How Many Episodes In Suits Season 9

Suits was an all-action lawyer courtroom drama series created Aaron Korsh and had fans fixed for years. It was one of the biggest shows on the USA network, yet for fans outside the USA, they had to find their own way to watch how Harvey Specter, Mike, and Donna Paulsen fought their way through countless ordeals.

While the final season kicked off on July 17, 2019, that was 12-months ago, and fans are keen to finish off what they started with the ninth and final season ending on September 25, 2019.

Here you can learn how many seasons is Suits, and all you need to know about this smash show. You can also see how you can watch any Suits latest episode one last time from anywhere.

Suits Seasons

How Many Suits Seasons are There?

In total, there are 9 seasons of Suits, and every one with a registered trademark Harvey Smile. It began back in 2011 and ran until 2019.

Is Suits over after Season 9?

It is, and Suits season 9, episode 1 started the short run to episode ten in season 9, which was the last one. Harvey tied up some loose ends, and there was a bittersweet ending. Even Robert Zane turned out to be an ally rather than a foe.

How Many Episodes are in Suits Season 10?

Officially, there are no season 10 of suits, so there is no tally on the number of episodes.

The USA Network ended the show, and with no Suits new season, it left many fans not satisfied as to how it ended.

For now, there is no news of a season 10, or for any spin-off shows, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t hope.

Is Season 9 of Suits on Netflix?

If you are searching for how many seasons of Suits are on US Netflix, you may find it strange, as there aren’t any.

Rather than going that, far to find every episode, you will discover Suits has a very different home. While it used to be on Foxtel at the time of the final season. Suits now have a home on Australian Netflix.

If you are outside the country, then using a premium streaming VPN means you can access Suits from anywhere. If you are new to Netflix, it is easy to sign up, and to use a premium VPN; you can access nearly every library.

Unfortunately, Australian Netflix has withdrawn the 30-day free trial period, so to get this and watch Suits free, you need to sign up in another country. One such country that also has suits and the free trial period is the Philippines.

All you need to do is sign up for a VPN; change the VPN server to the Philippines, and sign up for Netflix.

This is the best way to access Suits, how many seasons you wish to watch is up to you before you decide if you want to keep the VPN or make use of the usual 30-day money-back guarantee.

How Many Episodes In Suits Season 9