How to Watch Mrs Browns Boys Online

Classic TV can never be beaten, and one show that delivers is Mrs Brown s Boys. It was written by and stars Brendan O Carroll as Agnes Brown.

She is the loud-mouthed Irish matriarch who has nothing better to do than meddle in the lives of her children.

With the Mrs Browns Boys TV show, the Christmas special episodes, The Movie, there is lots to stream to keep you giggling for the latter part of this year.

Here you can find out all you need to know about the show and where you can watch it online for less than the cost of the Mrs Browns Boys Box Set on Amazon.

Watch Mrs Browns Boys TV Show Online

Is Mrs Brown s movie on Netflix?

It doesn’t matter which Netflix library you try to access; you won’t find the 2014 movie starring Brendan O Carroll as the matriarch Agnes Brown.

However, you can find the Mrs Brown s Boys D’Movie on the UK Amazon Prime streaming service. (Read How to Change Amazon Country)

Accessing this will need a premium VPN to bypass Amazons geo-restrictions.

Where can I find Mrs Brown’s Boys?

When you search for the show, you will be out of luck in Australia. Some episodes were on 7plus, yet these are finished. You do need to head to the UK to get the show.

There have only been three seasons and the remainder of the episodes being specials.

Here’s a quick list of episodes:

Series 1

  1. The Mammy
  2. Mammy’s Secret
  3. Mammy’s Merchandise
  4. Mammy Rides Again
  5. Mammy of the Groom
  6. Mammy’s Miracle
  7. Christmas Special: Mammy’s Ass

Series 2

  1. Mammy Pulls It Off
  2. Mammy’s Coming!
  3. iMammy (Batteries Not Included)
  4. Super Mammy
  5. Mammy’s Going
  6. New Mammy

Series 3

  1. Mammy’s Spell
  2. Mammy’s Inflation
  3. Mammy’s Break
  4. Mammy’s Valentine
  5. Mammy?
  6. Mammy Swings

Christmas Special Samples

  • Mammy Christmas 2012 Christmas Special
  • The Virgin Mammy 2012 Christmas Special
  • Buckin’ Mammy 2013 Christmas Special
  • Orange is the New Mammy 2019 Christmas Special
  • A Wonderful Mammy 2019 Christmas Special

Why Did Rory Leave Mrs Brown?

Rory played the gay hairdresser and announced he wanted to quit, although he was talked into staying for a while.

After a sellout Mrs brown Tour in 2017, the unhappy Rory Cowan packed his bags. He said, please let me go, and divulging no more, he left to search for his next new adventure.

Is Mrs Brown’ s Boys on BBC iPlayer?

If you struggle with your search, in finding anywhere to watch the show, rather than coughing up for the Mrs Brown DVD.

You may be happy to know that the BBC has 35 episodes of tales of the mammy and her children.

This makes it very straightforward to see the show next time you want. All you need to use is a new premium streaming VPN.

Create a free account for the BBC while connected to a UK based server and add a UK postcode and address when asked. Sign in to the free service, and you are good to go.

Once you do this, you can search for the show, and you are presented with all the best mammy comedy content ready to stream.

One great thing with the BBC iPlayer is, you can watch more than just mammy escapades and New year Specials; you may use the service to watch loads more world-class content like the BBC loves to produce. (Read more: How to Watch the BBC iPlayer in Australia)

Watch Mrs Browns Boys Online