How to Watch Chicago Fire Online Free

Since 2012 when Chicago Fire drama set ablaze the small screens. Fans have been in love with the drama show and the danger.

It follows the lives of the men and women who make up the firefighters and paramedics squad from Chicago Firehouse 51, who rescue the unfortunate. While issues and danger they face are real, the show and cast are fictitious.

After a glance at the cast and Chicago Fire season 8 episodes, you can see how easy you can access the show, so long as you use a VPN. (Find the Best VPN in Australia)

Watch Chicago Fire Online

Chicago Fire Cast

  • Jesse Spencer – Matthew Casey
  • Taylor Kinney – Kelly Severide
  • Eamonn Walker – Wallace Boden
  • Joe Minoso – Joe Cruz
  • Christian Stolte – Randall ‘Mouch’ McHolland
  • Randy Flagler – Harold Capp
  • David Eigenberg – Christopher Herrmann
  • Kara Killmer – Sylvie Brett
  • Miranda Rae Mayo – Stella Kidd

Season 8 Episodes

So far, there are 183 episodes in the 8 seasons of Chicago Fire. Here is the list of Chicago Fire episodes season 8 episodes.

  • Episode 1 – Sacred Ground:
  • Episode 2 – A Real Shot in the Arm: Casey can’t get Boden to sign off on a recruit.
  • Episode 3 – Badlands: Brett and Foster question suspicious circumstances
  • Episode 4 – Infection Part 1: Severide suspects something big is happening.
  • Episode 5 – Buckle Up: Kidd must prove herself
  • Episode 6 – What Went Wrong: Cruz and Severide suspect foul play
  • Episode 7 – Welcome to Crazytown: Severide makes a tough decision about Firehouse 51
  • Episode 8 – Seeing is Believing: Herrmann is on a mission
  • Episode 9 – Best Friend Magic: Unexpected visit throws Casey for a loop
  • Episode 10 – Hold Our Ground: Brett and Foster find themselves at odds, and Mouch finds a mysterious letter.
  • Episode 11 – Where We End Up: Foster, Kidd, and Brett fear Capt. Leone
  • Episode 12 – Then Nick Porter Happened: Cruz and Brett rent out their extra room
  • Episode 13 – A Chicago Welcome:
  • Episode 14 – Shut It Down: Severide is the best man of Cruz; Mouch gets in trouble.
  • Episode 15 – Off the Grid:
  • Episode 16 – The Tendency of a Drowning Victim: Herrmann sees a familiar face
  • Episode 17 – Protect a Child: Casey and Gallo in the aftermath, and Herrmann wants more respect.
  • Episode 18 – I’ll Cover You:
  • Episode 19 – Light Things Up: Gallo and Ritter try to put Firehouse 51 on social media.
  • Episode 20 – 51’s Original Bell: Foster contemplates a big decision.

Best VPN to Watch All Seasons of Chicago Fire for Free

Where Can I Watch Chicago Fire Episodes?

NBC is the home of Chicago Fire. However, you can only watch the latest 5 episodes of the show free. For any more, you need to sign in with your TV provider.

Where Can I Stream Chicago Fire?

Peacock TV is the streaming service of NBC. It has a free tier and a paid-for tier.

You can watch 19 episodes from season 8 Chicago Fire as episode 18 is missing.

How Can I Watch All Seasons of Chicago Fire?

All seasons of Chicago Fire and Chicago med about the paramedics and Chicago PD are supposed to be on Peacock from NBC. As of yet, you can’t get these.

Hulu is another option, as is YouTube TV. Both of these streaming platforms have season 8 of Chicago Fire. Many ask, is Chicago Fire on Netflix? The show never has, and with NBC’s Peacock, it never will be. (Learn How to Get Hulu in Australia)

Where Can I Watch All Seasons of Chicago Fire for Free?

If you like to be on the edge of your seat as the shows twists and turns. You can follow the firefighters lives in the close to life action.

While you can’t find all the shows episodes from the full series of Chicago Fire season one to Chicago Fire season 8 in many places, there is one.

The good news is, there is one site where you can watch all the new and get all your share of any full Chicago Fire season you wish to watch.

Just make sure you have a premium streaming VPN, and you can watch the life of the firefighters and play every full Chicago Fire season free on

A VPN will change your IP address when you change the server to a US-based server. Once you visit the above web address or access the main IMDb site and search for Chicago Fire to check out the seasons.

It presents you with ‘Watch Free on IMDb TV’ beneath the episode you like to play.

You will find using a premium VPN, and IMDb is the only way you can play every season and every full episode of Chicago Fire online in one place.

How to Watch Chicago Fire Online Free