What Is IPv6 Used For

For over a decade, the world has been running out of IPv4 addresses (internet protocol version 4). To rectify this, the creation of IPv6 was introduced by the Internet Engineering Task force (IETF). Although the adoption of IPv6 from IPv4 to IPv6 has been very slow.

With the new version, every device on the Internet of Things (IoT) can have a unique IP address and data.

From toasters, fridges and driverless vehicles and many more, they can all access data from the internet. There are more than enough internet protocol version 6 IPv6 addresses for many years to come.

Besides this, there are many other reasons it can be of benefit, yet many mobile users of the internet don’t understand what IPv4, IPv6 is and what impact it can have.

In our guide, you can learn all you need about how the world will support IPv6 traffic and why it offers more than the small amount of 4. 3 billion unique IP addresses IPv4 supports.

IPv6 for the Future Network

What is an IPv6 Address?

It could be several years before the public has any issues with IPV6. All computers and mobile phones support IP addresses from both IPv4 and IPv6 address. (Learn How I Find IP Address On Computer)

Standard IPv4 is 32-bit addresses, IPv6 is 128 bits. IPv6 addresses are written in hexadecimal, where a dotted-decimal is used now.

A hex number uses 4 bits, so IPv6 addresses consist of 32 bits for hex numbers.

The numbers are grouped in 4’s to make 8 blocks which have a: (colon) separator.

You can find many shortening techniques used to make the IP address easier to understand. The one is repetitive 0’s are removed.

What is IPv6 and How Does it Work?

IPv6 uses a 128-bit IP address and can support 2^128 Internet addresses, or for the full amount: 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456.

The quantity of IPv6 addresses vs IPv4 addresses is 1028 times larger. The IPv6 definition when laid out is xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx.

Each x is a hexadecimal digit of 4 bits. Leading zeros can be omitted.

The double-colon (::) used once to show any number of 0 bits.

With Dual stack, your computers, mobile, routers, switches, and other devices run both IP address protocols, although IPv6 is preferred protocol. The new standard runs on top of the network layer protocol.

Typical procedures for businesses will be enabling both TCP/IP protocol stacks on the wide-area network (WAN) core routers, including perimeter routers and NAT firewalls.

It will be global IP’s for deployment before it enters outside the global space due to the unique addressing it requires for the definition IPv6 protocol.

IPv4 vs IPv6

Which is Better IPv4 or IPv6?

IPv4 address is good for what it was intended, yet as it has run out of available new addresses, it is time to co something for all the numbers of connected devices and the increase in internet traffic.

Here are some areas where there will be an improvement in IPv6 use.

Network Security

IPv6 runs end-to-end encryption from you to a host across networks. You find what VPN’s virtual private networks use for their encryption is built into IPv6 as standard.

Users don’t have to choose as this becomes the standard. IPv6 also supports secure name resolution. Secure Neighbor Discovery (SEND) protocol can enable cryptographic confirmation a host is legitimate.

While IPv6 isn’t to replace application- or service-layer verification, it provides improved levels of trust in connections. With IPv4, hackers can easily redirect host’s traffic.


With IPv4 issues allowing IoT devices to communicate poorly, many issues are rectified with IPv6.

Network Address Translation (NAT) posed a big issue. NAT was a workaround for companies to use small numbers of IP addresses for a large number of users and devices to know where to send a data packet. (Learn How to Find Your Router IP Address)

IPv6 allows IoT products to be uniquely addressable. Also, they don’t need the NAT and firewall workaround or the problems.

Should IPv6 Be On Or Off?

Microsoft doesn’t recommend disabling IPV6 as some components, or some Windows components may not function.

Some organizations disable IPv6 on their computers were installed and enabled.

The reason is they assume they are not running anything which uses it; other users also assume running both have an impact of web traffic speeds.

You can find some parts of Windows or other software you use does use IPv6. Remote Assistance and Windows Mail may be already. Some users leave it off as they think it’s a security risk.

However, you can use a VPN and negate these risks on your link as they prevent both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses leaking onto the network.

Although you may get end to end device encryption using the new IPv6. You won’t have the choice of selecting a server to watch any overseas content as you can now.

It may be many years before it will replace IPv4 unique IP addresses at home, and there is no need for VPNs to secure networks or your home router.

What is IPv6 Used For