How To Stop Ads On Youtube

Outside of Google, you will find the most significant search engine happens to be YouTube. However, it is the most significant site for watching online video content.

No matter if it is a live stream, breaking news, or a product unboxing. There are more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos each day.

While there are lots to watch and full of useful information you can get for free, ads can ruin many an experience.

Disable YouTube Ads

Everyone understands creators to earn money from the ads in their videos. In many cases, they are not placed by these, and it is because they are in the Google AdSense marketing program.

In most instances, these ads are unrelated and add little to the viewing experience, and most often, they are not enough to entice you to buy the products.

Ads and captions you need to read can frustrate users, interrupt your video, and eat up bandwidth on your internet connection.

In our helpful guide, you can learn the various ways how to disable YouTube ads, which works, so they don’t get in the way of your video, and you can see what you want to watch without ads ruining your experience. (Read The Best YouTube Ad Blocker For Firefox)

Sign Up for YouTube Premium

This option involves a paid subscription to YouTube Premium; premium membership is designed to better and smoother experience across YouTube.

It can be a simple way to get ad-free content and use advanced features such as background playback to play music; even the YouTube app page is inactive. You can tailor playlists and news with a handy option to download videos.

One downside for many people being the cost of a new premium subscription. It offers a better experience, yet you can find other helpful ways to search and download the right extension or app.

Remove Ads from YouTube with a Simple Trick

One of the first methods found was a trick, which is very easy to carry out. It has been found to work in the Chrome web browser or Chromium-based browsers.

All it takes is to add a period (full-stop) after the .com in the video URL. It is said to help remove rights reserved ads in the video and any overlaid ads.

While this trick can be helpful, you may find it does or doesn’t work for you; it does interfere with your watching as you have to carry out the insertion of the period for every video.

How Do Creators Block YouTube Ads?

Ads can be a pain for any person watching video content. However, some creators work in the YouTube Partner Program and don’t like to have ads running among some of their content.

YouTube partners can filter AdSense ads appearing next to YouTube videos and channels. (Read Guide to Breaking Bad Streaming)

  1. Here’s how it works to filter ads from any general or specific category as well as any particular AdSense advertiser domain:
  2. First, sign in to the AdSense account. Navigate to the ‘Allow & Block ads’ tab
  3. To the top left, click ‘Menu.’
  4. Click ‘Blocking controls’ – ‘YouTube host.’
  5. To block a particular advertiser URL: Click the Advertiser URLs tab (in the horizontal bar to the top of page. Enter URLs in the box. Click Block URLs)
  6. Block ads by general or sensitive categories: Click the appropriate tab in the horizontal bar (use the controls given on the page to allow or block types)

Changes are automatically saved as you select them, and you see this within 24 hours.

These filter lists only block ads via AdSense. Ads by Google Ad Manager will still be seen.

Other ways to stop these ads are:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. Click your profile picture – YouTube Studio.
  3. In the left menu, click Videos
  4. Select any video you wish to turn ads off
  5. In the left menu, click Monetization
  6. In the top “Monetization” box, click – Off – Apply.

Install YouTube Ad-Blocker

Use a YouTube Ad-Blocker

One of the best ways you can remove YouTube ads is to use a helpful ad-blocker. Adding one of these extensions to your browser can remove ads from YouTube when watching through a browser.

Such options include uBlock origin that does a great job of stopping nearly all ads unless they are hard-baked into a video. AdBlock is another great option.

If you use an Android mobile and use the YouTube app, you will need to use a video blocker, a YouTube app rather than your browser. You can install AdBlock Plus on Android mobile devices and install it on Windows. While effective, it performs better on rooted devices.

Use Browser Ad-Blockers

Many browsers are now coming with integrated ad-blockers. They can help a user in blocking ads from the YouTube site without more intervention.

Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and Opera are just three that effectively stop online ads and trackers. (Read Best Ad Blocker In Internet Explorer)

Why Block Ads?

You may wonder why you need to block ad content from your video. You can ignore them if you want and then focus on the video once these are gone.

In some instances, users don’t understand that the ads are based on what you search for. Google. com is known to harvest user data, and YouTube is no different. It is a Google service, after all.

The first thing is to see what goes on behind the scenes. Here is what the company uses to show you ads.

  • The types of video you view
  • Apps on your device and use of apps (More for Android mobile devices)
  • Any website you visit – any device or browser that connects and uses Google.
  • Anonymous identifiers associated with mobile devices
  • Any previous ad clicking
  • Geographic location – Google maps and where you have been
  • Age range and Gender

Yes, it can be helpful to have YouTube offer up relevant videos for you to watch. It works using cookies, and each time you connect, it reads these to see what you did last time you connected. In particular, Chrome is bad as it reports all the news to Google all your new search activity.

To help block all these ads, you can make full use of a streaming VPN. Some VPN’s come with ad-blockers, yet these are not as effective as dedicated ad-blockers. a VPN does hide your location through encryption. (Find the Best VPN Service)

By itself, this can be enough to prevent Google from tracking you. Once you couple these with an ad-blocker extension, you will have a far better internet and YouTube video experience.

You will watch what you like, and you can even watch video content blocked in your region by changing the VPN server. (Read more: How to block ads on Chrome)

How To Stop Ads On Youtube