What Is My IP Address For My Router

In many cases, the average internet user may never need to know their router IP address. However, if you are into maintaining your online privacy, you may wish to change your Wi-Fi password and tweak other settings.

Besides this, you may wish to assign specific devices static IP addresses on your home network. To enable to do this, you need to get inside your router, and for this, you need to know the IP address of your router, or as it is more commonly known the Default Gateway.

Here you can learn all you need about how to find your router’s IP address so you can make changes. (Read How I Find IP Address On Computer)

Ways to Find your Router IP Address

What is the IP Address of My Modem?

Some homes may have two devices for their internet connection while others may have only one. Much of this depends on how long they have had a connection and their ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Older connections used a modem and a separate router, although the newer devices are all found inside one unit. A modem (modulator-demodulator) doesn’t itself have an IP address modem of any use because these devices convert the signals that leave and arrive at your home.

How Do I Find My Router’s IP Address?

Here you can find out how to find IP address of router in several ways.

Find Router IP Address Using Windows

Here you can find out how to find IP address on computer in two ways. One way to find your router’s IP is via the command prompt, and the second way to find your router’s IP is through the Network and Sharing Center.

Command Prompt

  1. In the search bar that sits in the taskbar, Type’ Run.’ (A windows shortcut is the Windows key + R together)
  2. Type ‘CMD’ in the box click ‘OK’
  3. Inside the Command prompt window, type ‘ipconfig’ and press enter
  4. If your computer is connected via an Ethernet cable, you will see your router’s IP address beside ‘Default Gateway’ and under the heading ‘Ethernet adapter Ethernet’
  5. If on a laptop and using Wi-Fi as your connection, your router’s IP address is next to ‘Default Gateway’ under the heading ‘Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi’
  6. In many cases, you may find the Default Gateway as, which is the IPv4 network address device uses to connect to the router.

Network and Sharing Center

  1. Click the Start Menu icon
  2. Click the Settings icon
  3. Select the ‘Network & Internet’ option
  4. Select ‘Network and Sharing Center’
  5. Choose how you connect to the router. Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  6. In the new window, click the ‘details’ button.
  7. In the new page, you can see two things. The IPv4 router IP address (default gateway) and your device IP address, which is the Private IP network address.

The private IP router network address can be from a pool of IP addresses from to You can set the start and ending IP under the LAN TCP/IP tab inside your router. This doesn’t affect your default gateway if you need to find your router address. (Read Kodi TV)

Find Your Router IP Address

Find Router IP Address on Mac

Like in Windows, there are two ways you can find your router’s IP on a MAC. One is to use the system preferences, and the other way to find your router’s IP is through the Terminal.

Use System Preferences to Find Your Router IP Address

  1. Head to System Preferences – Click Apple logo and select it from the drop-down menu
  2. Click Network
  3. Select Wi-Fi in the panel to the left
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Select the TCP/IP tab
  6. Next to router, you can see your routers IP address

Use the MAC Terminal

  1. Open the Terminal app
  2. Type netstat -nr|grep default
  3. You can see the IP next to ‘Default’

How Do I Find the IP Address for My Internet?

When you begin to look for your IP of router, you find you have three router’s IP address. It is easy to find your router IP address that all devices connect to, but you also have a Private router IP address, which is assigned to every device, even those on Wi-Fi.

You can also find your router internet IP or the Public router IP address that is visible to everyone on the internet.

The one on your network isn’t too much of a concern as this can change depending who connects first and is you limit the pool range or set a static IP to your device.

One of the fastest ways to find your router internet IP addresses is to use whatismyipaddress.com.

Head to this website, and it instantly shows you what your IP address is. The issue here is that it is so easy to find your router’s IP address that is public; it is also easy for other individuals to do the same.

One reason being, certain router makes and models all come with a similar default gateway, and any hacker can soon find which one they need to use. Also, if they use a packet sniffer, they can see what data you send and receive from your router.

Besides, any site you visit, or service you use will find your router public IP because that is where they send replies to your requests.

Your router’s IP address is a vulnerability, although you can secure this and change it.

You can use a VPN to secure your home network. Many of the premium ones will come with the right app or configuration that you can install on home routers. Once you do this, even if a hacker manages to find your router IP default gateway, they wouldn’t see anything.

A VPN uses military-grade encryption, so all your devices can have a unique router IP address that doesn’t relate to your router. In use, all users will be hidden from view.

The IPs router show can be based in another country, so it isn’t even possible to use whatismyipaddress to find your location.

To test how effectively a VPN can hide your network address, you can install one and connect to a server in another country.

You can try to find your router IP address in Windows, and you will see you have an internal network address that is the same, yet your outgoing network address shows as another location.

Same on the Mac OS, you can run through the steps to find your router’s IP address, and you will come up with the same sort of results.

Using a VPN means, you can find your router’s IP address, but no one else can see your router IP on the internet.

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What Is My IP Address For My Router