How to Watch The Amazing Race Online

The Amazing Race is one of the top adventure reality shows on TV. Teams of two must race around the world, where the teams need to navigate by following clues to various destinations in different countries.

With physical and mental challenges, it is as tough as it gets as they have a limited budget of how much they can spend on travel. In each leg, you can see one team dropped, and the numbers reduce with each episode.

You can find many countries offer their take on The Amazing Race, and with the Amazing Race Australia postponed because of the pandemic, fans need to tune in to watch the US version of the show and see which new team grabs the million off CBS. (Learn How to Watch CBS Online in Australia)

Watch The Amazing Race OnlineWhat is the Amazing Race?

With all that was going on, the world was supposed to see The Amazing Race episodes begin back in May. However, episodes were postponed, and now we get to see the race start on Wednesday, October 14, 2020.

This will be the 32nd season, and there are already plans for a season 33 of the greatest race reality show in the USA, with even more new teams racing around the world.

The winning team will grab the One Million in prize money, so there is plenty at stake.

What Channel is the Amazing Race on in Australia?

The question for fans is, how to catch the latest Amazing Race season in Australia when the show faces geo-restrictions and is only shown in the USA. It can be easier than you think to see episodes from the latest available season of the Amazing Race season 32.

However, if you want to fill your boots over the next couple of weeks while waiting, you can head over to Network 10 and start watching The Amazing Race Australia season 4 episode 1 all the way to the grand finale.

If you want to watch Amazing Race Season 1, you need to take a trip over to Amazon Prime Video. You can catch the first season up to season 29 with an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

Where to Watch the Amazing Race Online?

With the first episode still a couple of weeks away, you have time to get yourself organised ready before the first episode on Wednesday 14.

Series 32 will be thrilling as there is so much different around the world. Teams may face more formidable challenges than previously, and it will now be an Amazing Race of all proportions.

You can head straight to CBS, as this is the home of the race. You may be able to watch the latest 5 episodes direct on the CBS website, or you may need to sign up for CBS All Access.

For a cost of $5.99 per month, you have access to 10,000 hours of movies and TV shows. If you wish to take an alternative route, you can check out one of the streaming platforms that has CBS available in its Channels.

Amazon Prime is one, and you will need to sign up extra for live TV. You do have a 7-day free trial for CBS.

Hulu With Live TV is another available option to watch series 32 of The Amazing Race. It comes in at $54.99 per month and offers a 7-day free trial. It isn’t enough to see which team grabs the million, yet you do get to see the first episodes free if you wish to cancel after the Wednesday premiere. (Learn How to Watch Hulu in Australia)

FuboTV is another streaming platform to watch the teams on the reality TV show episodes. It began as a sports service, so there is plenty of content to do with teams in the 100+ available channels.

It offers one of the best 4K video streaming services so that you can settle down on Wednesday 14 for some high-quality action.

With all these options, you must decide carefully as the free trial isn’t enough to get you all the way through the latest new series of Amazing Race episodes on Wednesday nights.

What you do need is a subscription to the best streaming VPN for Australia. With this, you won’t have any buffering of the new series, and it is a must to bypass the restrictions.

Many VPN’s will fail, and you can find The Amazing Race experience ruined by picking the wrong VPN.

Once you select the number one VPN, it doesn’t matter where to watch Amazing Race as you can watch it from anywhere that offers you a connection.

How to Watch The Amazing Race Online