How To Add Velocity To Kodi

The Kodi Velocity Addon is one of the powerful and fully featured Kodi addons you can currently find. The Velocity Addon allows you to Watch Movies and TV links with great picture quality.

The best thing about Velocity Addon is that it allows you to download movies. Furthermore, it is a fully customizable addon that you can customize Velocity addon the way you like. So, now is the time to install Velocity on Kodi addon, and you’ll find your Kodi Android box transformed into a device that offers excellent quality streams for your enjoyment.

While not a Velocity Kodi review, in our guide, you will find the best ways how to install Velocity Kodi addon, Kodi Velocity works on most versions, yet it helps to have the latest version to be safe. By the end, you’ll see how to get the best movies and TV shows, but also any Kodi users should remember that with any Kodi streaming, they should use a Kodi VPN to stay safe while online. (Learn How To Adjust Screen Size On Kodi)

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Besides this, you can also access geo-blocked add-ons that would otherwise be unavailable.

How To Install Kodi Velocity Addon

Kodi is a piece of software that allows you to stream many types of multimedia, such as music, movies, or any video, from a local or network storage location to a widescreen.

Addons must be installed on the Kodi system to improve the functionality with which it is used.

Kodi Addons are a simple plug-in feature that provides you with an extensive range of alternatives to choose from when connected to the software.

There are addons for music, movies, sports, and ones that may watch any content. The Velocity Kodi Addon is the best of all the addons accessible; it also provides unique content and improves system stability.

For a long time, Genesis Kodi Addon users had been experiencing certain troubles. Buffering and the Genesis channel stopping in the middle were two of the most common complaints. The Velocity Kodi Addon stepped in to save the day.

As a result, users have been looking for various options to make themselves accessible to the contents of a new addon. As a result, the Velocity Kodi Addon is one of the most popular addons since Genesis.

To use the Velocity Kodi Addon, you must first install Fusion Installer, also known as the Addon Installer.

If you haven’t installed so already, you’ll need to check a Fusion Installer setup for instructions and settings before you install Velocity Kodi addon.

Velocity Addon can now be installed in your system once you’ve completed the installation.

Velocity can be installed using a couple of repositories, although the first method uses the Fusion repo. (Learn How To Turn Off Parental Controls On Kodi)

Be sure to go from the Home Screen to add-ons, hit the settings button and toggle Enable Unknown Sources to on before adding any Kodi addons.

Steps to install Velocity add-on:

  1. Start your Kodi device.
  2. Select System from the Kodi home screen and select File Manager.
  3. Click Add Source.
  4. Click on None (Text box).
  5. Enter this URL exactly:
  6. Click Done after checking for spelling mistakes.
  7. Select the Text Box underneath and name the source: “Fusion.” Click OK after entering.
  8. Navigate back to the main screen of Kodi by pressing the return button or back arrow on the keyboard.
  9. Select System.
  10. Click Addons.
  11. Select Install from zip file.
  12. Click on Fusion.
  13. Click Kodi-repos.
  14. Select English.
  15. Click on
  16. Wait a while until you see the Addon enabled notification box toward the bottom right corner of the screen.
  17. Click Install from Repository.
  18. Select Blaztamer’s Repository.
  19. Click Video Addons.
  20. Select Velocity.
  21. Click on Install. Wait for Add-on enabled notification box to show toward the bottom right corner of the screen.

That’s all you need to do to install Velocity Kodi addon is now installed, and you can access the Addon by heading to VIDEOS from the main screen and then clicking on Addons, where you’ll find the Velocity Addon.

How to Install Velocity Kodi Krypton 17 Addon?

If you want to know how to add Velocity Kodi 17 Krypton add-on to Kodi? You can continue here.

Velocity is an add-on that scrapes streams of great movie choices, TV show data, and more from various online sources.

Because the Kodi Velocity add-on uses Trakt as its backend database, you can get a ton of amazing movie and TV connections even if you don’t have a Trakt account. (Learn How To Install Bennu On Kodi)

The procedure for installing Velocity on Krypton differs slightly from Jarvis and other older Kodi releases. However, the methods to install the Velocity Kodi 17 Krypton add-on are simplified.

  1. Open Kodi and then go to System Settings – Expert Mode -Add-ons.
  2. Enable Unknown sources.
  3. Once the warning message appears, click Yes.
  4. Navigate to the Kodi home screen. Click on the ‘add on Settings’ icon.
  5. Navigate to File Manager – Add Source.
  6. Select None and then enter the following URL exactly:
  7. Underneath, name the source “Superrepo” and click “OK.”
  8. From the home screen, go to Add-ons.
  9. Click on the Package Installer Icon in the top left corner.
  10. Select “Install from Zip file” – Super Repo – Krypton – Repositories.
  11. Select superrepo – to download and install it.
  12. Wait until you see the add-on enabled notification box appear.
  13. Select Install from repository.
  14. Choose the Superrepo Repository – Addon Repository – Superrepo Category Video.
  15. Wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  16. Select Install from repository – Superrepo Category Video – Video Add-ons
  17. Select Velocity or another video addon installer you wish to use to install video add-ons.
  18. To access, from the Kodi home screen, select “Videos” – “addons” – “Velocity.”


Is Velocity Kodi 17 Addon Legal?

Using such add-ons can get you in legal trouble. Although using a Kodi VPN hides your online activities, your ISP can’t see what you’re doing online and what media file is streamed.

A secure VPN is the best way users of Kodi can stay safe and remain anonymous online.

Most unofficial 3rd party Kodi add-ons get streams from ‘pirated’ sources, including Velocity, 123Movies, Exodus, Sports Devil, etc.

In some areas, streaming using such add-ons is banned.

Geo-blocked Kodi add-ons are common because of this, and a VPNB is the only way you can get around such geo-restrictions.

A VPN also hides your IP address and saves you from internet dangers and hacks.

Best Kodi VPN creates a secure tunnel between the user and the VPN server where all data is encrypted and anonymous.

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