How to Watch Outlander Season 4 Online Free

Outlander Season 1 first saw Claire Randall, the English combat nurse, become mysteriously transported back in time two hundred years into the past.

She finds herself back in 1743, where she is under threat for her freedom and her life. To make the best of a bad case, she marries the strapping Scots Warrior in the form of Jamie Fraser.

From here, the show has fans gripped as they follow the exploits of Claire and how her passionate relationship develops as she tries to live a safe life. It quickly became one of the new must-watch TV shows for original drama in the past few years.

With season 6 of Outlander looming, fans are keen to find out how they can get full Outlander series online to watch the story so far.

In this guide, you can find every place you can watch Outlander season 4, or any other Outlander season you desire online, and free.

Watch Outlander Season 4 Online

Is Outlander on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

You can find Outlander on both streaming platforms. However, not every episode will be available on Netflix.

Australian Netflix has season 1 to season 4 of Outlander, and US Netflix has seasons 1 to 3 available. (Read How to Get the American Netflix in Australia)

Amazon Prime has every season, and every episode of Outlander available once you add Starz as one of your channels. To watch more about Caitriona Balfe playing Claire and Jamie Fraser, portrayed by Sam Heughan, you need to be sure you want to add this or choose another option.

Brianna, Roger, are two other key characters you may spot along the way.

You will need a VPN because rights reserved STARZ sits behind USA based geo-restrictions.

Does Netflix Have Season 4 of Outlander?

It can become complicated to watch season 4 episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4, and forward on American Netflix as it only has Outlander Season 1, Season 2, and Outlander season 3 available.

Australian Netflix, on the other hand, comes with the first three seasons and also Outlander season 4.

Suppose you use a VPN and have a Netflix account. In that case, you can head to the Philippines Netflix catalogue, and you can watch all the episodes from every season up to Outlander season 5 of the Jamie, Claire loving relationship drama.

Add in a smattering of Brianna and Roger, and you could be thinking you were watching the service back home.

Is Outlander on Amazon Prime for Free?

The answer to this is sort of. All episodes of season 1 to season 4 episode 13 are available, and from Outlander season 5, you can find the following full series available:

  • Episode 1 – The Fiery Cross
  • Episode 2 – Between Two Fires
  • Episode 3 – Free Will
  • Episode 4 – The Company We Keep
  • Episode 5 – Perpetual Adoration
  • Episode 6 – Better to Marry than Burn
  • Episode 7 – The Ballad of Roger Mac
  • Episode 8 – Famous Last Words
  • Episode 9 – Monsters and Heroes
  • Episode 10 – Mercy Shall Follow Me
  • Episode 11 – Journeycake
  • Episode 12 – Never My Love

It is free with the 7-day free trial if you add the STARZ channel. Following that, it is $8.99 per month to stream Outlander on top of your Prime subscription.

STARZ has just finished a new subscriber offer where it was $.99 month for two months; however, that ended on October 14, 2020. You could skip season 1, 2 and watch the original time travel romance streaming for the last three seasons.

Watch Season 4 of Outlander for Free

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of Outlander for Free?

If you want to watch more from the series and watch new episodes with Brianna, Roger, Claire, Jamie, and the others in this historical drama, the best place you can watch free is Hulu.

Hulu is an on-demand and live TV streaming service. Luckily, you can stream Outlander from the on-demand section, which is the most affordable. (Read How to Get Hulu in Australia)

Hulu costs $5. 99 month which is ad-supported. You will also need to add STARZ; however, you get a Hulu free trial for one month and a 7-days free trial for STARZ.

Hulu offers lots of new movies and TV show streaming with their Originals. You can also stream to two screens at a time.

You have more than enough time to sign up for a VPN and use the 30-day money-back guarantee. With the one-month Hulu free period, you can watch Jamie and Claire in all their glory from every series. Include in this series 3 and season 4, episode 13, and season 5 up to episode 12.

You can watch Outlander season 4, episode one to 13 on a wide range of devices. Hulu terms of use do say they are geo-restricted to the USA. However, with a good streaming VPN, it is easy to access Hulu.

If you want more of Jamie when season 6 arrives, you can switch to Hulu with Live TV for new episodes as they air. You can stream these live as you are using the STARZ app.

No matter which way you go from the above solutions, it is possible to cover all odds and watch on-demand, or as quickly you can watch Outlander online using the best VPN for Australia.

You can follow this story onward from season 3, or you may get to try other full seasons from the date you begin your 30-day period.

Add in some of the best movies and TV shows. You can find perfect privacy as well as right up until the date when you need to cancel your subscription, or you carry on until the date you finish, but you will have privacy online. (Read How to Watch Channel 4 Live)

Watch Outlander Season 4 Online Free