How to Watch Doom Patrol Online

Every member of The Doom Patrol suffered horrendous accidents, and from these, each found some superhuman abilities. The downsides being the scars and disfigurements that came with them.

Each member found their way and a sense of purpose under the guidance of The Chief, Dr. Niles Caulder. The unlikely team was brought together to investigate the weirdest phenomena in existence.

The Doom Patrol was a quality show on the DC Universe, and for a while, it was this streaming service where the show had a home.

Watch Doom Patrol Online

There are 2 seasons, the first running with 15 episodes, and the second season of the Doom Patrol with 9 episodes. The group of super-powered misfits have already been confirmed for season 3.

Streaming used to be possible from the DC Universe service, although there are changes, and it appears this has changed to comics only. The superhero video content has been shifted and has a new home.

In our guide, you can learn more about the show and how to watch DC’s Doom Patrol online. By the end, you will have unblocked Doom online free of interruptions. (Learn How to Watch Titans Online)

Can I watch Doom Patrol on Netflix?

No, you won’t find Doom Patrol here as it isn’t available on Netflix to stream in Australia or any other country.

Doom Patrol Cast and Show Episodes

  • Diane Guerrero – Crazy Jane
  • April Bowlby – Elasti-Girl
  • Matt Bomer – Larry Trainor
  • Brendan Fraser – Cliff Steele
  • Timothy Dalton – Chief a modern-day mad scientist Dr Niles Caulder
  • Joivan Wade – Cyborg …
  • Riley Shanahan – Robotman
  • Matthew Zuk – Negative Man

Season 1 Doom Patrol Episodes

  • Episode 1 – Pilot – The reluctant heroes of the Doom Patrol – Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, and Crazy Jane face Mr. Nobody, who’s after The Chief.
  • Episode 2 – Donkey Patrol – The Doom Patrol investigate a donkey and another universe.
  • Episode 3 – Puppet Patrol – The gang discover the doctor who created Mr. Nobody.
  • Episode 4 – Cult Patrol – Willoughby Kipling needs the Doom Patrol.
  • Episode 5 – Paw Patrol
  • Episode 6 – Doom Patrol Patrol, Jane, Larry, and Rita visit a school, and Cliff & Vic bond with father issues.
  • Episode 7 – Therapy Patrol – The team has self-led group therapy
  • Episode 8 – Danny Patrol – A teleporting street Danny needs help from Niles yet gets Vic and Larry.
  • Episode 9 – Jane Patrol – Jane heads into her own mind space.
  • Episode 10 – Hair Patrol – Vic and Rita face a dangerous man called The Beard Hunter after Niles Caulder.
  • Episode 11 – Frances Patrol – Larry pays a visit to a long-lost love. Cliff and Rita visit Gator Country to see his daughter.
  • Episode 12 – Cyborg Patrol –
  • Episode 13 – Flex Patrol – The Doom Patrol attempts to restore the memories and abilities of Flex Mentallo.
  • Episode 14 – Penultimate Patrol – The Doom Patrol enters to save the Chief.
  • Episode 15 – Ezekiel Patrol – The Doom Patrol part in the season 1 finale.

The Doom Patrol Season 2

  • Episode 1 Fun Size Patrol
  • Episode 2 Tyme Patrol – Cliff, Jane, and Rita chase a doctor.
  • Episode 3 Pain Patrol
  • Episode 4 Sex Patrol
  • Episode 5 Finger Patrol
  • Episode 6 Space Patrol
  • Episode 7 Dumb Patrol
  • Episode 8 Dad Patrol
  • Episode 9 Wax Patrol

Where Can I Watch Doom Patrol Season 1?

StarzPlay is a streaming portion of the Starz TV network from the USA. It does, however, hosts content in some regions outside the United States, such as the UK.

You can access StarzPlay on a wide range of devices, such as phones, tablets, Roku, PCs, Android TV, certain Smart TVs, and consoles.

It is possible to download the StarzPlay app and watch via your browser or using the website. StarzPlay costs £4.99 per month in the UK, and it comes with a 7-day free trial for new subscribers.

Payment options are credit card or PayPal, and both should work from Australia. To access this streaming service, you need a premium streaming VPN, so the service thinks you are inside the United Kingdom. (Read Cast Foxtel Go)

Where to Watch Doom Patrol in Australia

How Can I Watch Doom Patrol in Australia?

To watch Doom Patrol in Australia, you will find a couple of options to watch other HBO shows. Both BINGE and Foxtel Now can give access to Doom Patrol episodes from both seasons.

Doom Patrol on Foxtel

Foxtel made the deal and, so far, is the main home of HBO content at present. It is reasonable to assume shows such as Doom Patrol will be on this platform. Foxtel, however, comes with a steep price tag so that it could leave you in search of a better option.

To stream Doom Patrol on Foxtel, you must sign up for the provider’s streaming service. Foxtel Now will set you back $25 per month.

It could be worth checking the providers’ packages and services to see what it offers and worth the money. You get a 10-day free trial for this provider streaming services.

Doom Patrol on BINGE

With the recent launch of BINGE, an influx of HBO shows was added to the providers streaming platform. You can find many genres from drama, comedy, thriller, and shows such as Doom patrol.

BINGE offers both seasons of Doom Patrol to stream, and when season 3 is available, this should be coming as well.

If BINGE’s enormous library of quality movies and shows could make the streaming service suitable, you have three plans to choose from. Prices start at $10 per month for a basic package and go up to $18 per month. BINGE offers a 14-day free trial for new subscribers.

Where do I watch Doom Patrol?

Currently, one of the best ways to watch Doom Patrol online now and in the future is using HBO Max in the USA. It is where all the DC content has shifted and where the rest of the superhero genres could be available in the months to come.

If you want to access the full HBO Max and are sure to get access to all the content and not just shows cherry-picked to be shown on Foxtel or BINGE, you can use this quick overview of steps to sign up for the service. (Learn How to Watch HBO Max Australia)

Sign up for HBO Max

  1. Head to in your browser
  2. Fill in your account details and click Create Account.
  3. Add a payment option (See Below)
  4. Select Start Subscription
  5. Click on Let’s Go and start HBO streaming in Australia.

HBO Max Payment

You need an American credit card for HBO Max, but you can use this workaround using HBO Now Gift Cards.

  1. Head to to purchase an HBO Now gift card.
  2. Once you have your card, head to
  3. Redeem your HBO Now gift card and enter the gift card code with a US state and zip code.
  4. Enter an email address with your first and last name.
  5. Navigate to
  6. Sign into HBO Max with the email address you provided.

To be sure of access, you do need a premium streaming VPN. Such VPNs come with many servers around the world to offer access to many streaming providers’ website or services. You mainly have one plan yet for different lengths of time.

You can, however, test all the features and speed for Doom patrol streaming in Australia using the 30-day money-back guarantee from your chosen provider. You will quickly find they also protect you in many other areas of your online life besides streaming.

How to Watch Doom Patrol Online