Aussie Broadband Review

The Australian NBN brought a range of retailers into the spotlight with promises of making it on the back of an emerging countrywide broadband network.

With this is a significant shake-up in such perceptions of what is available from NBN providers now that smaller lesser-known telco’s offer better deals like call packs and entertainment packages.

You can discover that smaller providers manage to stand their ground against telco giants like Telstra and Optus, providing affordable rates, benefits, and advantages.

Aussie Broadband NBN review

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One provider emerging as an NBN fight victor is Aussie Broadband. It offers a fantastic entertainment package and rates, and an excellent reputation for excellent service.

Australian based Aussie Broadband is now a highly-rated favourite among NBN vendors. It continually claims customer satisfaction ratings, even if they don’t have the stature or household name of Telstra.

In our Aussie Broadband reviews, you’ll find all you need to know about Aussie Broadband, and if it is a good enough option for your broadband, or indeed they offer enough to make you switch. By the end of our Aussie Broadband NBN review, you’ll know if they are a good option or there are better.

Is Aussie broadband any good?

Aussie Broadband is one of Australia’s highest-rated ISPs, with a 4.5-star average score through Australia’s user rating site.

Aussie Broadband is a leading provider of up-to-date information on CVC and POIs within your region (giving customers a more honest estimate of potential speeds).

Aussie Broadband also has the most diverse plans, with everything from the simplest NBN 12 to Ultrafast NBN 1000. They also developed a new speed tier—NBN 75—to fill the void between NBN 50 and NBN 100.

Although they’re the cheapest, they’ve got a ton of NBN plans starting at $59 a month for 11 Mbps typical evening speed and unlimited data. The top tier bundle is $149 with unlimited NBN Ultrafast data and no contract.

Which network does Aussie broadband use?

Aussie Broadband uses both. They are their carriers and run national MPLS networks in selected areas to connect to internet exchange points in Singapore and the USA.

Through wholesale partners such as Telstra, they can provide services across Australia via these wholesale partnerships.

Aussie Broadband can monitor bandwidth and power. Within minutes they can turn it up or down to meet supply and demand. Also, they are building their dark fiber network for POI connections. (Read What Is The Meaning Of Bandwidth In Network)

Aussie Broadband acts as a re-seller and uses part of the 4G and 3G mobile network and capabilities of Telstra Corporation Limited. Besides this, the support team operates around the clock to minimize any downtime. The group is also highly active on Facebook, engaging with customers.

Is Aussie Broadband better than Telstra?

In terms of performance, there is little to choose between the two companies. Telstra may offer a better phone package, yet it is the broadband plans that Ozzy Broadband is known for.

One of the best ways to determine which is better of the two is to compare their standard plans against each other.

Entry-level for both telcos is NBN25. Both providers let you add-on an entertainment option, and you can select Telstra TV or Fetch multimedia box. Aussie Broadband’s NBN 25 is far cheaper than Telstra’s. However, Telstra has an included phone, justifying the extra $6.

Besides, Telstra’s NBN 25 plans only come with 500GB of data packages per month. With Aussie Broadband, you get unlimited data.

Between Telstra and Aussie Broadband in the NBN 50 tier, the price gap widens, and Aussie Broadband emerges as the victor again with their $79 per month plan with unlimited data. Here, you find Telstra’s plans begin with unlimited data, yet it costs $90 per month.

NBN 100/ 40 is the highest speed offered by both Telstra and Aussie Broadband.

Aussie Broadband charges $99 per month without a contract, and Telstra has a steep difference with their plant starting at $110 per month.

It differs here depending on what you want from either supplier. Telstra TV is a Telstra offering only, and this comes with all their entertainment extras. The only entertainment extra Aussie Broadband will offer is Fetch.

