How To Record Your Screen On Windows 10

Screen recording or video capture is helpful for several things, from creating a tutorial to grabbing a clip to post and share with friends.

You can even use it when you want to capture your gaming, show it off to all your friends or upload it to social platforms or video sharing sites.

While you may think there are only third-party software options to use for this task. There is an alternative to use for most Windows 10 users, which is full of features.

On your computer, you can learn how to record screen action far easier than you imagined.

Screen recording or video capture on Windows 10

They designed the Microsoft Xbox Game Bar based on the Xbox app to enable gamers to record clips using their video games. (Read How to Get Games Unblocked For School)

However, it stems beyond that and is useful for most free screen recording options you want on your desktop.

Here you can learn more about this integrated recording tool and how you can get the best from its features. We will also show a third-party option that is free and highly recommended.

Video Capture Basics

While the Game Bar can be used for most video capture types, you need to be sure your graphics card can support this feature. To do so, it has to support any of these three encoders, which translate the video into compatible digital formats:

  • Intel Quick Sync H.264
  • Nvidia NVENC
  • AMD VCE encoders

To check this out on your PC, you can head to the device manager (search for ‘device manager in the taskbar).

Click on ‘Display adapters.’ You can also try to carry out a test recording. If your card isn’t compatible, then it will inform you as much. You may find some laptops come with lower specif graphics compared to desktops. (Read What Is Port Forwarding Used For)

It may be possible to update drivers for your graphics, or you can use the second option if the Game Bar doesn’t work as your screen recorder for Windows 10.

How Do You Record Your Computer Screen?

Game Bar will be automatically installed with Windows 10. Nevertheless, if you haven’t used it yet, check to see if it works.

Press Windows + G keyboard shortcut to start and open the Game Bar.

If not, here is how to activate it:

  1. Click the cog icon to open System Settings
  2. Select “Gaming”
  3. Make sure the switch to the top is labelled ‘Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar’ is enabled.

You can see additional keyboard shortcuts for the Game Bar, like opening the Game Bar, taking screenshots, and start or ending screen recording. You can customize these shortcuts or add your own.

How Do You Record Your Screen?

Once ready to start and record your screen, you need to be aware the Xbox Game Bar software records videos from one software app window at a time. In most instances, this is going to be the last window you clicked to be active. (Read Install Kodi on Xbox)

Furthermore, you can’t switch windows to record once you begin, and lastly, you can’t record a full screen, so it isn’t possible to record the Desktop or File Explorer or other apps simultaneously.

Here’s how to record screen in Windows 10:

Open the app window to record. It can help to close or minimize open app windows to avoid starting to record the wrong one. Also, make sure there is no audio you don’t want to record playing in the background or another app window.

Even while the recorder will record video from one app window, it will record audio playing across any open app on your computer.

  1. Press the Windows key + G to open your Xbox Game Bar
  2. You can additionally click on your microphone button and carry out an external audio recording to add commentary or make a voice-over. With this, you still have to record the internal audio with either option.
  3. You will find several options you can play around with before recording. For instance, using ‘System sounds’ inside the audio window will let you lower audio or mute sounds from any open apps.
  4. Once you are ready, you can click on the ‘Record button’ to begin your recording (one with a dot)
  5. Alternatively, if all your settings are right, you can press Windows key + Alt + R to begin recording with no need to enter the Xbox Game Bar.
  6. You’ll get a pop-up bar that has a timer with a recording button and a stop recording control in both instances. Click the microphone button will enable or disable your external mic, although any internal mic will remain on.
  7. Once you have done recording, you can click the stop button or press Windows + Alt + R to stop recording videos outside the built-in Game Bar app.
  8. Once you finish, you will receive a pop up on the top right side of your desktop screen, saying “Game clip recorded.”
  9. Click this to open the “Captures” folder in your File Explorer.
  10. If you exit this, you can locate your videos through your File Explorer. Head to ‘This PC – Videos – Captures.’

Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Is There a Way to Record Your Screen on Windows?

Open Broadcaster Software Studio, or OBS, can stream videos or record videos. It’s free, open-source, and fully cross-platform and full of features.

Here you can see an overview of this free video capture app and some of its features.

Download OBS from Start the install according to the instructions for Windows.

OBS uses Scenes and Sources systems to manage video, audio, and other settings and assets. When you first start OBS, a scene is added by default and found in the interface’s bottom left corner.

Before you start recording, you’ll need to add a source inside this scene.

  1. Select the default Scene and click the + button labelled Sources, and then select Display capture
  2. Click OK on the pop-up box
  3. Click OK on the following pop-up
  4. Select the Settings button in the bottom right corner
  5. Choose the Output tab and look at the Recording Path field, the destination folder of recorded video.
  6. Click the Start Recording button in the bottom right
  7. Once finished, click Stop Recording, and your video is written to the folder you specified in the settings.

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