How to Watch Bollywood Movies Online For Free Without Downloading

Bollywood produces the highest number of movies and TV films a year among any of the entertainment industries throughout the world.

Not surprisingly, most Indians are movie lovers, as there are many others. Who doesn’t love the colourful dancing and joyful singing that often find a place in these movies?

While many of us would rather watch movies in the cinema or on television, some people watch Hindi movies online free by other means. Downloading pirated movies seem like a convenient option for many, but such activities can attract a penalty. (Read The Top 10 Best Torrent Sites That Actually Work)

Besides this, there’s always a risk of malware attacks and viruses in the files you download. Besides, your ISP can see what your online activities are; and have to retain this data for 2-years in Australia.

Watch Bollywood Movies Online For Free

While streaming movies online free is a grey area and doesn’t attract as much attention as torrenting Bollywood movies. Your ISP may slow your connection when streaming online moves free, to save bandwidth.

However, you can use a VPN service to prevent this, and because here we have, how to watch Bollywood movies online for free, you may need to bypass some geo-restrictions.

Here, you can find all you need to know about watching Bollywood movies online without downloading. (Learn How To Remove A Hacker From My Phone)

Where to Watch Online Hindi Movies?

If you are a fan of Hindi movies, then there are lots of places you can access, to watch movies whenever you want. However, because most of these sites are Hindi-based, you may face geo-restrictions to gain full access to watch the movies without download. (Learn How to Watch Hindi Movies Online)

To bypass these restrictions and watch your Hindi TV shows and movies for free, you will need a VPN that has servers in India and also caters for Australia at the same time.

Here are the best websites that have legal online movies in Hindi.



You will find a premium site here for all genres of Hindi movies online because either indirectly, the site is owned by Disney and has some tie-ins with HBO.

Once you land on the site, you see all the media titles for movies and TV shows. You also a search box where you can look for specific things if you know the title.

Genre’s you can choose are romance, drama, comedy, crime, sport, thriller, horror, teen kids and lots more besides. You can find regional movies or international movies and TV series in equal measure.

While there are many Hindi films to watch for free, you can also subscribe for even more rights reserved content. If there is any movie or TV shows tile without Premium on it, you can watch this free on desktops, or you can use Android and iOS devices for Hindi movies on the go. (Learn How to Watch Hotstar in Australia)


SonyLiv is a product of Sony. The streaming services contains a dozen or so TV channels from India. You have the choice between free Hindi movies or to subscribe for rights reserved HD quality premium content, if you wish to add sports.

You will find a slick interface, which has headings for Shows, movies, sports, Channels, and Premium. Also, each of the tiles has a crown icon for Premium, or the free doesn’t display this.

Scrolling through what’s on offer, you will see many international hits available in many different languages.



You will find that Voot deserves a place among the best online movie Hindi sites there is. It comes with many movies and TV shows to cater to anyone’s tastes.

On the top of the page, you can select from Premium, shows, movies, channels and news. Selecting each takes you to another page where you have recommended, Hindi favourites, romance, Voot Select Originals, drama, best of international, regional movies, and lots more as well as. You can even find MasterChef Australia, or even Jamie at Home.


With a 14-day free trial, you can stream Hindi movies or 1,000’s of Indian hits, Eros Originals in HD quality and with no ads. If you wish to sign up, you do need to add an email address, or you can sign up with Apple or Facebook.

The platform allows you to stream to a wide range of devices, and all it takes is to select from one of the media tiles. Hover over this, and the slick interface slides in another box full of more information on the TV series or the movies online.

Where to Watch Online Bollywood Movies

All the above options allow you to watch movies online free and give you the opportunity to sign up for more rights reserved TV series or newer movie you wish to share with the family.

However, if you wish to watch the latest movies Bollywood online, you may have to take a different approach. You will need a VPN to watch Indian movies online using the following sites.

While they offer many a Hindi movie online, it doesn’t mean they are legitimate services. With the right precautions to stop prying eyes as you access a movie online, Hindi streaming online free can be done without worry.

Afdah Movies



You will find Afdah is a web scraper and doesn’t host any files of their own. Because of this, you will be unsure where the source streams originate. The site has a pleasant interface and is easy to use.

It shows all the media tiles, and hovering your mouse over one pops up a box that comes with lots of information regarding your selection. It allows you to filter and select movies by genre, alphabetically, by year, country or language.

It is a great option to watch Bollywood and Hindi movies online with no downloads or registration.


CMoviesHD is very similar in appearance to sites like 123Movies. It offers a wealth of Bollywood and Hindi movies online for free and with no registration. You are presented with a very slick interface of media tiles, where you can distinguish between TV series as it denotes the episode and HD movies by the yellow HD icon in the corner.

Hovering over a tile shows boxes for some titles with information while others have the resolution.

If you select the filter button, you can sort by movies, TV-series and cinema. It also allows you to choose HD quality, SD or cam resolution. Following on there is genre, country and year.

Yify TV

Yify is one of the most important names for ‘download’ options and streaming online Bollywood movies. There is a vast range of movies and TV shows you can select. If you use the Yify TV string to search, you may be redirected to

Finding your movies online free is easy as it offers one of the best engine filters of any site. It does let you know to turn off your ad-blocker, although leaving it enabled doesn’t affect the experience too much.

Movies Joy

Movies Joy

Last on the list is another well-known name of Movies Joy. No matter if you are searching for Hindi movies online, or you want to watch online Bollywood movies.

It offers a large number of movies and TV shows, Bollywood movies online and new movie choices you may not see in other areas. While you won’t share the movies, it does offer an Android APK you can sideload onto your mobile device.

One downside being movies can take a while to begin playing as they build up a buffer. However, they are mostly of HD quality.

How to Watch Hindi Movie Online

All the above offer options from both sides of the Bollywood movies online fence be it legitimate or the free movie sites that offer these movies online free.

Which way you wish to go will be your choice at the end of the day to watch your Bollywood movies online free. They do, however; both require the use of a VPN service for different reasons.

If you watch Bollywood movies online from the first batch, you need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. You do this by installing your VPN and changing the VPN server to India.

All these options allow you to watch movies for free without subscribing, although you may need to check the payment options before you can access all HD quality TV shows and movies online.

The second batch of movies for free sites are more popular, and you need a VPN to keep you safe while visiting these movie sites. You never know who will share malware or share viruses because they can.

A VPN can stop any prying eyes from seeing what you share, what you download or what you stream. You can search for the best Bollywood movies, TV shows or download and share, without anyone being the wiser of what you are doing.

You will find, though, there is no need to download any of the great Hindi TV shows or Bollywood movies, and you can watch movies most safely when using the best VPN for Australia.

How to Watch Bollywood Movies Online For Free Without Downloading