How to Watch Britain’s Got Talent Online in Australia

Simon Cowell has a lot to answer for, but not watching Britain’s Got Talent in Australia as its views isn’t one of these things.

This has much to do with publishing rights, and the Got Talent franchise is a phenomenal success.

Many countries have their own versions, so watching BGT and the Aussie version might appear too much for the broadcasters.

Watch Britain’s Got Talent Online

What is BGT Exactly?

Unlike other talent shows where the contestants are all singers, The Voice and The X-Factor being prime examples. BGT is a talent show where anyone can perform if they think they have got what it takes to win.

Acts can be singers, magician’s, comedian’s or even dancing dogs. However, the format is pretty similar, where all the acts go through auditions in front of the panel of Britain’s Got Talent judges.

Over the years, the judges have changed slightly, although apart from Simon, Amanda Holden is the only judge included in every season.

A few of the other judges who have been on the show are Piers Morgan, Michael McIntyre and David Hasselhoff.

Guest judges have included Louis Walsh, Kelly Brook and another Baywatch babe who starred alongside Hasselhoff, Carmen Electra.

The panel now appears to be settled down, with the four of Britain’s Got Talent Judges 2017 onwards being the same since season six. The current line-up being

  • Simon Cowell
  • Amanda Holden
  • David Walliams
  • Alesha Dixson

Britain’s Got Talent JudgesBGT Winners

Some of the more notable Britain’s Got Talent winners were as follows.

  • Paul Potts – Tenor Singer
  • Diversity – Street dance group Season 3 winners
  • Ashleigh and Pudsey – Dancing dog act from season 6
  • Attraction – Hungarian shadow theatre group were winners of season 7
  • Richard Jones – Winner of BGT 2016 with his army based magic act.

2017 was won by the great Tokio Myers and his pop synth piano act, and this year were the “Lost Voice Guy” who took Britain’s Got Talent 2018 award by public vote.

Other BGT Shows

Aside from watching the iTV live stream of BGT using the iTV Hub, viewers can switch to ITV2 and watch the accompanying show “Britain’s Got More Talent.”

This is aired straight after the first show and is a behind the scenes look at some of the best and worst of Britain’s Got Talent auditions and interviews with acts and all the news and gossip.

With all about the show unwrapped, the crucial part is how to watch it in Australia.

With 2 easy to follow steps, you can watch BGT before you know it, with both steps being completed in well under an hour.

Two Steps to Watching BGT in Australia

Step one of being able to watch BGT and the chance to watch UK TV in Australia, which spans across all of the streaming services that are free to UK residents.

The first step means you’ll need to turn yourself into a UK resident. How to do this?

BGT in AustraliaNavigate to the iTV Hub and click on the sign-up procedure, run through the details and enter a UK postcode when entered. Save this, and to be safe, if you know anyone in the UK, ask them if you can use theirs. If not, check for a Hotel and borrow their postcode.

Finish the signup procedure, and then move to step 2.

VPN’s are what is needed for the second step. Free ones are out of the picture because they offer limited bandwidth usage. A VPN’s free offering also falls into this.

Choose the best service you can find for Australia, and scouring the internet, you’ll come across one name in particular.

Signing up to the best tool for the job is as easy as going to their website, sign-up, pay and buy VPN services.

Be sure your chance comes with a no-quibble money-back guarantee.

Receive your confirmation email, download and install the client, and you are up and running. Your connection will be masked and hidden from your ISP or anyone else who tries to look.

The hardest part you need to do is enter the client and choose a UK server from a drop-down menu.

It’s this that turns you into a UK resident. Head over to the iTV Hub and find all the Britain’s Got Talent episodes you wish to watch.

If you don’t want to wait for the next BGT season, you can browse the library and check what’s about to play. So, sit back and watch iTV live stream in the comfort of your Australian home.