Is Amazon Prime Available In Australia

Amazon Prime is available in 200 countries, and although still pretty new to our shores, Amazon Prime in Australia is now a thing.

However, there are two sides to every coin. What makes this subscription service worthwhile to subscribers in the US, may not translate as good value to anyone in Australia.

Here, you can learn how does Amazon Prime work, and if it is worth considering, or it is just one subscription too many to consider? (Learn How to Change Country On Amazon)

Amazon Prime In Australia

What is Included in Amazon Prime Australia?

You can find many different areas on Amazon that come as part of a Prime subscription. You do have access to much more than merely thousands of free shows and movies.

If you are a Prime eligible customer, members get access to the following:

  • Free two day delivery (business day, domestic only) from Amazon on any eligible items
  • Free delivery on international orders over $49 off
  • Free release-date deliver on any pre-order items such as movies or new games
  • Early access to Amazon deals
  • Amazon Drive and Prime Photos, which is a free cloud backup service and storage space

It is in the entertainment areas that users find the most benefits:

  • Prime reading, which offers access to thousands of Kindle e-books, comics and magazines, you can use the Kindle app on mobiles, tablets or the Kindle e-reader and Fire tablet.
  • Amazon Prime music – access to over two million songs, top playlists and radio stations
  • Twitch Prime – As a Twitch Prime user, you can enjoy a selection of games that are free each month. You also have access to in-game loot, and much more besides.
  • Amazon Prime Video – It is here that users can enjoy the full benefits. While the video service was slow to get going, and only made a splash when it acquired the rights to ‘The Grand Tour’ with Jeremy Clarkson and the rest of the Top gear crew. You have unlimited access to free Prime video content, such as movies and TV shows, on a wide range of devices.

Is Amazon Prime TV Available in Australia

Prime TV allows members to add a selection of channels from large cable networks in the USA. Unfortunately, these aren’t available for subscribers anywhere outside the United States.

While these channels can be added, subscribers have to subscribe to these through Amazon, and many require a US-based payment method and are geo-restricted. It is this reason; many Prime users resort to using a VPN service to bypass such restrictions.

Such channel add-ons include BritBox, CBS All Access, HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz and many more. Unfortunately, Australian Amazon Prime doesn’t make these prime eligible channels for subscribers in Australia.

Is Amazon Prime Video Worth it in Australia?

It is debatable if the service is worth it in Australia. Many Prime members frequently shop from Amazon and the two-day free delivery more than makes up the shortfall in other areas.

Additionally, Prime reading also has many benefits for Prime members as you can skim through as many books as you can consume, should you finish them or not.

When you look at the cost, Amazon Prime is AUD $6.99, and thus comes in as the cheapest of streaming services. With 4K streaming by default, offline viewing and you can get streams on up to three devices at once. It makes a compelling argument as to whether you ought to subscribe.

One thing not often mentioned is that you can access some of the NFL games with Amazon Prime for Twitch users.

If there is any downside to all of this, it is the wealth of video content available compared to other services. Netflix and Aussie born Stan have much more on offer, although they have been in the game longer.

Amazon Originals may not get the same levels of success, yet they are worthy of watching ‘The Boys’ an excellent example.

To browse through what is available on Amazon Video Prime is not straightforward until you sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription. However, the great thing here is, the Amazon Prime membership offers you a 30-day free trial.

Using this free time, you can quickly see what prime members get and if it is worth continuing with a Prime membership for the long term.

Is Amazon Prime Available In Australia