How To Watch The Last Dance In Australia

In 1997-98, It was the final season of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls. An NBA Entertainment crew trailed the team, capturing never-before-seen footage as they aimed for their sixth NBA Championship title in eight seasons. The results are a stunning portrait of one of the world’s most iconic athletes and celebrated team.

ESPN partnered with director Jason Hehir to use this footage to create a new docuseries called “The Last Dance.”

“The Last Dance” follows the Bulls’ 1997-98 season from start to finish, and with this, there are also many other chapters in Jordan’s career.

The Last Dance docuseries of Michael Jordan timeline

The 10-part docuseries follows the Michael Jordan timeline from an emerging high school team star to becoming a worldwide figure. The series takes its name from a phrase by Bulls coach Phil Jackson, who guessed the season was possibly the final run for the main members of that 1990s Bulls gathering.

In our guide, you can learn all you need about watching the 10-part documentary coving Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls.

Can I Watch the Last Dance for Free?

There was a chance how to watch The Last Dance for Free, although that has been and gone. It was possible to sign up for a free trial to Hulu and access ESPN who at the time was airing the 10 episodes of the documentary and Hulu has access to ESPN. However, come July 19 2020, this offer was no more. (Learn How to Watch NBA Live in Australia)

Is The Last Dance Going to Be On Netflix?

Before looking where you can access the show, here are the episodes of the 10mpart documentary.

  • Episode I: Using flashbacks, the series documents Michael Jordan’s college and the early NBA career days.
  • Episode II: Scottie Pippen comes from obscurity and ends up as one of the NBA’s best players. An early injury Jordan’s career has the Bulls management thinking.
  • Episode III: Dennis Rodman has the attitude and energy to help his team win. The Bulls find it hard to beat the Pistons in the ’80s.
  • Episode IV: Phil Jackson takes the Bulls up a level. The team finally pass Detroit and earn their shot at the NBA title.
  • Episode V: Jordon begins to be the cultural icon to beat them all. With Air Jordan and “Be Like Mike,” also, it was the ’92 NBA Finals.
  • Episode VI: With a few words in a book, and revealing secrets of gambling, there is a dent in Michael’s reputation, yet his focus is on that third straight title in 1993.
  • Episode VII: With his father’s death, Michael retired in 1993, and the Bulls move Scottie into the lead position.
  • Episode VIII: With Michael’s return, the Bulls are energized, yet a loss in the playoffs leads him to work harder than ever to get back where he belongs.
  • Episode IX: The Bulls face a challenge against their reign in 1997 against Utah. The same happens in 1998 against Indiana.
  • Episode X: The Bulls finish their “Last Dance” and a sixth championship. Michael, coach Phil Jackson and many others look back on the dynasty they created in the documentary series’ last episode.

Where to watch The Last Dance

Will The Last Dance Be on Netflix Australia?

Where can I watch The Last Dance was the question every basketball fan was asking. Besides this, the question was when.

Netflix was bringing “The Last Dance” documentary about Michael Jordan and the ’90s Chicago Bulls team to the U.S. in the summer of 2020.

ESPN co-produced the “Last Dance,” with Netflix, where it debuted on Sunday, April 19 on ESPN, through peer pressure because of sporting shutdowns thanks to the pandemic.

The 10-episode series would run for five weeks airing on ESPN in the USA and on Netflix internationally.(Learn How to Watch Netflix American in Australia)

ESPN was suffering because of a lack of live sports through lockdowns, and they aired the first two episodes of “Last Dance.”

It was a huge smash, with an average of 6.1 million viewers. Netflix saw mass viewing of the show around the world after the first two episodes of ‘The Last Dance were released.” After that, follow on episodes were set for each Monday over the time-line the 10-part documentary was set to run on ESPN.

How Can I Watch the Last Dance in Australia?

If you are a Michael Jordan fan, you’ll be doing yourself a miss justice if you don’t watch all available episodes of this show showing the greatest basketball player ever.

Although it was co-produced with ESPN and Netflix, ESPN+ subscribers have no chance to stream the series until later this year. US Netflix has full rights to the show for the first 12 months since it was released in April 2020.

If you have a Netflix account, you can quickly sign up for a VPN service and switch countries to the USA and watch the series in full without any interruptions. However, there is a far easier way, and you may not have noticed the information.

The show was aired around the world on Netflix before the USA; thus, you can access the show from an Australian Netflix account. However, the two services go hand in hand in Australia, making sense to get a VPN regardless. (Find the Best VPN Providers for Australians)

US Netflix has much more than the local library, so you can not only watch The Last Dance but keep up with all the latest shows and watch them on the day they air rather than waiting months for them to arrive.

A premium VPN does much more and can keep personal information safe, among other things. Sign up, and make full use of the 30-day money-back guarantee to watch Jordan and his Last Dance without paying or without restrictions.

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How To Watch The Last Dance In Australia