How To Watch Videos Blocked In Your Country

It isn’t just free streaming websites that end up with blocked video, or geo-restrictions that throw up the “this video isn’t available in your country” error.

Google YouTube has lots of restrictions on certain videos in place, be it from the content creators or the countries where the video is from or being accessed.

However, to watch YouTube videos that are blocked isn’t too hard to get around with the help of a virtual private network (VPN service) to change your region.

YouTube with many videos visible

Here, you can learn more about Google any bypass YouTube videos blocked, and how you can use a VPN to watch blocked YouTube videos from any network connection or location.

Why is a Video Blocked in My Country?

When you go to the Google YouTube help pages, they explain in a sentence or two why video you want to watch is blocked.

Some YouTube video is not available in your country/ region for:

Video owners have chosen to make their content available only to certain countries/regions (usually due to licensing rights)

YouTube may block specific content to comply with local laws

If you have videos that fall into these categories, you do need a VPN to bypass YouTube restrictions and get around the ‘Video is not available in your country restrictions.”

Some users think that YouTube is all about free video, yet this isn’t always the case. YouTube. com network has Originals like the ones on Netflix, and these are created for the streaming platform. (Learn How To Stop Ads On YouTube)

To access these, you need a YouTube Premium account. With this, there are no ways you can unblock this if you want to use the service and access the video you want to watch.

How Can I Watch Blocked Videos

You have various ways how to watch region-blocked YouTube videos and get around the “this video is unavailable in your country.”

Change the YouTube Region Filter

If you can’t watch videos on YouTube, change its URL.

If you have a blocked Google YouTube video with an URL of

Replace the “watch?v=” with “v/”, so the URL is now

Try Hooktube

Hooktube is an alternative to YouTube where you can watch all the videos on YouTube free, yet without any of the regional and age access restrictions

Using a simple interface, you can find Hooktube loads faster, and it removes some of the annoyances

Here’s how to bypass Google YouTube with Hooktube?

  1. Head to Hooktube’s site
  2. Type the blocked video title in the search bar then hit enter (you can search your content creator channel name)
  3. Search to locate your video and open it.

You can redirect YouTube URL to Hooktube as well:

  1. Click the blocked video on YouTube
  2. Replace “you” in with “hook” to make the video’s URL:

Use Proxy Servers

Since there are YouTube videos blocked in some countries, you can change your location to bypass the region filter. You can use a proxy server to achieve this. What the proxy server does is act as a bridge between your device and the blocked video.

The proxy server will take your request and pass it onto the video. When the reply comes back, the system blocking the video can’t see what the video or more importantly, which way back the IP address for the content is going. (Find the The Best Youtube Ad Blocker For Firefox)

You can change your IP address for a different region using a proxy, to unblock and watch YouTube videos, yet they do have some limitations for use on the internet besides this.

Download Blocked YouTube Videos

In most cases, you can’t download videos off YouTube unless you are a premium user.

However, you can find many different online YouTube downloader that can do this quickly. They can even convert the format. Some come in apps, or you get the online ones.

Homepage of YouTube focused on the icon

To use these, all you do is copy the blocked URL into the search box of the file converter website and then select the format you want.

The website takes care of the conversion and then downloads the file. These are an effective video blocker YouTube unblocker. You are able to watch on your mobile or watch the video on any other device that has a media player.

How Can I Watched Blocked YouTube Videos That are Copyrighted?

If you attempt to download any copyrighted YouTube video, you can be committing piracy.

ISPs, copyright trolls and movie studios, and possibly YouTube itself all aim to stop the illegal downloading of copyrighted video.

There is only one real way to do this if you need to, and that is to use a VPN. Using a VPN will take your IUP address and change it with one from another server in different countries.

When you go to watch the video, you are trying to access, then Google YouTube or any other blocking service can’t stop you as it has no idea where you are. Using a VPN renders a filter on YouTube for different countries as nearly useless.

You can easily unblock a video from any region or country, or you can access YouTube from inside a different country where the entire YouTube is blocked.

A VPN will work the same as a proxy, yet they offer security features that proxies don’t or can’t offer when on the internet. You can watch across any network without restricted message flooding your screen.

You can quickly find, there is no need to copy video URLs or change them to bypass restrictions. Using VPN client apps, or the browser extension they offer, you can get around all the things put in place for stopping restricted content to be available.

How To Watch Videos Blocked In Your Country