How To Install Bennu On Kodi

After Phoenix, one of the most popular third-party Kodi addons of all time, stopped shop in June; the Bennu Kodi video addon took over.

Phoenix’s presence on the Firestick seemed an essential inclusion, and it was a sad day when the Phoenix addon stopped.

Luckily, some things are not meant to die, and the Phoenix Kodi add-on was reincarnated as Bennu, much like the Phoenix of Greek mythology to rise from the ashes to create new life.

In our guide, you can learn more about how to install Bennu Kodi addon. By the end, you’ll see what the third-party Kodi addon offers as it isn’t among the official add ons.

You’ll see why Bennu addon not working in some cases and how to stay safe when installing Bennu addon to the latest version. (Learn How To Install Stream Engine On Kodi)

Install Bennu On Kodi

What is Bennu Kodi Addon?

Bennu has only been in the Kodi world for a few months, but it has already amassed a sizable fan base. It includes thousands of sources, offering consumers access to a massive media library.

After multiple legal fights, the Pheonix addon left, but Bennu quickly became its natural successor.

You can watch various live streams, on-demand movies, and TV series with the Bennu Kodi addon. Bennu Kids, Alecto, Bennu Live, Dr. Stream, Taurus, Adult Zone, Movie Sites Parental Controls, Excalibur, Movie Site, and TV Shows are some more well-known options.

The download section is located within Bennu’s primary menu system, making downloading through the UI a breeze.

Bennu may not perform as well as its competitors, but it is worth visiting to unearth hidden gems.

How to Install Bennu Addon on Kodi?

The installation of Bennu can be done using various repositories. However, the primary installation method involves using the Colossus repo or the Ares wizard. So follow the steps given below and complete the installation process.

Preparing Kodi to Install Video Addons

If you have never installed an addon before, you’ll need to enable this setting as the Kodi foundation by default disables the setting. The Kodi community knows about the risks of installing third-party addons.

You can skip this and jump to the Bennu installation steps if you have done this before.

  1. Open Kodi – Home – Select Addons – Select system Settings Icon
  2. Addons – click on Unknown Sources
  3. Now enable unknown sources
  4. Click on Unknown Sources – then press “Yes”
  5. Navigate back to HomeScreen – Select Settings – Select File Manager – Add source
  6. Click on the Settings Icon that you can see at the top left side of your screen

Here are the steps to install Bennu.

  1. Launch the Kodi App.
  2. Open settings by clicking the Gear icon on the main screen.
  3. Click on System menu option.
  4. Open File Manager.
  5. In the File Manager window, you’ll see a mirrored list. Click the Add Source option from the list on the left side.
  6. Select the None option to open a new window.
  7. Enter the following URL exactly:
  8. Click on Ok. Next, underneath, name the source. “Bennu”
  9. Navigate to the home screen.
  10. Click the Add-ons – Package Installer option.
  11. Select Install from zip file. Select the file you named.
  12. Following the installation of the file, tap the backspace key and click on Install from repository.
  13. Now choose Add-on Repository – Colossus Repository.
  14. Click on the Install button.
  15. Once installed, navigate to the home screen.
  16. Select Video Add-ons and select your Bennu Kodi addon and click Install.

That’s all the steps to install the Bennu KODI addon and experience what others in the Kodi community are experiencing with the new Phoenix addon to stream movies.

Bennu Kodi Add-on Alternative Installation

If you’ve previously installed Kodi add-ons on your Firestick, you may require the repo URL to find the right location. (Learn How To Install Kodi On PS3)

The location of the Bennu Kodi add-on is in the Colossus repository, which is part of the Ares repository (

The Ares and Colossus repositories are also accessible through the SuperRepo repository at

Here you can find how to install the repo.

Install the Ares Wizard on Kodi

1. Ares Repo Source

  1. Enter Settings (gear icon – above Kodi’s left menu)
  2. Next, go to the File Manager
  3. Select Add Source
  4. Then, tell Kodi None to enable the manual addition of a media source
  5. Choose None
  6. Enter the Ares Project repository URL: (, then hit OK
  7. Give it the name Ares Repo, then hit OK
  8. Hit OK once more

2. Install the Ares Repository

The source installation above typifies the Kodi repository installation setup.

  1. Return to Kodi’s Main Menu, then go into the Add-ons menu selection
  2. Open the Add-on browser (open box icon), which is in the top left
  3. Select Install from zip file
  4. Select the Ares Repo
  5. Next, open
  6. Install from the Ares zip file
  7. You’ll see Add-on Installed popup momentarily

You’ve finished installing the Ares Repo, now you can access YouTube, many types of videos, and lots of other streaming content, but that’s not all.

Here’s how to install the Colossus repository. The Colossus repo has a permanent home in the Ares Project’s repo.

You’ll already be in the Add-on browser if you’ve just followed the above steps.

Install Colossus Repo

  1. Select Install from repository
  2. Go to the Ares Project repo
  3. Enter the Add-on repository
  4. Select Colossus Repository to be installed
  5. Hit Install at the bottom right.
  6. If you get a Select Version dialog, choose the home repo, Ares Project, to receive the most timely updates.
  7. Colossus repo installed.

Bennu has a massive library of content, but it isn’t all roses and rainbows for this add-on. The hugely popular Phoenix Kodi video add-on dropped from circulation following threats of litigation over live TV and other content that wasn’t entirely legal. (Learn How To Install Diggz Xenon on Kodi)

As a result of its fan base growing daily, it is possible that Bennu Kodi add-on may follow suit at any time, and access to the link be taken offline.

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Under System, select File Manager
  3. Select Add Source
  4. Select None
  5. Type this URL exactly: and select Done
  6. Select the box underneath to name the media Source
  7. Navigate back to the Home Screen
  8. Select “System” in Kodi settings
  9. Select Add-Ons
  10. Now select Install from zip file
  11. Select Dimitrology
  12. Select
  13. Wait for the repo enabled notification
  14. Select Install from repository
  15. Select Colossus repository
  16. Select Video add-ons
  17. Now select Bennu
  18. Click on Install Bennu addon
  19. Wait for Add-on enabled notification

Use VPN For Bennu Live Streams

Although Bennu has a vast range of content, the third-party add-on poses a significant security risk. Only a small portion of the content it provides is completely legal, and it primarily hosts pirated streams.

The Phoenix add-on was also disabled to avoid litigation over pirated streams. Furthermore, because Bennu is a third-party application, it is more vulnerable to malicious add-ons than Kodi addons found in the official Kodi repository.

A VPN is the only way to have safe access for any Kodi user. While some lesser VPNs suffer a speed slowdown, the top few VPN providers have native apps for Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows, among others that deliver fast streaming speeds for any addons used.

So, even if you use official Kodi add ons, it is wise to use a VPN for streaming live TV to your mobile device or Android TV to stay safe and bypass restrictions imposed on your Kodi addon.

Now, you can install Bennu addon without too much worry about your ISP or Google tracking your activities.

How To Install Bennu On Kodi