How to Watch Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall has become a hugely popular animated series created for the Cartoon Network.

It follows the story of two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who are lost in a mysterious wood, and come across dangerous animals.

The two seek to find their way home from deep inside ‘The Unknown’ with the help of a couple of new friends they meet on the way. The Woodsman and Beatrice the bluebird.

The tales take a step back to folklore. While it may be written for kids, it is a creepy and occasionally scary telling. It may be the reason so many adults like this award-winning miniseries.

After a quick look at the shows top cast, this guide will show where to watch ‘Over the Garden Wall.” You can also see how to stream the show without heading to Google and spending ages searching where in the world the show is available to stream.

Watch Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall Cast

Main Characters

  • Elijah Wood – Wirt
  • Collin Dean – Gregory
  • Christopher Lloyd – The Woodsman
  • Melanie Lynskey – Beatrice
  • Samuel Ramey – The Beast

Supporting Characters

  • Jack Jones – Gregory’s Frog
  • Fred Stoller – Fred, the Horse
  • John Cleese – Quincy Endicott and Adelaide
  • Bebe Neuwirth – Margueritte Grey
  • Chris Isaak – Enoch
  • Janet Klein – Miss Langtree
  • Sam Marin – Old Man Langtree
  • Thomas Lennon – Jimmy Brown
  • Tim Curry – Auntie Whispers
  • Shannyn Sossamon – Lorna

Does Netflix Have Over the Garden Wall?

Unfortunately, it appears that every online Netflix library has had Over the Garden Wall full video episodes removed. (Read Foxtel Go On Smart TV)

Is Over the Garden Wall on Amazon Prime?

The miniseries aren’t available on Amazon Prime. Currently, the only way you can access this great show is to purchase single Over the Garden Wall full episodes or the full season on video.

Best VPN to Watch Over the Garden Wall

Should I Watch Over the Garden Wall?

It is great entertainment, yet for small kids, it can be too dark. Perhaps this is what makes the tales of Wirt and Greg so appealing to so many.

Everyone should watch the show created by Patrick McHale, who was in charge of Adventure Time.

Here’s why to watch the show:

  • It’s original – the story of lost brothers may be familiar, yet the telling is unique.
  • It’s made in 2D – many movies and tv shows are now rendered in 3D; however, OtGW goes back to bygone days to make solid entertainment.
  • Unique Characters – The characters are highly unique, and playing them are some of Hollywood’s best actors.
  • It’s short – At around 2-hours, it’s long enough to binge-watch in one sitting.
  • It’s a musical – Many individuals don’t want a musical, yet the tunes here are catchy.

Where Can I Stream Over the Garden Wall?

There are a couple of options on how to stream Over the Garden Wall episodes. It does depend on where you live and what streaming platform you use or want to try.

One of the best ways to watch online is to purchase a streaming VPN and sign up for Hulu. You have access to HBO and the Cartoon Network, both of which services have OtGW.

You can also sign up and watch every episode numerous times in the one-month free trial. By this time, you will know if you like the platform and if your VPN meets your needs.

The second option is a little closer to home, yet you may find the selection of shows you get smaller and mainly from local TV networks.

Suppose you wish to try the new Binge service to stream at this time. The Foxtel owned streaming service has lots of top HBO shows. It may still be an unknown entity in the streaming world.

Binge also costs $10 per month, which is above the $5.99 for Hulu. Binge has a free trial, yet this is only for 2-weeks rather than one month. It is still time to grab every episode and to test all the features of the best VPN for Australia streaming.

It could help to sign up for your VPN and then try both streaming services. You can cancel anytime, so there is nothing to lose by trying either.

How to Watch Over the Garden Wall