How to Watch Willow TV Live in Australia

With so many cricket fans around the world, it would be surprising if there wasn’t a way to watch live cricket matches.

Well, in fact, there is, but it isn’t as straightforward as one might believe. There are a couple of options, but like many things, one is a better option than the other.

The first option and the not so good option is Hotstar. The sign-up process is pretty easy, and you can select the sign in button to begin the process. Fill in a few details and then hit the sign up button.

There comes a couple of points to watch Hotstar in Australia. It is mainly an Indian streaming service, and there are some hugely popular TV channels such as Hotstar Vijay TV which has lots of content available, but as it is mainly catering for an Indian audience, it might come with English subtitles.

It does have links to HBO so there might be a full movie to watch here and there.

The other problem is, it is mainly available in the US and Canada, so accessing it from Australia can be a little awkward.

Watch Willow TV Live in AustraliaWatching Willow TV Live in Australia

The best way to catch all the live cricket streaming is using Willow TV. It is funny that this channel is also accessed from the United States, but the content originates there rather than coming indirectly from India.

It is even more focused on cricket so there will be no ‘what channel is the cricket on’ because it is on most of the available channels.

Now, it is possible to sign up directly for Willow cricket TV, but because it is mainly cricket focused, you might want to watch free movies or some TV shows.

In most cases, willow is available through a cable subscription, so there are certain cable customers only restrictions which don’t help to watch live streaming sport.

Sling TV is an official partner to Willow TV, so because there is no cable subscription required, you can access Willow TV live streaming through this service. With Sling TV you now have the chance to watch movies, watch TV shows or get your fill of Willow HD lives streaming cricket.

By subscribing to the Sling premium package to watch Willow, you do get all of the cricket that is available.

Willow on Sling TVWatching Willow on Sling TV

The international Sling TV package is quite reasonable, and the cost can be well worth it to watch live cricket.

As we said, you do have access to all of Sling’s other content, and seven other sports channels.

If you want to be watching willow TV on the go, it is good to know that Willow on Sling can be viewed on iOS, Android and any other mobile devices as well as all the other platforms such as Roku, Xbox, Windows, and Mac.

The only problem with this is that you need a VPN to access Sling TV because this is also US based and is geo-blocked for users outside of America.

But, we have done all the hard work and came up with the best solution. Now you can access Sling and subsequently Willow very easily.

If you attempt to sign up before you have a VPN, you are faced with a ‘sorry, this service isn’t available outside the USA.’

VPN to unblock Willow with Sling TVUsing a VPN to Watch Willow with Sling TV

To make things even easier, we have included instructions on how you can access Willow by signing up for a Sling account. For this example, we will be using ExpressVPN because it is without a doubt, the best VPN for Australian users.

Not only can it bypass any geo-blocking of services, but it can also hide your online activity from everyone.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the VPN website.
  2. Click the Get VPN button
  3. Select a subscription plan
  4. Enter your email address
  5. Select a payment method – credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin. Options available depend on VPN selected.
  6. Set up your password
  7. You will receive an email with details about your subscription.
  8. Click the link in the email to download your VPN application for your device.
  9. Copy the activation code
  10. Install the application on your device and click to open.
  11. Enter the activation code

Access Willow TV using VPNAs soon as you hit activate, your connection will be encrypted. You are safe from prying eyes, and you can make yourself appear in any of the 94 countries which they have VPN servers.

This VPN service makes things very easy for all users, and to make it appear as if you are in the USA, there is a drop down box where you select the country.

Once the VPN connects, all of your data will seem like you are in that location.

One thing to mention is that not all VPN’s deliver fast enough speeds to watch HD in Australia without buffering.

This VPN provides industry-leading speeds so you can watch the next innings in full HD without buffering and missing any of the live cricket action.
This is how you bypass the Sling sign up geo-blocking.

Next, you need to head over to the Sling TV site and fill in the simple details for your subscription. Once you have completed these steps, you can access any of the Sling content or head directly to Willow and catch the latest live matches.

The choice is yours, and you will have the comfort of watching many of the current cricket matches in HD.

One good thing with this VPN is it runs on a vast array of devices, so if you are watching Willow on the go, then you know you can still make your mobile device look like you are in the US.

For live cricket, there is no other service which is comparable to Willow, and where VPN providers are concerned, the Express service is the very best VPN for cricket, and for Australian cricket lovers.

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