How to Watch Made in Chelsea Online in Australia

You might have heard the name on occasion, but this British TV show isn’t yet a household name here in Australia.

But, this show is still hugely popular and is currently in the 15th season. This reality TV show takes a look at the lives of some wealthy youngsters in one of the posh parts of London.

It was brought to TV by the UK Channel 4 and has won a Bafta award for its efforts.

Before finding out how you can view watch the series made in Chelsea in Australia, let’s take a closer look at what all the fuss is about.

Watch Made in Chelsea Online

What Exactly is Made in Chelsea?

Before going too far, the Made in Chelsea cast should make an introduction; here’s a brief list of the poshest of the posh.

  • Melissa Tattam – season 15
  • Stephanie Pratt – Not precisely British, because she hails from the USA. Also starred in Celebrity Big Brother and Celebs Go Dating.
  • Alex Mytton – a crucial member of the show. Another member who is un-posh, but the show wouldn’t be the same without him.
  • Jess Woodley – loves tattoos and piercings, say no more, but frowned upon from the upper echelons
  • Ollie Locke – the darling of the show and another member of Celebrity Big Brother
  • Olivia Bentley – Posh name, posh family and posh all over.
  • Chloe Green – If not super posh, she is super-wealthy. Her father is chairman of the Arcadia group.
  • Mark-Francis Vandelli – Son of a Russian Princess and roams around the world as any posh person would.

With 15 series and close to two hundred Made in Chelsea episodes, not counting the spin-offs. This
includes the various cast members; many from the first series have gone onto other things.

The four spin-offs are NYC, LA, South of France, and Made in Chelsea Ibiza. The latest spin-off is the Made in Chelsea Croatia, which is right up to date with all the goings-on.

How To Watch Made in Chelsea?

The first thing to know is that the show airs at 9 pm on a Monday; this is around 6 am on a Tuesday in Australia.

Episodes can be purchased from iTunes, but this costs and they have already been aired. This has the problem if there is any Made in Chelsea news that is nice and juicy, it will be old news by the time you can receive it.

Made in Chelsea newsTo watch one of the most watch British TV shows can be accomplished using the All 4 player.

Won’t this be geo-blocked? You might ask, it is, but you can quickly get around this by the use of a VPN.

These can bypass these restrictions easily and enable you to unblock Channel 4 and view their extensive library of content.

A very brief run-down of unblocking Channel 4 and using a VPN is as follows.

  1. Decide on a VPN (if you don’t already have one)
  2. Sign up
  3. Install the client
  4. Choose an English server
  5. Head to Channel 4
  6. Sign up for the All 4 player with a bogus postcode
  7. Watch Made in Chelsea to your heart’s content

There is a little more to it than this, but it isn’t much harder. It also prevents you from heading to Foxtel Now or using Hayu to watch the latest episodes.

Unblocking Channel 4 can save heaps of cash in subscriptions, and you can watch almost simultaneously as it airs in the UK. (Read HBO Go Australia)

Which VPN is Best for Channel 4?

VPN’s come in all shapes and sizes, although for Australian users, not all fit the bill and make a choice an easy one.

For regular identity security, individuals who only browse the internet, many VPN’s could work when speed isn’t much of an issue.

VPN for Channel 4However, once you go outside of these realms and do any streaming or torrenting, then the choice of VPN becomes much harder.

You might consider a free service. However, these are merely marketing tools or a cut-back version promoting a premium package. (Read Foxtel Chromecast)

This is much the same as what appears cheaper options, and you indeed get what you pay for. For not much more per month, you can get a top-tier VPN that protects all your connection.

The best VPN for Australia can be a cheap VPN when you sign up for an extended period, and this one won’t be cheap on features.

Most importantly, it would bypass geo-blocking to the UK and Channel 4 so you can catch up with all the Made in Chelsea gossip.