Can I Stream Foxtel Go To My TV

Foxtel relaunched the Foxtel GO app, allowing subscribers to watch live and on-demand in high definition to stream to their televisions.

Foxtel GO was designed for mobility, thus allowing subscribers to enjoy content anywhere on a mobile device.

It’s possible to register Foxtel GO on five mobile devices and stream on multiple screens simultaneously so subscribers can watch more content in more places.

Foxtel Go on Mobile Devices


Users can watch Foxtel GO on a PC or using the Google Chrome browser.

New features include personal Watchlists, Closed Captioning and universal Continue Watching across all Foxtel GO supported devices. (Learn How Much Data Does Foxtel Play Use)

A Foxtel subscription has become a suitable entertainment option to watch together, or each person watches what they want. With this, the company wants to make Foxtel better using Chromecast or Airplay and a set-top box.

The question is, can I watch Foxtel Go on my smart TVs? Luckily, there are things in place to do this.

So, in this easy-to-follow guide, you can learn all there is about streaming live and on-demand Foxtel. Go to your Smart TV and save your mobile data.

Can I Mirror Foxtel Go to My TV?

It is now possible to enjoy the best live sport, news, and new shows streamed to your big screen via your Apple TV via AirPlay.

Available features include:

  • Continue watching where you left off using any available Foxtel app
  • Stream from mobile or tablet
  • Stream-on-demand and live TV in HD**

Use Apple TV

  1. It would help if you connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.
  2. Open your Foxtel Now app
  3. The AirPlay icon appears in the bottom right of your screen when playing content.

You can stream content in High Definition (HD)** using Foxtel Now apps. The minimum speed to watch Foxtel Now in HD is 7Mbps, and the minimum speed to watch Foxtel Now subscription shows that channels available in SD are 3Mbps. (Learn How to Watch Foxtel for Free)

Not all channels available in HD or services or content are available to stream on Foxtel Go. It is dependent on your device, and you may need to stream in standard definition, which will affect the quality of the picture you want to watch.

Foxtel GO app on your Devices

Why Won’t Foxtel Go Work on My TV?

If you have technical issues with the Foxtel GO app, you can find troubleshooting answers here. Before attempting any troubleshooting, restart your device and your internet connection.

Foxtel TV subscribers use the Foxtel ID to log in to Foxtel GO. You should see the Foxtel ID support page for information regarding Foxtel ID.

Foxtel Now subscribers use the Foxtel Now email address and password to log in to Foxtel GO.

If the Foxtel GO app crashes, make sure you use the latest version of the Foxtel GO app.

Your device may have too many apps open. Also, the Foxtel GO app may not be installed correctly. Check which apps are running in the background and close ones not needed. You can also uninstall the Foxtel GO app and re-install the latest version.

If there are still issues, try to restore your device to factory settings. Note you can lose data, including contacts, passwords and photos. Make sure you backup your data first.

The Foxtel Go app won’t stream live TV or On Demand content. You can find this is a VPN or account problem. Not all VPN’s are suitable to use with Foxtel Go. Also, check your Foxtel service payments are up to date. (Find the Top VPN Australia)

The Foxtel GO app can’t stream TV shows with slow internet speeds. If you’re on Wi-Fi, try restarting your modem and restart the Foxtel GO app.

What Devices Can I Watch Foxtel Go On?

It is possible to find a wide range of compatible devices to watch Foxtel products.

  • Chromecast
  • Telstra TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • PC and Mac (with Foxtel GO)
  • Sony Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Foxtel Go on Smart TV from LG.
  • Mobile and tablet devices (with Foxtel GO), Android and iOS.

You can watch Foxtel Now shows using the Foxtel Play app on these devices.

PlayStation 3, Sony Smart TV’s and Samsung Smart TV

  1. To watch your Foxtel Now on the go, download the Foxtel GO app on Android and Apple mobile and tablet devices.
  2. The Foxtel GO app is available for Android 5.0 and above and Apple iOS 9.3.5 and higher.
  3. Connect a compatible device to the internet, although data charges may apply. Shows will only be available if they are in your subscribed pack.

You can enjoy watching Foxtel on two devices simultaneously, although you can register five. (Learn How To Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung)

Watch Foxtel Go on my TV

How Do I Connect My Foxtel Go to My TV with HDMI?

Having Foxtel Go Chromecast is home is a great way to stream Foxtel shows on a tablet, phone or PC. However, you may be wondering how you can get Foxtel Go on a TV?

It’s not always clear, though. Here is the best and easiest way to do this. (Learn How To Watch Netflix Without A Smart TV)

Get access to Foxtel Go on TV Using Chromecast

Foxtel Go offers Chromecast support, although you may need to contact Foxtel when subscribing to Telstra. The reason for this is to ask if the Chromecast feature needs activating in your Foxtel Go app.

Unfortunately, you will have a monthly extra cost from Foxtel for activation. Once activated, you can use Chromecast as you do to cast YouTube videos or Netflix. It allows you to easily cast Foxtel Go to any TV, which offers Chromecast compatibility.

When you start watching shows and channels available, they are in standard definition, depending on internet speed. They do this to save data; not all shows can be streamed across mobile networks.

Get Foxtel Go on TV from PC

You need a computer with an HDMI to display a second monitor for this to work—a spare HDMI port on your TV and an additional HDMI cable.

You will find this method better than using Chromecast as you don’t have to pay extra. It is, however, a little more cumbersome if your computer isn’t close to your TV.

  1. Take your HDMI cable and connect your PC or laptop; with the other end of the HDMI cable, you connect to your TV.
  2. Go into your TV settings and change the TV input to the HDMI input of the cable that passes from your computer.
  3. If using a desktop PC and your TV is your only screen, you can skip the next few steps. However, your screen resolution may need changing if it doesn’t look right or don’t fit the screen.
  4. Right-click on your desktop and select display settings
  5. Rearrange display settings. You may see two screens, so identify the one that is screen 1 and screen 2. If there aren’t two screens visible, you can click “Detect” to find the other.
  6. Scroll down and select options for “Extend these displays”. Doing this will make your TV a second screen as well as your PC monitor.
  7. Open Google Chrome or your regular browser
  8. Navigate to the Foxtel Go website and log in.
  9. Select any video you wish to watch.
  10. If your TV is the only screen, make the video full screen when watching your TV after pressing the play button.
  11. If the TV is a second monitor, drag Google Chrome to the TV screen and play your video.
  12. Adjust to full screen, and it will display perfectly on the TV screen.

Can I Stream Foxtel Go To My TV