How to Watch The Girlfriend Experience Online?

The Girlfriend Experience is an anthology series based on Steven Soderbergh’s 2009 critically acclaimed movie of the same name.

The series explores the relationships between a group of exclusive escorts and their wealthy clients. It is these women who offer much more for whom they provide far more than just sex.

There are 3 seasons so far, and the third has just ended in the USA. In our guide, you can learn more about the series and see what happens to Christine Reade (Riley Keough) once her classmate introduces her to a double life.


By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of how to watch The Girlfriend Experience Season one from the first episode “The Girlfriend Experience Entry” all the way to the last episodes of season 3 in the TV series The Girlfriend Experience watch online.

What is The Girlfriend Experience?

Created by Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz, The Girlfriend Experience has proven to be must-watch entertainment that dives into the underbelly of the escort business.

Every one of The Girlfriend Experience season looks at the escorts and their clients and how the price of intimacy shows the changes to emotional consequences.

Christine is a second-year student at Law School and an intern at Kirkland, a prestigious law firm. She’s working hard to establish herself, and her focus quickly shifts as a classmate introduces her to the world of transactional relationships.

Known as GFEs, the women provide “The Girlfriend Experience,” which are deep, emotional, and sexual relationships, which come with a high price tag.

Christine finds herself drawn into the GFE world, juggling between work, and attracted to the rush of control and intimacy. (Learn How to Change Amazon Country)

Life takes a turn following Christine’s humiliating experience at Kirkland. Christine embraces her career as a GFE provider and finds she’s more confident in her choices as Christine moves away from Kirkland. Moving on, we see Bria as she expands her client base to meet her needs more than what one client can provide.

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Where to Watch The Girlfriend Experience?

If you want to watch the drama series, you have a couple of third-party options to do so, and with these, you get some flexibility and control of how you access great TV shows.

Streaming season 1 with Christine as the prime focus, you can do so by heading to the US and using a VPN provider.

Amazon Prime Video offers plenty of entertainment streaming, and you can add Starz (home of The Girlfriend Experience).

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Account, you can sign up, and it costs $12.99 after your one month free. Add Starz, and this costs $8.99 per month and begins with a 7-day free trial. So you can quickly see how the sex begins with Christine and her clients in season 1.

You can access the second and third season, which leaves the law school and Kirkland, where the GFE tales take on a new twist.

Hulu is the second option and is a more affordable solution. You will get full access to all the episodes starting with Christine and her very first client and follow the GFE’s through all their clients and the high level of sex in the raunchy drama.

Hulu costs $5.99 per month and is supported with ads; you also need to add Starz, which costs the same $8.99 per month. With Hulu, you get to stream a tremendous amount of content from over 65 networks, so there is plenty of TV series to find.

Hulu is among the best third-party streaming services you can find. You can even download to watch offline. If you want to stream new seasons, you need Hulu with Live TV, which offers live shows and many sports game depending on the area and network. (Learn How to Get Hulu in Australia)

For both, you need a premium VPN service to bypass restrictions and spoof your IP address to make the service think you are in the USA.

Watch The Girlfriend Experience in Australia

If you have neither of the accounts above and don’t want to subscribe just to watch them for just one show, you can watch The Girlfriend Experience closer to home. However, if you don’t subscribe to this, you may find the game of watching The Girlfriend Experience more affordable using a VPN. (Find the Best VPN for Australia)

The Girlfriend Experience Stan is a thing as Starz signed an agreement. Starz movies and shows are available, yet not all of them.

Stan costs $10 per month with no lock-in period, and you get one month free. So if The Girlfriend Experience is the only TV series you want to watch, Stan can be a great option, yet if you want more, use a VPN and access the undiluted version of Starz from the USA and Hulu or Prime Video.

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