How to Get Unbanned from Omegle

If you have found the free online chat site, then you know it can be frustrating when you are blocked for no reason.

The question is, what you can do to get back chatting when you don’t think you have done anything wrong.

Omegle bans users for what appears to be random reasons, so here, we will look at what Omegle is, what it offers, and how you can get Omegle unblocked in a few minutes.

All it takes is a VPN service, and you can quickly change your location and bypass the blocks imposed on you.

Omegle chat service

What is Omegle?

The Omegle chat service has been in operation since 2009. The goal of the service was to deliver a platform to chat with random strangers. And here, the service is the intermediary of these conversations.

Users don’t have to log in before they click on the start chatting button, and then they are paired up with suitable chat partners. In the beginning,

Omegle text chat was the only means of communication, although they quickly introduced video chats, and it was here where it exploded in popularity.

Now, with the use of your microphone, you can talk to strangers directly.

You can also see what they are doing on the other end of the connection.

Users of the Omegle website can enter favourite activities or likes, and then they are paired up with other like-minded individuals.

One feature they included was the Spy Mode, and with this, a user acts as the go-between and can ask questions to strangers. From this point, they can sit back and enjoy the conversation between the two strangers.

Students can include college email and communicate with other students.

Once you use the online chat using video, there is some moderation of what you can do, and what you can’t. It is here many of the issues for finding you’ve been banned from Omegle.

Why Am I Banned from Omegle?

If you find Omegle banned you, it is frustrating, especially if you have abided by their terms and conditions.

There are several reasons, and the site creators acknowledge their systems are not perfect, and Omegle bans can be forced for no reason.

Here are the primary reasons you can face an Omegle ban.

Other Users Continually Drop You

Because Omegle chat is free and easy for users to flick through chats until they find someone to talk to, there is often a lot of dropping of conversations.

The issue here is, every time a conversation is dropped, the system records this. If you face continually dropped conversations, then the system thinks something is suspect, and won’t allow you to access Omegle. (Read How to Unblock Banned Torrent Sites in Australia)

If other participants are rude and just cut the conversation, the same thing can happen. Nevertheless, it racks up against your session, and you find you face being blocked.

You Have Been Reported to Moderators

There are many causes of the Omegle video app being used to show nudity. Along with this, some individuals get a kick out of reporting other users for no reason.

Because the system can’t distinguish who the innocent party is, or if the report is justified, it automatically blocks access. This leaves users without the ability to chat, and then they need to find a way to be unbanned from Omegle.

You Have Violated the terms and Conditions

When you begin reading Omegle’s terms and conditions, you can see how easy it is to violate them. While they frown on nudity, it does happen, and if users find this offensive, then it can be justified.

However, when in the video chat, you can be playing music, or have a movie playing in the background, and the services think there is some copyright infringement taking place.

If this happens, you can be chatting away, and in seconds, you can find Omegle not working without reason.

How Long is an Omegle Ban?

Bans come in various lengths, and only Omegle knows which are given and why. Either by humans or automatic means, the following can be imposed.

  • One Week: A week ban is handed out for minor policy violations
  • Four Months: Second offenses can give users a ban of 120 days
  • Permanent: If any user takes part in spamming, forced nudity, racism or other forms of offensive chat, they can face a lifetime ban

Unblock an Omegle Ban

How to Unblock an Omegle Ban

When you find yourself banned from Omegle, it is good to know how they do this before finding a solution.

Every user with an internet connection will have a unique IP address. An IP is given by your internet service provider.

Most of the time, they are fixed to your device or connection (router).

Omegle lists these every time a user joins the Omegle chat, and as soon as there is any reason to block users, there is a black mark, so to speak against this IP address.

In use, many of the same methods are used by other content platforms to restrict who can and who can’t view their content. IP’s differ fro each country, and if yours doesn’t match that particular country, then you can’t gain access.

Unblocking Omegle with a VPN

The quickest way, and the only reliable way to be unbanned on Omegle, is to change your IP address.

However, not every VPN service provider delivers the best service for remote areas such as Australia.

Before looking at a few alternative virtual private network services for bypassing bans on Omegle, here are a few things these VPN’s should offer.

  • Broad Server Network: Server location is vital for many services, and any VPN company will have thousands of servers across many countries.
  • Device Support: Any VPN worth its salt will offer a wide range of devices it runs on. Routers being a great example because you can change the IP, and use Omegle on multiple devices.
  • Customer Support: VPN’s can face issues like any software; however, with 24/7 live chat customer support, users can find a solution in a minute or two.
  • Privacy and Security: If there is any leaking of IP addresses while using a VPN, this does expose you. So, if you are using Omegle or carrying out any other online activity such as torrenting, you do need to know your VPN doesn’t leak your personal information or IP address.
  • Download Speeds: Because of data encryption, every VPN will slow a connection by a degree. Fast download speeds are vital because of remote locations, and video chatting on Omegle so you can get the best quality video.

Once you find the ideal VPN to unblock Omegle, it takes a couple of steps to make the chat platform think you are a new user.

All you need to do is the following:

  1. Sign up for your reliable VPN
  2. Open the VPN client and connect to your VPN in another location (a premium VPN will allow you to change the location at city level)
  3. The VPN connects and will change your IP address to that of the outgoing VPN server in your chosen location
  4. Once you have your VPN connection (often highlighted in green), you can then go back to the Omegal app.
  5. Begin chatting again as if you were never banned

VPN Choices to Unblock Omegle

Best VPN to Unblock Omegle

1. ExpressVPN

The world’s number one streaming VPN is great for chatting on Omegle. It delivers the fastest connection speed through servers which are optimized for video and covers 94 countries with over 3,000 servers.

Once you have a new IP address, even your internet service provider won’t know what you are doing online.

With the best security and 24/7 customer support, it is the best choice for users in Australia. To check how well it performs, use the 30-day money-back guarantee, and simple cancel if it doesn’t meet your needs.

2. StrongVPN

StrongVPN delivers good security and decent speeds from its small network covering 30 countries and 950 servers.

It provides all the basics for security and can keep all users secure while they go about online activities.

You can use the money-back guarantee with this VPN also to check whether you obtain a good Omegle experience.

3. Hide Me

Hide Me is based in Indonesia, so it should be well placed to cater to remote regions around that part of the world.

It is a secure VPN, so all online activities are hidden. Covering over 60 locations and with over 1,500 servers, they are slowly becoming a good VPN.

While small compared to some VPN companies, they offer plenty of features and customer support is better than many more notable names.

It does struggle with some well-known streaming services for access, but connecting to Omegle ought to be a breeze.


When you want to unblock Omegle quickly, there is nothing better than the number one VPN in the list. It sets the trends for other VPN’s to follow.

For any chat platform, overseas streaming, bypassing geo-restrictions, or for any other online activity.

Users in Australia and any other country will find that ExpressVPN is the best VPN for location, performance and online security.

How to Get Unbanned from Omegle