How To Watch Nascar On Kodi

If you’re a petrol head and love car racing, you’ll be familiar with and know about NASCAR. It’s one of the biggest sports in the USA and has millions of fans around the globe.

Fans in Australia may struggle to get the best Nascar experience, and it’s here where Kodi comes into play. There’s no need to watch racing events live on your computer when watching all NASCAR events on the big screen.

The secret here is the Kodi add-ons, which can make all this happen without too much effort.

In our guide, you can learn how to watch NASCAR on Kodi using various methods and how to bypass any geo-restrictions that stand in your way. By the end, you’ll learn all you need to install and watch NASCAR on Kodi to watch live racing events or watch replays.

NASCAR Revved Up Kodi addon

Watch Nascar With Revved-Up Kodi Addon

The NASCAR Revved Up Kodi addon provides lots of live racing footage and replays of games the community of Kodi was waiting for in HD. It offers many categories such as

  • Live Events
  • Nascar Replays
  • Tech Talk
  • Spectacular Wrecks
  • Sprint Cup Recap
  • Xfinity Recap

Here are the full steps on how to watch Nascar on Kodi with Revved Up Addon.

  1. Launch your Kodi app on your device
  2. Select the gear icon to the top left top of your homepage
  3. Select File Manager from System Settings
  4. Double click on Add-Source
  5. Click on “None” to enter the source address URL
  6. Add this URL exactly: and Click OK
  7. Underneath, you need to name the source. Name it Nascar and Click OK to save
  8. Press the “Esc” button and then select Add-ons from the homepage
  9. From the top left, select the “Package Installer” Icon (open Carton)
  10. Select “Install from zip file.”
  11. Scroll down and select the name you gave
  12. When open, select the zip file noobsandnerds Repo(x.x).zip for the update
  13. The add-on will update on Kodi
  14. Select Install from repository
  15. Scroll down and select “Noobsandnerds Repository.”
  16. Select Video add-ons from the repository.
  17. Scroll down and select the Revvedup addon
  18. Click Install.
  19. Choose the version you want to start your download
  20. Wait for the addon installed notification to the right of your Kodi app

To use the Revved Up Kodi addon, select add-ons from the homepage.

Select any category you want.

Click play to use the NASCAR Revved-up Kodi addon to watch NASCAR live on Kodi.

Watch Nascar On Kodi

How To Watch NASCAR On Kodi with SPORTS DEVIL Addon

To get the best car sports events, you need premium third-party Kodi addons to do the job. To do this, you’ll find how to install Sports Devil, the best NASCAR Kodi addon to offer many sports channels.

  1. Select the gear symbol from the left top of the home screen
  2. Select File Manager
  3. Double click Add Source
  4. Select “None”
  5. Enter this URL exactly:
  6. Underneath, give the source a name “Caz1” or other and click OK
  7. Navigate to the homepage and Select Addons
  8. Select Addon Browser Icon
  9. Select Install from zip file
  10. Click the name you entered previously
  11. Select the Repository folder
  12. Then, select the zip file
  13. Select Install from repository
  14. Scroll down and select Simply Caz Repo
  15. Select Video addons from the list
  16. Scroll down to Sports Devil and click install
  17. Select Video Addons from the Addons of your homepage.
  18. Select Sports Devil.
  19. Select the Live Sports folder.
  20. Scroll to LS Hunter. tv
  21. Select the Motor category from the list of sports events
  22. Choose NASCAR to watch live NASCAR Events.

Watch NASCAR using the USTVNow-NASCAR On Kodi.

Here, you can install the Kodi addon that presents USTVNow. It is made for armed forces from the USA. USTV Now includes channels like ABC, Fox, NBC, and CBS and offers on-demand and live streams in many genres.

USTVNow channels are only available in standard definition streaming with a free offering, although a premium version will receive HD quality and 24 channels. (Learn How to Install Channel Pear Kodi Addon)

Here are the steps to install USTVNow using Kodi

  1. USTVNow is an “official” Kodi add-on, so it’s far easier to install than the previous two.
  2. Navigate to your Kodi home screen
  3. Tap Add-ons on the left of the screen
  4. Tap the Add-on browser icon (open box)
  5. Tap Install from repository and choose the official Kodi repository and select Video add-ons
  6. Locate and tap the USTVNow add-on.
  7. On the other screen, tap “Install” to the right of the opposite screen.
  8. Since it is an official service, you’ll need to enter your USTVNow username and password.

An account must use a password instead of selecting Facebook or Google, or the login won’t work. (Learn about the Best Kodi Builds)

Any Kodi users who use any addons to watch NASCAR live on Kodi should use a VPN, especially third-party sports addons.

Many of the streams that come from these add ons are copyright protected. With NASCAR racing, there could be parties interested in finding these repositories or users of Kodi streaming unofficial content. (Read Can You Get Hulu In Australia)

If you are watching, your IP address will be exposed, and watching live sports is one of the most significant copyright breaches, unfortunately.

Second, the best Kodi addon for American forces faces geo-restrictions, and a Kodi VPN is required to bypass the geo-restrictions in place when you want to watch NASCAR racing or the wealth of TV shows it offers. (Read CBS Live Stream)

A VPN offers much more than just watching sports live, movies, or TV shows on Kodi or torrenting; it can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices to keep you safe as you go about your regular online activities.

How To Watch Nascar On Kodi