How To Cancel Disney Plus

Following its late-2019 launch, Disney Plus has become one of the industry’s most popular streaming services for movies, with 50 million users in just a few months.

However, understand how to cancel a Disney Plus account if you’ve found the program lacking in fresh content or if your trial is about to expire.

To cancel Disney Plus, go to the “Billing Details” tab in your account profile’s “Subscription” section and select “Cancel.”

Guide how to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

Besides this, remember you can only cancel your Disney Plus subscription through a web browser, not through the streaming service’s mobile app. Even with this, many users find it challenging to cancel a Disney Plus account as it also needs doing on the device you originally signed up for.

Last, you can’t cancel your subscription direct from Disney Plus if you signed up through a bundle or third-party service like Apple, Amazon, or Roku.

In our guide, you can learn all there is about a DisneyPlus cancel procedure the right way. So, no matter if you signed up directly, through the Google Play Store and your Android device, or another way, you can learn how to carry out a complete cancellation of your Disney account. (Learn How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83)

How Do I Cancel My Disney Plus Subscription?

Here is a quick step-by-step guide of how you cancel your account and cut the connection with your Disney subscription for the streaming service.

  1. Head to your profile page and select the profile icon to the top-right of the Disney+ interface.
  2. Search for the heading subscription and into Billing Details.
  3. Click Billing Details, where you can find your next billing cycle and payment method for Disney+.
  4. Click on Cancel Subscription.
  5. You’ll be directed to visit Disney+ technical support if your service cancellation is performance related to Disney+.
  6. Click the Confirm Cancellation button to continue.
  7. After cancelling your Disney+subscriptionn, you’ll be asked to provide feedback on why you want to cancel your Disney subscription.

You can cancel your Disney Plus subscription using a web browser or a phone’s web browser. To cancel your Disney Plus subscription, go to the account profile’s “Billing Details” section.

The mobile app doesn’t allow you to cancel your Disney Plus subscription.

If you signed up for Disney Plus through a third-party service, you’d have to cancel your subscription through that service’s website.

How to cancel a Disney Plus subscription through a computer browser

  1. Open the Disney Plus website in a browser.
  2. Log into your account with your password.
  3. If multiple account profiles exist, the primary account holder will be the first avatar on the far left.
  4. Click the profile icon in the top right corner to access subscription details.
  5. Select “Account.” You are taken to your account page, where you can cancel your Disney subscription.
  6. Choose the blue “Billing details” link. You can find “Billing details” beneath the “Subscription” subheading.
  7. Click “account for Subscription.” This starts a multi-step cancelation process that completes your Disney+ subscription cancellation.
  8. Confirm you will cancel your account by clicking the “Complete Cancellation” red button.
  9. Complete the survey. (optional)

This page will confirm your Disney Plus subscription has been cancelled.

Remember that whether you signed up for Disney Plus as part of a bundle package or from another third-party provider, the service will appear under the Subscription section on your account page. As you would with a regular Disney Plus account, click “Billing details.”

Because you can’t cancel your Disney Plus subscription directly from the Disney+ account window, click the “Go to” link to be transferred to the page to cancel your account.

Follow the login and cancellation procedures to cancel your Disney Plus subscription through a third-party source.

How Do I Cancel My Disney Account?

You can delete your account, so select Disney, ESPN, ABC, Marvel, and Star Wars accounts.

  1. Log in to your Disney account
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Tap “Delete Account”
  4. Tap “Yes, delete this account.”

Accounts are removed permanently 14 days after they are requested. However, you can reactivate your Disney account before that date. If you want help, please contact our support team. (Read Disney Plus Free Trial Australia)

Disney accounts with active subscriptions, or memberships are essential.

Any ongoing subscriptions or memberships must be cancelled before a Disney account can be cancelled.

Cancel Subscription on iPhone for Disney Plus

Cancel Disney Plus in iPhone

  1. Open Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap your name at the top.
  3. Select Subscriptions services.
  4. Tap Disney Plus.
  5. Select Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Disney Plus Using Google Play Store and Android phone

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Tap Menu (three stacked lines) and select Subscription services from the drop-down menu button.
  3. Select Disney Plus.
  4. Tap Cancel subscription.

Can You Cancel Disney Plus Immediately?

Exactly like other streaming services, you can cancel Disney Plus anytime.

  1. If you’re paying monthly and cancel, you can go on using Disney Plus until your next planned payment date – at which point you will not be refunded, and your subscription will expire.
  2. If you pay for a year in advance and then cancel, you will still be subscribed for the remainder of your subscription period; you will not be charged for another year on your renewal date.
  3. Of course, you won’t be charged if you cancel before your free seven-day trial ends.
  4. Disney will try to persuade you to alter your mind, so click Complete Cancellation to proceed.
  5. You will then be required to provide an explanation for your departure, which you will not be able to avoid.

That’s it; you’ve cancelled–but double-check that you received an e-mail confirmation from Disney.

Mobile Android App

If you have the app on your phone, this may likely be the quickest way to cancel and is quite similar:

  1. After you’ve signed in and started the app, go to the bottom right and click on your profile icon.
  2. Account of the Press.
  3. Select the Subscriptions banner and then Billing Details from the drop-down menu.
  4. After that, you’ll be directed to the website, where you’ll have to log in again.
  5. The rest of the procedure is the same as cancelling a subscription using a web browser – click Cancel Subscription.
  6. If you haven’t changed your mind, click Complete Cancellation.
  7. Simply enter a reason for your departure–and you’re done.
  8. Make sure you receive the cancellation notice from Disney once more.

Delete Disney Plus Account On iPhone

Accounts are permanently deleted 14 days after the request, but you can reactivate your Disney account before that deadline.

Cancel Disney plus on your iPhone; if you signed up for Disney plus on your iPhone, iPad, or apple tv, you could cancel your subscription.

If you decide you have made a mistake and wish to stick with the services, you can get a premium VPN and access the service from the USA.

You may not see all the same content, and a VPN allows you to do all this using the 30-day money-back guarantee and the next billing date.

A VPN is easy to sign up for, and when you come to cancel, you need your account details, and you can do this on a PC, in a browser, or on iOS and Android devices.

A premium VPN can be cancelled much easier than Disney, and the help is open seven days per week and around the clock.

Use them for a month, and before the billing cycle arrives, cancel the subscription. You, however, find premium VPNs can help get access to the best movies

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