Best VPN to Watch Dazn Online

Dazn was a new streaming service that began in the UK, although it has never been available there.

You can find the live and on-demand sports services available in Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, United States, Spain, Italy, and Brazil.

Dazn offers a wide range of live sports streaming such as MLB, NHL, Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, MMA, and many more.

Many sports fans wonder if the service is worth it over the competition. They also wonder what is Dazn and how they can get a free trial to check out what action and sports information it offers.

You can learn more information more about Dazn Italia and the other regions it is accessible. You can also see how you can access your Dazn free trial from anywhere to watch what sports you want.

Dazn Streaming Service

Does Dazn Have a Contract

There is no contract with Dazn, and you can cancel your subscription at any time, which many in the streaming world like.

One thing to note is that you need a premium VPN to help provide a stream from the service when you are outside any of the countries.

Dazn has taken a stance against VPNs recently, and yes, it is true, there are only a few VPNs that work.

Devices you can access Dazn are as follows:

Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Browsers, Apple TV, and Xbox.

Dazn Sign Up Instructions:

Here are the basic steps you will go through to complete your subscription:

  1. Visit DAZN and click on the ‘Sign up’ button
  2. Enter login details and create your account
  3. Enter your credit/debit card information
  4. Click on the big yellow ‘Start Free Trial’ button
  5. Confirm if you like the monthly or annual subscription plan

To sign up with either an Xbox or Apple TV, you can use these simple instructions.

Apple TV

Using your TV to sign up for DAZN needs you to download the app first:

  1. Go to the App Store on your home screen
  2. Select ‘search’ and type in ‘DAZN’
  3. Click the DAZN icon and follow app instructions


Follow the instructions here to use the DAZN app on an Xbox:

  1. Locate ‘Store’ on the Xbox home screen
  2. Search for the DAZN app in the search box
  3. Tap on the icon for DAZN
  4. Download and install the app In Home -My games and apps – Apps
  5. Start the app and carry on signing up

How Do I Cancel My Free Trial on Dazn?

Once your DAZN 30 days free trial comes to an end. You are automatically billed at the current rates. It is important you cancel your subscription at least 2 days before this, as it can take 24 hours for the request to go through.

Should you forget, it will cost you as Dazn doesn’t offer any refunds to customers.

  1. Login to My Account using a web browser
  2. Inside your account, navigate to the subscription section. Select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button
  3. Enter the reason you wish to cancel the service if you are asked
  4. After entering customer feedback. Clock on the ‘Confirm Cancellation’ button
  5. Dazn confirms the cancellation request via email.

Note: You are still able to enjoy Dazn content until the current subscription period ends.

If you subscribe via a third party, such as Apple, Google, Roku, or Amazon, you do need to cancel your subscription through their services.

It isn’t possible to cancel your account from inside the app; you need to do it inside a browser.

Best VPN to Watch Dazn

Does Dazn Have a Free Trial?

Dazn does have a free trial, although the payments after that catch most new subscribers’ eyes.

The sports streaming service offers a great experience, yet for this, you pay $19.99 per month. It is this monthly cost that appears excessive compared to other offerings.

However, they include the option to take out an annual subscription of $99 per year. This makes it more cost-effective to access the full features from the sports streaming service.

Any of the on-demand content can be accessed in most regions, yet some of these may not be available in certain regions when it comes to the live streams.

Thus, it does need a good VPN so you can access a market where the matches or boxing action are played live.

Is Dazn First Month Free?

In most cases, the first month is free for every new subscriber. However, this isn’t including the United States. Unfortunately, they don’t get to test all the features unless they use a VPN and sign up with Dazn Canada.

They don’t provide 30 days free to American subscribers because it is easy to sign up each year when there are major events including MMA, UFC, or boxing.

You will discover this is also the reason for the hefty month charge compared to the annual cost. It makes sense to sign up for one year, whereas Americans may sign up for a couple of months at a time.

Doing this, they catch all the major world events and then cancel their Dazn subscription.

If you want to learn information about how to watch Dazn on TV, follow the sign-up process above after you find information on the best VPNs that run on most devices. One of the devices you may need your VPN is your router, as an Xbox doesn’t have client apps.

You can find many VPNs available, yet not all are suitable for Australia, and if the information is correct, not many will let you try the Dazn trial.

  1. Once you pick your VPN, download, and install the app.
  2. Select one of the sports regions that make it easy for you to sign up and present your payment details.
  3. Change the VPN app to match that sports country.
  4. Once your VPN connects, you can head to the appropriate Dazn site and begin your sign-up procedure.

A VPN takes your old IP address and replaces it with a new one with the external VPN server. Dazn will think you are in that particular sports country and let you sign-up and stream the sports of your choice.

You have one month to check all the features as much as you like and see if the sports experience is what you like or doesn’t provide enough to keep you subscribed.

Best VPN to Watch Dazn Online