How To Ban Evade 4Chan

4chan is an anonymous bulletin board where you can post photographs, quotes, and comments. Despite its popularity, 4chan is rife with controversy, and which most times it appears to encourage.

However, anyone who submits offensive or contentious content on the site can be permanently banned.

The website saves users’ IP addresses, and your IP or IP range is blocked from accessing 4chan. Some nations use Geo-blocking and censorship to limit access.

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Luckily, you can learn how to rapidly get around a 4chan IP ban and access 4chan from wherever without the worry of being watched or banned.

By the end, you will see how you can get around your 4chan IP ban in the simplest of methods. (Learn How to Get Unbanned From Omegle)

Why Am I IP Banned on 4chan?

Most of you guys and users do not read the terms of service before browsing a website, which is to their detriment.

Users do not need to register or have a 4chan pass-word to post on 4chan; you can post anonymously. Their policies are stringent and might quickly result in your suspension. 4chan tracks down your IP address and blacklists it to ban you.

4chan also plainly mentions that bans are at their discretion, and you are subject to a ban if you make or engage in postings that contain content that moderators deem inappropriate content.

While the ban is inconvenient, the security implications are grave, as 4chan can follow your browsing history without even knowing your email address, allowing them to view all of your internet traffic without your consent.

If you use a static IP address and get banned, you will need a way to bypass the 4chan ban because you won’t be able to join using that banned IP address again.

While static IP addresses are useful in some situations, using a temporary IP address while attempting to bypass blocks on 4chan or other similar sites is preferable. (Learn How to Find Someones IP Address)


Are 4chan Bans Permanent?

In truth, 4Chan’s banning policy is fairly strict, and getting banned and expelled from the site while utilizing it has become a typical occurrence.

You guy’s IP addresses are saved on the website and used to ban anyone who publishes offensive or contentious content permanently. From this, as many times as you try, you will get a 4chan connection error.

These prohibitions are not always justified, and there’s a possibility you’ll be banned for no reason at all. You may be using a dynamic IP address that has been used to commit a prohibited act, thus blocking access to the service. (Learn How To Delete Instagram Posts)

Or you could be in a nation such as the 4chan Australia ban or others like New Zealand, where ISPs prohibit access to 4Chan.


Can a VPN Bypass An IP Ban?

A 4chan IP ban is commonplace, and while some are justified, others may not. You may be banned if you share an IP address with someone who is posting objectionable content.

You might also live in an area where ISPs limit access to 4chan. Whatever the reason, you may get around the 4chan ban by using a premium VPN service (VPN providers).

When you connect to a VPN, your internet traffic is sent through an encrypted tunnel that no one on the outside, including your ISP, can see. VPNs assign you an IP address based on the server you are connected to, not the banned IP address. (Learn How to Watch British Open Live Streaming Free)

Here are the key criteria you need your VPN to use to bypass the 4chan ban:

  • Thousands of VPN IP addresses rather than just a dedicated IP address.
  • The largest server networks in different countries to mask location.
  • Allows users.
  • It offers users a set number of connections or one of the ones that offer unlimited simultaneous connections to switch servers manually.
  • Fast servers globally besides just the best performing nearby server for fast speeds to browse and stream (Unblock Netflix etc.)
  • Robust encrypted network using AES 256-bit military-grade encryption and secure tunneling protocols.
  • Complete no-logging policies to protect user privacy.
  • Money-back guarantee to try risk-free.
  • Kill switch and DNS leak protection, and other secure security features.
  • A great customer support team that operates 24/7 live chat service
  • Users can use double VPN nodes for multi-hop routing to add security and anonymity.
  • VPN services work on a wide range of devices and major operating systems, such as those on desktops and mobile devices.

Using a VPN app is one of the best ways to regain access to 4Chan and keep your identity anonymous.

The best overall VPN service will route your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel and assign a new virtual IP address based on the server you connect to. Using this temporary IP address, you can easily hide your online activity being linked back to you.

However, not all covering VPN providers are successful, and even with the above, VPN providers offer different services to others.

One significant factor is the location of the VPN provider. No matter how good the strict no-logs policy is, the VPN is based inside any 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance countries. Then these governments can put the VPN provider under a legal obligation to monitor and track online activities and hand over user data.

What you need is a quality VPN that is based outside such areas: Panama, the British Virgin Islands, and another couple of locations.

Once you check this, the VPN world becomes much smaller. It does, however, mean internet censorship isn’t so bad using these VPNs who have an operated network outside any data retention laws.

So, if any VPN provider is outside any of these countries, no matter if they have a reliable no-logging policy, they can go against their strict no logs policy by order of law enforcement.

How Do I Bypass IP ban?

4Chan bans users based on IP address, and advanced users know their IP address is a unique identifier as they connect to the internet and are directly linked to a device or network.

Changing an IP address is the most straightforward way to get around a 4chan ban. You can request a new IP address from your ISP (internet service provider), yet they won’t do this too often, and it can take a long time.

Besides, an ISP can see what you do online, and in Australia, they retain your browsing history data for two years.

The best way to bypass the 4chan ban is to use a VPN to update your IP address. However, some VPNs, such as a free VPN, may not work if VPN servers’ range of IP addresses has been blacklisted.

Once you select an appropriate VPN app that covers all the requirements, you can easily change your VPN server and make it appear like you are in another location or country. Doing this and using VPN servers to hide your location, nothing can link back to your original IP address.

Premium VPN services use many features to get away from displaying static IPs. Some VPNs use specialty servers to connect to various services or streaming platforms, while others support this feature on all of their servers.

Here are the simple steps to use a VPN (a virtual private network) to get a shared IP address from your chosen VPN provider.

Many users can try a proxy server to access the 4chan service from a new IP address. While they can bypass IP bans, these proxies offer no security features such as an automatic kill switch or use any robust encryption protocols for you guys to stay safe. (Read Putlockers New Site)

Here is how to bypass the 4chan IP ban with a VPN:

  1. Choose from the premium VPN providers and create your user account.
  2. Download and install the appropriate VPN app for your device.
  3. Open the VPN app and select a server to connect to. (On opening, many VPNs can be set to automatically establish a connection).
  4. Clear the browser cache and cookies, and then refresh your browser.
  5. Navigate to the 4chan website.
  6. You should find it unlocked, and if not, it takes a couple of clicks to simply switch servers to another location on the large server network.

Many VPNs go much further than just offering a massive network of servers. They have improved on OpenVPN’s UDP protocols to offer new ones and use obfuscated servers, which can hide from anyone using a VPN service. (Read our Nord VPN Australia Review)

You can quickly discover; these premium VPN providers offer much more than many others around and do so at affordable rates and the money-back guarantees so you can test the main ones and make a comparison.

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