Is Terrarium TV legal to use in Australia? (and is it safe)

Far from being a Terrarium TV review, this looks whether this really popular app is legal to use in Australia.

This can be the same for many countries as this TV app is popular in every corner of the globe.

What it does is to allow users of Android, streaming devices such as Fire TV, FireStick’s, Chromecast and Windows to download and install the Terrarium app, to gain access to a broad collection of content.

legality of athe Terrarium TV app

These can be accessed free and are streamed in HD. One other cool feature is any subtitles are natively supported, so there is no need to download these to find they are out of synch.

Caution When Using Terrarium TV

Before we answer the question of the legality of the Terrarium TV app, we should make you aware that anything you do online can be seen by your ISP, and as Australian ISP’s retain data for 2-years, you do need to make sure your connection is encrypted.

It doesn’t matter which operating system you use, or if you use an Android device or PC, they can see everything, as can any government agency, or representatives of the MPAA in the USA.

Is Terrarium TV Safe?

The streaming service delivered by Terrarium TV is actually really safe. The site clearly states they host nothing on their servers, so there is nothing they can do to harm any users who connect to their streaming links.

However, because of the way all these sources are gathered, Tea TV app has no way of knowing if there is any malicious content among the sources they aggregate.

Is Terrarium TV Legal?

Much of the answer to this question can come from the answer above. Users can download Terrarium TV and use it.

There is a grey area of the legality in Australia, and this has to do with the way the streaming app works.

It allows users to access free movies, that is clearly evident. But as nothing is hosted on the site, and unlike a lot of other streamed content, you don’t download apps that use the BitTorrent protocol.

It is here that the cloud descends over the TeaTV app. If you stream content, and then share it with other users, then this is illegal.

But, if you are streaming for personal use, then this is fine and not classed as illegal.

Again, if you are using an Android device and download the Tea TV APK onto your phone, you can access these shows and movies.

There is no torrent protocol used, and you are streaming to your device with no other person being able to access your streaming content.

If you download the TeaTV APK, you want to navigate to the settings of the app, and then click the “About Terrarium TV.”

It is here that Terrarium TV make things clear on their stance. It states that any users who download the TeaTV app, and are subject to any copyright infringement, they are to contact the parties involved. It explains that the app works as a search engine only to locate movies and TV shows.

The next sections here are the interesting part, they say they will assist any person who believes there has been copyright infringement, and this could be the MPAA or any other involved agency.

For users, this means you are on your own, hence the recommendation for using a VPN service. If the app can see IP addresses, then the company will hand these over if asked to do so. They are offering a service, but leave the user to decide if they should watch the content found or not.

Alternatives to Terrarium TV

Recently, there are stories that Terrarium TV is shutting its doors and no longer operating. How true these are is yet to be seen, but for users looking for an alternative, they face the same conundrum for whatever app they download.

There are several, but the best can cover all options as long as you do follow the recommendations and use a VPN.

Kodi streaming faces its own issues, but when you use this as your primary player, then you can make use of the thousands of Kodi add-ons to deliver you massive amounts of content from every genre imaginable.

Kodi is the outright winner when it comes to the world’s best media players. Once you first install it, it’s just a dumb app that does nothing.

The beauty lies in its simplicity and expandability. You can do what you want with Kodi. It allows you to choose which add-ons deliver the content you like, and then you install them. From there, you have all your streaming channels that work in the same way as Terrarium TV.

These streams come from third-party sources, so you still need a Kodi VPN. We have one recommendation which we will give you right at the end of this article.

Best VPN for Terrarium TVVPN’s for Terrarium TV and its Alternatives

To use this section as a recap, we say that Terrarium TV is safe, and it is legal to use. However, the developers take no responsibility what users search for, and they will assist any governing body to prevent their own prosecution.

If Terrarium TV still exists in the same way, it’s hard to tell, and you can go through all the effort to find it doesn’t deliver as it used to.

The best thing to do is choose the best alternative which is Kodi. Once you find the best Kodi add-ons, you will never be short of things to watch for free.

Before doing so, you should check out ExpressVPN. It delivers the best service, the largest feature set, and it is the easiest to set up VPN you can get.

You will remain anonymous while online, you can easily bypass any geo-restrictions, and you have the chance to try it free for one month with their 30-day money-back guarantee.

You won’t find a better VPN, and you won’t find a better way to play your content than Kodi. These two together deliver the best anonymous streaming experience for any user.