How To Install SPMC On Firestick?

SPMC is a fork of Kodi, meaning it builds on Kodi’s open-source code to add enhancements. Unlike many other forks, which amateur developers often create, you’ll find SPMC’s founder was a member of the official Kodi team. Upon leaving his role, he further developed SPMC Fire TV to offer free movies and related content.

Since it uses the source code of Kodi, SPMC is remarkably similar. It uses the same Confluence skin and menu layout of Kodi 16 and offering a few tweaks that make SPMC more user friendly on Android devices.

While the SPMC app is lightweight, Kodi lacks a few things, such as voice search, the viewing of Bluray ISO images, and the chance to use HD audio pass-through, which is currently only available for Kodi on Windows or Linux.

Amazon Fire TV with remote

In our guide, you’ll find it isn’t straightforward to install SPMC on Amazon Fire Stick or Android TV, so using our steps, you’ll know exactly how to get the best viewing experience by learning how to install SPMC on FireStick and more. (Learn How to Install Kodi on Firestick)

What is SPMC on My FireStick?

Semper Media Center (SPMC app) is an app based on Kodi source code and developed to work on Android devices.

The Amazon Fire app store doesn’t have a dedicated SPMC app compared to other apps of a similar nature. For many users, it may appear to be the end of the road.

However, learning how to install SPMC on Fire Stick or Fire TV is not clear, yet also not difficult.

Because of limited resources on an SPMC Fire TV or Fire Stick, you can tweak the SPMC app even more.

SPMC Semper Media Center is legal to use like Kodi, yet many add-ons offer access to unlicensed content. Any users should take the same precautions using SPMC as they do with Kodi and use a VPN.

Addons can find content from streams that are not licensed, so you need a VPN when accessing SPMC download streaming addons to be safe. (Read Best Kodi Builds For Firestick)

How Do I Set UP SPMC?

SPMC isn’t available via the FireStick using app store, so first, enable your Fire Stick to install apps from unknown sources.

Step 1: Head to the Home screen and open the Settings tab.

Step 2: Select Device, followed by Developer Options in the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Select Apps from Unknown Sources, so it says “ON.”

Step 4: You can say “Downloader” app as you hold the voice search button, or you can manually search for the Downloader app in the app store.

Step 5: Open the addon after installation

Step 6: In the screen centre, type the following URL address without the quotes and press Go: “”

Step 7: At the bottom of the page, select install button and open the app.

SPMC for Android can easily be downloaded by visiting and the many download links for the latest SPMC APK (Android Package File).

The latest SPMC version was back in 2018, and there isn’t any more development. You can still do the software installation on FireStick using the app and launch it as you would if it was a new version.

Step 1: Download the SPMC APK file to your device.

Step 2: Open the SPMC app, and you’ll see the Confluence Kodi screen.


Can I Install Quibi On My FireStick?

The Quibi app was a short form streaming platform, which generated content for viewing on mobile devices. Unfortunately, you can’t install this on a FireStick as the project closed after 6-months of operation. The video library was sold to Roku.

How Do I install FireStarter on FireStick 2019?

Try this method to install FireStarter without adbFire or an external device. All you need is an internet connection and a Fire TV. It is possible to use this method to install an APK file as if you did to install SPMC on FireStick.

Enable Unknown Sources

Before you install FireStarter on Fire TV, enable installing apps from unknown sources. From the home screen, head to Settings – System – Developer Options. Toggle “Unknown Sources” to on.

“ADB Debugging” should also be enabled or set to “ON”

Using ES File Explorer

To install FireStarter, you need to install and be installing ES File Explorer to your Fire TV. You have a couple of ways of installing ES File Explorer. Log in to your Amazon account, open ES File Explorer in the App Store and download to your Fire TV device for streaming.

You can use voice search to install ES File Explorer, as you can when you are installing SPMC on Fire Stick.

Download FireStarter On Fire TV

To install FireStarter software on Fire TV/ Stick without ADB, add FireStarter download source to ES File Explorer downloader.

Open ES File Explorer and click on Favourite, and then + Add:

for the Name, enter anything in the text box you can remember, then click Add.

The new favourite location will show on the left menu. Click on it, and the Links to AFTV Apps show to the right.

Once the FireStarter APK download is complete, click on Open File.

Launch FireStarter on FireStick

Open FireStarter to check it works. If you didn’t click Open before, you could launch Fire Starter from Settings – Applications – Manage Installed Applications.

Installing the FireStarter alternate launcher makes launching your sideloaded apps and system apps much easier than it is normally.

You can use this same method to install any APK file on your Amazon Fire TV or FireStick, or Android TV with no ADB, USB, or computer. It is handy, as you could use this to install SPMC on FireStick or your Kodi box to get free movies and TV shows.

Any user streaming should set up VPNs to make sure they can access the content they want and also have full protection. (Find the Best Value VPN Australia)

A VPN will hide your actual IP address so your ISP or copyright trolls can’t track that you install SPMC on Fire TV devices, that you are using the downloader app, or you are streaming free movies online.

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