Is WhatsApp Safe To Send Pictures

WhatsApp one of the largest instant messengers in use, and it is considered by many to be a social network all of its own. It runs on all manner of devices from Android to computers.

The WhatsApp service is among the top communication apps globally and comprises more than a billion registered users. It made headlines as a convenient way of communication and has since attracted individuals and businesses in equal measure.

Facebook bought the app in 2014 for around $19.3 billion. Not much later, it went on to be the most popular communication app across the internet.

Is WhatsApp Safe

While Facebook doesn’t have the best of track records for security, WhatsApp security is better all-round. Yet, it still leaves users wondering is WhatsApp secure to send pictures and videos or other sensitive information. (Read Guide to Finding Deleted Photos On iPhone)

By the end of this guide, you’ll learn more about its encryption and be able to make sure your data is protected, no matter what you want to send in your messages.

Does WhatsApp Keep Your Photos?

Several users may find their picture contains nudes. However, it doesn’t matter how thrilling the contents of pictures; there are many who can try to get hold of them for various reasons.

WhatsApp is among the best messaging apps for sharing pictures, as it now uses end to end encryption. However, even with the best form of encryption, your phone can still be the weakest link.

You can send pictures of nudes safely via WhatsApp, yet both you and the recipient need to store them securely as well.

One thing you can’t control is when a phone is hacked. Hackers can then see photos or personal information on a device as the intended recipient would be able to see them on the phone. (Can you use WhatsApp in China)

WhatsApp launched end-to-end encryption in 2016, so a WhatsApp message is automatically locked using unique keys. It is only unlocked as the intended recipient reads the message.

What began with text-only quickly changed when WhatsApp let users send encrypted photos and videos. Any user needs to make sure they know that WhatsApp is part of Facebook, and the content of their messages isn’t ending up on Facebook servers for advertisements.

You should log into your account and change the settings for “share my account info.” The new “status” feature lets users send an encrypted photo and video status updates that disappear 24 hours.

With the new encryption technology, any sent or received content will be converted to a combination of codes that aren’t possible to be read. It makes this more challenging for any hacker to gain access. (Read Mass Delete Instagram Posts On Computer)

Besides this, WhatsApp states nothing is retained on their servers. Any content will only be stored for 30 days maximum should the recipient not receive the message.

If, after 30 days, the content will be automatically deleted, and no traces of the pictures will remain.

WhatsApp Photo Security Features

Can Anyone See My WhatsApp Photos?

You get to choose to share things certain things with any given contact using your “Status Privacy” feature. This will affect any post you make after enabling the feature.

Nothing will be saved in your photo library, and to top, the entire status system is encrypted. It would help if you remembered to set your status to be seen by one contact you share it with so it remains private.

A couple of other things you need to know about sending sensitive pictures is don’t save photos in your phone photo library.

Such areas can backup to cloud services, which defeat the object of using encrypted messaging services. (Read Is It Safe To Use Whatsapp)

You can also set the WhatsApp app to inform you if the key of the recipient changes. Unless the other person has changed phone number, these key changes are a signal it’s not safe sending nudes or sensitive pictures until you determine if you’re being spied on.

Is It Safe to Send Pictures in WhatsApp?

One of the most significant issues with sending photos with WhatsApp is that the receiver can forward the pictures to another phone and then delete WhatsApp message containing the pictures you sent.

If this were to happen, you’d have no recall or know where your pictures end up. (Read Kodi Box)

There are a few things to note and build up online safety when sending pictures via the WhatsApp app.

Use reliable access points: Wi-Fi hotspots can be convenient, although they come at a cost. Public Wi-Fi is open to everyone, and hackers make a point of frequenting such areas.

You can reveal your private WhatsApp photos and messages and all the data on your phone or device using such networks. (Learn How to Deactivate Messenger)

Ignore suspect messages: Hackers use social engineering, and as a result, they send random messages containing malware. Never respond or click on these messages, as it can help stop falling for the promise of anything to do with the WhatsApp app.

Hide Your Profile: It can be easy for any competent person to take your WhatsApp profile picture and use Google to reverse search the image. It is possible to use this and build up a profile of yourself.

No matter how good the encryption and security are on WhatsApp, experts recommend using a VPN to ensure you have the best security and encryption possible.

Simultaneously, you can easily hide your location as your IP address can’t be seen. There is nothing else that offers people the same privacy and safety levels when using social media or the internet.

Besides this, you will have enough simultaneous connections to bolster up security, with all the family or even the someone you are sending sensitive pictures too. (Find a Torrent Downloader That Works)

Although you should never upload these pictures to the cloud, a VPN can keep any pictures you upload from an Android or iOS device or even a computer safe and out of sight from anyone.

Is WhatsApp Safe To Send Pictures