes.

A master password is generated from this process, which allows you to encrypt your files and decrypt your data with a password you recognize.

The encryption process is quite fast, especially when you have an Intel CPU. The VeraCrypt project supports hardware acceleration through the Intel AES-NI instructions.

Despite the small difference in performance, it can speed up the process on older machines.

Is VeraCrypt Safe 2022?

If you can get your head around the website and installation procedure, then using VeraCrypt, you could find the open-source software is for you.

It can create a virtual encrypted disk inside a file, and then it can mount this drive as if it as a real disk drive.

You can encrypt an entire partition or storage device from a flash drive to full hard drives with Windows 10 on it.

Pipelining and parallelization are unique as you can write and read data at the same speed as if there was no encryption on the drive.

It gives plausible deniability if forced to reveal the password. Hidden volumes and hidden operating systems offer further protection.

One of the most prominent features of VeraCrypt, the free encryption software, is it is resilient against brute force attacks.

VeraCrypt Features

How VeraCrypt Works

This is a free and open-source software where you can encrypt information, folders, files, and systems.

It provides additional protection from data theft and data leaks. It was designed to address some of the security challenges and vulnerabilities that TrueCrypt has experienced.

Other notable features of VeraCrypt include:

  • Protection from Cold Boot Attacks
  • No VeraCrypt backdoor access at all
  • Creates Volumes of On-The-Fly Encryption
  • It stops data leaks.
  • Will prevent data theft.

Your data is automatically encrypted just before it is saved with the ability to produce encryption volumes on-the-fly.

And as it is loaded, your data is immediately decrypted. You don’t have to take any additional measures.

No data stored inside the encrypted volume can be decrypted or read unless the user has the correct password, encryption key, or key file.

You can encrypt all files and folders in a filing system, the filenames, contents, and the metadata, along with free space using this encryption tool.

Plausible Deniability?

With Plausible Deniability, you can deny you have sensitive information on your hard disks, as no one can prove otherwise.

They may see you are using encryption, yet it is harder to question because VeraCrypt lets you hide a single volume inside another invisible volume.

It isn’t possible to prove there is a hidden volume or a hidden operating system existing.

It sounds complicated, yet it can be easy to use and doesn’t take too much intervention to carry out system encryption.

Hidden Operating Systems

VeraCrypt enables you to create a hidden volume, and it is that this allows you to have the above plausible deniability.

The software creates a boot loader stored on the recovery disk or the PC, yet this isn’t in an encrypted form. No encrypted file will show the size of anyone looking, and it looks like a plain old partition.

You can also create an encrypted hard drive and a real hard drive volume as a decoy. However, you won’t use this to store any personal data or encrypted files on your system.

You can look at Bitlocker vs VeraCrypt, and while there are some similarities, the encryption algorithm in this free software is faster in the VeraCrypt encryption software.

While you don’t get any support from this third-party software, you need to make sure you know how to use VeraCrypt first.

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VeraCrypt Review Best Encryption Software