Best Flight Comparison Websites

If you are wondering which website, you should book your flight deals with to get the best offer. Then you are among the many thousands who are in the same situation.

While there are endless ways to search and book your flight deals, you should know a few things before you start your search.

In addition to being able to book directly with an airline, there are now many flight booking websites. Such websites are known as online travel agencies (OTAs) from which you can choose.

The truth is that there is no one search engine, which guarantees the best price, 100% of the time. Therefore, if you use a mix of the right resources, you can quickly see if you are getting a bargain or paying too much for your flight.

Here you can find out which are the best website for cheap flights and a few tips and tricks that can help you get even lower rates.

What is the Best Flight Comparison Site?

Here you can find a quick breakdown of the best flight comparison sites around for you to use and check your next cheapest flights.



Expedia owns Travelocity, and because of this, you will find a different colour scheme, but prices are very similar. One downside is that there are no flexible flight search options. It is clear to see baggage fees, yet it makes it hard to compare fees because of this.



While this site is the owner of Travelocity, for some flight prices do differ. One difference being that Expedia tries to upsell your hotel as an inclusion to your itinerary.

Such a feature can save money, yet you do need to check, as there are always options. Bookings fees are also variable and not always, the same as the Travelocity ones are. Expedia makes sure you understand the fare you are selecting before you come to purchase.



Kayak set the scene for many websites to follow. It is still one of the most powerful metasearch tools; you can find for the best deals. One great feature is that you can set up alerts to track flight prices and inform you if there are any that meet your criteria.

Another feature they have is the ‘Our Advice’ box. Select this and the website will tell you whether you should purchase or wait in case prices may drop in the coming week. Kayak also checks nearby airports to find cheap flights.



Here is another metasearch site, yet it takes you to third-party websites to make purchases. It does include many smaller OTAs, not on other sites. It does, allow you to add in return, one way for online travel as well as many different options to find the best price.



Skyscanner is one of the better-known names you can find. Its popularity comes from that it operates with hundreds of travel providers to locate the best and cheapest prices.

If you are only after flights only, you can select this right on the homepage. Once you make a flight search, a mix of best price and length of flight display results. You can also see the cheapest and the fastest as separate listings.

What is the Best Search Engine for Airline Tickets?

Here are some of the best flight search engines you can find on the internet:

  • Best for USA flights – Agoda
  • Best for flights in Europe – Skyscanner
  • Best for Multi-city searches – Google Flights
  • Best for international flights – Momondo
  • Best for cheap flights – Skiplagged

Note: Skiplagged works around a loophole in the ticketing system. In practice, it checks for flights from City A to City C with a stopover in New York. If you cannot find separate flights to NYC, you can use Skiplagged, and then as you reach NY for the layover, you carry on and depart from the nearby airports.

Is There a Better Site than Skyscanner?

When you come to check all the flight aggregator sites, many offer results that are cheaper than Skyscanner.

When conducting tests, Skyscanner was beaten by Kayak and Cheapflights. Besides, one highly regarded consumer magazine found not all of these flight comparison sites are created equal.

With looks aside, you can see this when the most popular is beaten most times out of ten searches.

How Do I Compare Flight Fares?

It can be an exciting time when you begin comparing all these sites and others to find the cheapest flights once the COVID 19 scenario has cleared up.

While you can keep flicking on each site and comparing, you may not notice things change as you repeatedly navigate to one of the sites.

Here are some of the things that happen; and how you can get around them to find the cheapest flights.

When are the best times for booking flights? On certain days of the weeks, you can find higher prices. It has been shown that Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays are the best days during the week to book flights.

You can also find it cheaper to book for more travellers than just 1 adult, even if there is just one person travelling.

Besides this, if you are in the midst of the holiday season, and on the weekend, you can find cheaper flights and online deals. While you are searching main airports, be sure to check nearby airports as many offer much the same flights, yet often on less frequency.

Searching for flights in secret is the best way to grab a deal. While you can do this by using incognito mode in your browser, it is far better to use cheap flights VPN for this purpose.

The reason for this being, some countries offer a cheaper flight than others do. You find this even if the flight details are the same. If the site thinks you are booking from example India, you may find it cheaper than booking from Australia.

One other area a VPN is perfect when searching for flights is that the more often you check back on a flight booker website, the price appears to increase.

Because you repeatedly check, the site uses the cookies in your browser, and as it thinks you are desperate for that particular flight, it increases the cost accordingly.

Once you learn how to use VPN to book cheap flights, you will find it one of the best tools. Not only can you find cheap flights, you can use it when on holiday to bypass the restrictions and keep up with your favourite TV shows as you relax on the beach.

Best Flight Comparison Websites