How to Watch Sopranos Online

One of the best characters ever written into a show is Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), who was head of the New Jersey crime family. It reached the top level of reviews and the drama rating over 9 for many episode reviews.

The show goes through the life of new jersey mob boss Tony Soprano as he deals with all his personal business and professional issues. Through the 6 seasons, his mental state was put to the test and led him to need professional psychiatric counselling.

Fans of the show, or new ones who want to go through and watch the fantastic TV series, may struggle to find the show readily available.

In our guide, you can learn more about the show, which reached cult status. By the end, you’ll find where you can watch the Sopranos online.

Watch Sopranos Online

Can You Watch The Sopranos on Netflix?

Unfortunately, you can’t catch any episodes of the Sopranos, Netflix. This means you miss out on the great cast and seasons such as:

  • James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano
  • Lorraine Bracco as Jennifer Melfi
  • Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano
  • Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti
  • Dominic Chianese as Corrado “Uncle Junior” Soprano Jr.
  • Vincent Pastore as Sal “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero
  • Steven Van Zandt as Silvio Dante Tony Sirico as Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri
  • Robert Iler as Anthony Soprano Jr.
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano
  • Nancy Marchand as Livia Soprano
  • Maria Grazia Cucinotta plays Isabella, the exchange student in season 1.
  • Al Sapienza as Mikey Palmice – 10 episodes

Sopranos Season 1 – 13 episodes.

Anxiety attacks Tony in episode 1 as family members and wife Carmela look on. His home life is in a spin, so he consults a psychiatrist to find out the problems.

Season 2 to 5 see many situations arise, such as the power struggle and the acting boss. Family home life difficulties clash with hitmen who dish out mob justice for people in the mob organization. (Read Hulu Error Code P-dev320)

Season 6 Episodes

  1. Members Only
  2. Join the Club – Episode 2 sees family members struggle with Tony’s hospitalization
  3. Mayham
  4. The Fleshy Part of the Thigh
  5. Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request
  6. Live Free or Die
  7. Luxury Lounge
  8. Johnny Cakes – Anthony Jr. looks for a purpose.
  9. The Ride
  10. Moe n’ Joe
  11. Cold Stones
  12. Kaisha
  13. Soprano Home Movies
  14. Stage 5
  15. Remember When
  16. Chasing It
  17. Walk Like a Man – Christopher Moltisanti is at the centre of a feud.
  18. Kennedy and Heidi
  19. The Second Coming
  20. The Blue Comet
  21. Made in America – The Organization face a new way of working in the final episodes of the drama.

Where Can I Stream The Sopranos in Australia

The only place you can stream the Sopranos in the UK is with Now TV, which is a part of Sky TV.

With this, you choose which pass you want and then sign up. The Entertainment pass being popular and offers HD episodes of the top drama series and over 300 other TV shows.

Stream The Sopranos on HBO

Is The Sopranos Free on Amazon Prime?

You can access all episodes of The Sopranos in the United States, yet you need to add HBO MAX to your channels in Amazon Prime. This gives you a 7-day free trial, and then you will pay $14.99 per month.

Other options to watch the Sopranos in the United States without difficulties are Hulu, although you need to add HBO as one of your add-ons. You can use Hulu login details to use the HBO MAX app to access your watch list on mobile devices. (Find Out How to Watch HBO in Australia)

Alternatively, you can go to HBO Max direct and sign up for the streaming service.

No matter which option you select, you will need a premium streaming VPN to fulfil the requirements to gain access by bypassing geo-restrictions if you are outside the United States.

Where Can I Watch the Sopranos Online?

If you decide to use Hulu from the above, you get a one-month free trial when selecting the base level plan. This is more than sufficient to watch the Sopranos.

This costs you $5.99 per month, and you will add your $14.99 for HBO MAX. Besides this, over 60 other networks are available, so there are more than enough TV shows, movies, and drama series to access the Hulu watchlist. (Learn how to watch Hulu Australia)

You also have access to every episode of the series in HD.

Suppose you want to watch The Sopranos online and see if Tony can settle the score. You can do this without going to too much trouble.

Binge is the home of plenty of HBO content in Australia. While still a new service, compared to the above, it’s making inroads to be quite a serious contender.

Binge is the streaming arm of Foxtel and costs $10 per month for a single stream and standard definition. You can raise this to HD for 2 HD streams for $14 per month, and the top level of Binge costs $18 per month and gives you 4 HD streams. (Read Foxtel Go App)

Binge offers lots of ad-free shows and is now home to countless of the world’s top shows, hence the reason for finding The Sopranos so close to home.

You also get a two-week free trial, and while not long enough to watch every episode of The Sopranos, it does give you a chance to check out all the movies and series in the library.

Either way, it is still worth using a VPN because once you begin HD streaming, your ISP will quickly throttle your connection. Using a streaming VPN, even to access a streaming service from home, you can retain your connections full speed and get what you are paying for.

Binge does make the requirements easier to access the Sopranos, watch online with no rush.

How to Watch Sopranos Online