How to Watch On My Block Online

On My Block was a smash hit in 2018; this TV show follows the exploits of four street-savvy friends navigating their way through a gritty inner-city Los Angeles high school.

This coming of age show was the highest-rated binge watch TV show on Netflix when it was released.

On My Block Season 2 was released on March 29, 2019, and it looks set to equal, if not better, the first season of On My Block.

Watch On My Block Online in Netflix

This guide will show how you can watch the show online outside the USA. First up, there is a quick look at the show and what happened in season one.

What is On My Block?

In total, there are 20 On My Block episodes. Ten from each series of the coming of age comedy. The creator Lauren Iungerich had help in writing from fellow collaborators Jeremy Haft and Eddie Gonzalez.

They strung together a group of young faces, which are not all too unfamiliar with large roles.

Sierra Capri, who plays the leading female character, Monse Finnie, is one of the newer faces on the small screen. (Read Netflix On TV)

Ruby (Jason Genao) has been in quite a few TV series and movies. Law & Order, Logan, and The Get Down, among others. Cesar (Diego Tinoco) was last seen a couple of years ago in Teen Wolf.

Jessica Maria Garcia probably has the longest history of TV and has been cast in How to Get Away with Murder, Hacking High School, Liv and Maddie, Betch and The Middle, and many more.

The first couple of episodes Lauren Iungerich delivered were lukewarm, but they gathered speed as the season went on.

In the first episode, Monse (Sirrera Capri) comes back from writing camp and sees Jamal (Brett Gray) are off with fellow friend Cesar.

Ruby then falls for love at first sight, and then there is the first school dance the friends contend with attending. (Read Free VPN Australia)

Things begin to escalate through the episodes until the season 1 finale, when Ruby and Olivia are caught by a hail of bullets, which are meant for Cesar.

Without spoilers for season two, the ongoing quest of Rollerworld Money continues, and it becomes the central theme for the season.

How does season 2 end? There is to be a season 3, but with only 8 episodes compared to the 10 in seasons one and two.

Is this the end, or is it just a revamp of the structure of the show?

Where to Watch On My Block

On My Block is a US Netflix exclusive, which means this is the only place you can access both seasons.

This may sound difficult for viewers outside the USA, but it is quite easy to get around this with a VPN. However, not all VPN’s can bypass the restrictions which are in place with Netflix.

Netflix is the number one streaming service that imposes geo-restrictions, but also it checks if a VPN is being used.

Many large VPN providers give up trying to continually bypass these checks and state their service does not support access.

Luckily, the VPN here is well known to be the best for bypassing not just geo-restrictions from any country. (Learn How to Watch Legacies Online)

However, it continually beats the Netflix VPN checks because of the 40,000 plus IP addresses it has spread around its VPN network.

The rest of this guide shows how watching US Netflix in Australia is straightforward to do and gives full access to On My Block and lots more besides.

US Netflix to watch On My Block

Signing Up for US Netflix

Although Netflix has these restrictions in place, you can sign up, and whichever country you are in, you can still log in with your account details.

It does not allow you, though, to log into the US Netflix from another country.

This is where using a VPN comes into play.

When you sign up, you can do so through the web, the Netflix mobile app, or by selecting the Netflix icon on your streaming TV.

Many other devices ask you to sign up via the web, while some TV’s such as the Apple TV, do so through the TV itself.

Here are the steps to sign up for Netflix.

  1. Navigate to using your browser.
  2. Select the “Join Free for a Month” button – there is a one month free trial for all new subscribers.
  3. Select “See the Plans”
  4. Add your email address and enter a unique password
  5. Next, click on Register
  6. On the payment options page, which follows, select the mode of payment. Netflix accepts debit or credit cards, PayPal (in the US) or Netflix Gift Cards (Available online)
  7. Select “Start Membership”
  8. Select your Netflix devices and click on “Continue.”

Netflix Plans:

  • Basic Plan – being the cheapest option, you can stream onto one device at once. Adding to this, there is no HD option available in this plan.
  • Standard Plan – You can stream to 2 screens simultaneously in HD.
  • Premium Plan – This allows 4 screens to access Netflix at once. This allows HD up to 4K for content that supports it.

One thing to note is that you need to add your card details even with the Free Trial for one month. Just be sure to cancel before this period expires if you don’t wish to continue.

Netflix Device Support

Netflix has apps or can be accessed from many devices such as Smart TV’s, Game Consoles, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android and iOS, any web browser, and many more.

Using a VPN to Access US Netflix

If you don’t use a VPN, it defaults to your home country as soon as you access Netflix. The secret is to make Netflix think you are in a different region, and this case, the USA.

The way this works is by tunnelling all your data through a VPN tunnel. This then exits from this intermediary server.

At this stage, you will have a different IP address than your original one.

The spoofing of your location offers many benefits, aside from just bypassing these geo-restrictions.

As part of this tunnelling process, your data is encrypted with the same encryption used by banks and governing bodies.

The benefit of this is that no one can see or track your online activities. Even your ISP can’t see what you are doing. This is a great thing to have with countries that take part in data retention.

Many people think a free VPN is an option, yet these offer very little bandwidth. This is why most cases won’t be enough for one or two episodes of On My Block.

VPN’s need to offer fast speeds when they are used over long distances. This is crucial because all VPN’s slow a connection a little when they encrypt data.

If they can’t deliver fast speeds, you can have a bad Netflix experience with buffering or freezing of On My Block episodes.

Best VPN to watch On My Block

Best VPN for Netflix

Out of the top 10 VPN providers, ExpressVPN is continually rated as number one for streaming, especially for use in Australia.

Any user is well catered for with the fastest overall network speeds from 94 countries and over 160 locations.

It also runs on more devices than any other, so no matter which device you want to watch Netflix on, you can do so easily.

Signing Up for ExpressVPN

  1. Head to the ExpressVPN website
  2. Select your plan – one plan with different signup periods
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Select your payment option – lots of payment options are available
  5. Receive the confirmation email. Follow the instructions
  6. Download the app for your device.
  7. Install the app and copy-paste the supplied user code
  8. In the drop-down menu, change the country to the USA

Once you do this, you are up and running. You may need to clear your cache before starting your VPN app and changing to the USA.

When you do this, you can head to Netflix and browse through the TV guide to locate On My Block.

One final thing with this VPN is the 12-month sign-up option offers three months free. Also, whichever plan you sign up for, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Like Netflix, you can sign up to use the refund period like a free trial.

Doing this delivers unobstructed access to Netflix, so you can sit back and watch On My Block free.

If you decide to cancel, you can, but with the wealth of features, this VPN delivers bundles of value for money and is the best for bypassing geo-restrictions from any country.