With Fetch TV, you will need to pay $6 per month for each add-on you select. You can include the BBC, SyFy, Universal, and many more. With this NBN connection, you get the set-top box for Fetch Mini at an extra $10 per month. (Learn How to Watch The Bachelor Aus Online)

You also need to pay $149 for your modem with the Aussie Broadband NBN provider, although you can use your modem if you desire. Telstar waives the modem fee if you remain with them for 2-years. If you cancel earlier, you do need to pay the remaining balance.

Best Broadband Provider in Australia

What is the Best Broadband Provider in Australia?

When looking for the best broadband plan, it helps to overview the offerings before deciding.

Here’s a quick look at the service providers competing against Aussie Broadband’s NBN offering and Telstra.

Tangerine Telecom

Tangerine Telecom may be relatively unknown, but thanks to virtually unbeatable plan pricing, it’s always been a favourite among consumers.

Tangerine only offers value-focused NBN plans, and as a result, not much in the way of extras. All plans are non-contract with no set-up costs, allowing you a lot of versatility.

Although customers can jump ship whenever they want, they are unlikely to. If you search the product review customer reviews, you’ll find they’re mostly five stars.


SpinTel has been in business since 1996 and offering simple, cost-effective plans. SpinTel offers NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100 speed tiers, all contract-free.

The telco’s plans are free from set-up fees, yet you can bundle a modem if you’re after a new one. SpinTel offers NBN customers a $5 per month discount on mobile plans, which it powers on the Optus network.

SpinTel also offers mobile broadband, 4G home wireless broadband, and brings one of the first smaller providers to offer 5G home wireless broadband.


As you search for NBN providers, it can be a challenge. Belong is wholly owned by Telstra. It differs here as instead of offering a bunch of plans, Belong lets customers “Build a plan.”

With this are options for contract terms, included data and NBN speed. Every option comes with pros and cons; for example, no-contract plans offer freedom and need you to pay modem costs when signing up.

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When looking at Belong, make sure to check the mobile plans as you may find you get credit for a mobile plan as you sign up for an internet plan. (Read our Belong NBN Review)


Optus is the second established Australian internet provider behind Telstra. Like Telstra, Optus provides a broad range of services, like NBN and ADSL plans, cell phones, and mobile broadband.

Though Optus is better known for mobile phones and conventional fixed-line internet plans, the telco recently introduced attractive home wireless deals.

Plans come with large data allowances at affordable prices. Optus home wireless is an excellent choice for those finding an alternative to NBN, ADSL, or internet cable.

Aussie Broadband

We have already seen how competitive Aussie Broadband is against many of these other telco’s. You can see from many an Aussie NBN review that consumers rave about the company.

While it doesn’t come in as the cheapest, there are things such as the customer service based in Australia. It is also the customer service many people praise, as being much better than many other options. (Read Here Comes The Habibs Watch Online)

After all, it does make a difference if a call centre is working on the same page and at the same time and location as its customers.

In speed tests, on the NBN 100, speeds were averaging around 86 Mbps on an evening when most users are active.

Consumers find that they are more consistent than topping any of the tests, and many times, reliability can count above speed, particularly if streaming.

With the rollout continuing well into this year, specific locations can take advantage of the Unlimited Superfast (NBN 250) and Ultrafast (NBN 1000) Plans. It also caters to your Home Phone and options of seniors among its appealing products.

Sign up to Aussie Broadband and Receive a $50 Credit 

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The plans are not cheap, yet these plans offer the best speeds possible if you come from a large household.

If that wasn’t all, you could even make use of the mobile broadband plans on offer. While the service is powered through the Telstra network, you can plug in your sim to any pocket wi-fi, dongle, or devices that allows internet connection.

There are eight mobile broadband options to select, and prices begin at $10 per 1GB of data. Bear in mind that any excess data charges will apply should you go over your monthly data allowance on your mobile broadband plan.

All around, you can see why so many people select the products on offer and believe that Aussie Broadband is among the best businesses and service providers of the moment, delivering fibre around the country.

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Aussie Broadband Review