How To Access The Deep Web On Android

What we know as the internet forms part of the Surface Web. While this is massive and has billions of daily users, it is just a speck of what is available if you know where and how to look.

The area that is out of sight using a regular browser is that of the Dark Web or the Deep Web. You may have heard of it in movies of the news and think it is all about hacking and illegal purchases.

There may be a high degree of this when accessing deep web at first, yet there is far more to it than that.

Here you can learn how to access the dark web safely and the deep web
on Android.

You can find it easier than you thought about how to get to dark web, and there may be more going on than you anticipated.

Access The Deep Web On Android

How to Access Dark Web?

Before you get started on your adventure with the deep web, you need to make sure you know the difference between dark and deep.

Deep: These are all the pages that are not indexed by regular search engines, although not hidden from their crawlers.

Dark: These are all the pages, which are not indexed by regular search engines because the site admin hides access to the crawlers.

Dark Web How to Access

Before you begin going to the deep web, you need to understand why you can’t just open any website on the darkweb with your regular browser.

If you access the darkweb on a PC, you will use the TOR browser to access the TOR (The Onion Router) network.

Volunteers rather than large corporations run this network. Besides this, the websites come with unique URLs that are unlike regular sit addresses, hence the reason a normal browser can’t read them.

Because we are on Android, some tools help you begin using TOR to access dark web. Such tools are Orbot and Orfox, and for security, you can add in a VPN.

We will look at these and then show you how you can also visit dark websites using a premium VPN and TOR browser.

How to Get Onto Dark Web

  1. Choose a VPN for safe browsing on the darkweb. You will need one of the world’s best to keep safe and maintain your anonymity. The premier VPN’s only ask for your email address when signing up.
  2. Installing Orbot and Orfox. Both of these apps are accessible from the Google Play Store and are free.
  3. Connect to a VPN server.
  4. Connecting to TOR by opening the Orbot app and hitting the start button. On a successful connection, Orbot displays a ‘success’ message
  5. Once connected to the Deep Web, switch to Orfox to access deep websites.
  6. Search engine choices you can head to are ‘Not Evil’ and ‘Torch.’ One thing to note is, they may not appear anything like a Google search page once they deliver results.

If you want to confirm you are connected, try to take a screenshot with your mobile. If you can, you don’t have a secure connection as Orfox and Orbot won’t let you take a screenshot because of their privacy measures.

Access the Dark Web safely and the Deep Web

How to Access the Dark Web

You may find the apps above a great way to get not the deep web, yet you can do the same with a premium VPN and the TOR browser for ease of use.

TOR is the only official browser you can find on Android, and you can also use it as a regular browser if you want secure connections.

It blocks online trackers, prevents surveillance, stops online fingerprinting, and much more. The downside is performance is slower because of the way the network runs.

It is easy to make a TOR dark web download as the app is also in the Google Play store

Here are some simple guidelines you can follow to get on the deep or dark web using these two tools.

  1. Select a premium VPN service and sign up
  2. Download the Android VPN app from the download links in the confirmation email or from the Google Play store
  3. Download the TOR browser from the Google Play store
  4. Start your VPN app and log in. Select a server from the dropdown list, or let the client select the optimal server for your location.
  5. Open the TOR browser once your VPN connects
  6. Click on Connect, and you are already connected to the dark web

An excellent place to begin is the Torch or Not Evil search engine, or if you wish to search a page, you can enter http://zqinthw6b4ya676y.onion/ into the TOR browser address bar.

You can see the address is very different and gives you no indication this is the Hidden Wiki website.

Staying Safe in the Deep Web

Many individuals think this browser can keep them safe as they browse the TOR network. However, as secure as it is, it can’t keep you 100% anonymous, and anyone can somehow see what you are doing.

Governments created much of these darker parts of the web. A VPN is the tool that can keep you safe, secure, and out of sight of anyone.

As you connect, they change your IP address to one from the VPN server, which can be in another country.

Besides this, they use military-grade encryption so that no one can read any online activity or transaction.

You will find a VPN is a useful tool far beyond accessing the dark parts of the net. You can prevent ISPs from retaining your online activities. Also, a VPN will stop them throttling connections when streaming, and you can bypass geo-restrictions for overseas streaming platforms.

How To Access The Deep Web On Android