How to Watch Friday Night Dinner in Australia

It might sound like another cookery show, but Friday Night Dinner is very far from it. It follows the exploits of a Friday night tradition of a British Jewish family of having their Friday night dinner together.

With Friday Night Dinner season 5 finished in the UK earlier this year, the rest of the world still has a long wait to catch up.

Here we will look at the attraction and how you can watch the show and bring yourself up to date easily and quickly.

Watch Friday Night Dinner

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What is Friday Night Dinner Exactly

Sat in a north London suburb, the family tradition revolves around the father Martin Goodman/ Paul Ritter, and the mother Jackie, played by Tamsin Greig, who is accompanied by the rest of the Friday Night Dinner cast:

  • Adam Goodman – played by Simon Bird, who made his breakthrough appearance in The InBetweeners
  • Jonathan “Jonny” Goodman – the second of the two Goodman siblings
  • Jim Bell – played by Mark Heap, who is the neighbour from hell.

Other recurring characters include Auntie Val, Grandma Nelly Buller and Cynthia “Horrible Grandma” Goodman.

The Friday night comedy started in 2011 and has racked up 30 Friday Night Dinner episodes along with one Christmas special back in 2012.

Friday Night Dinner in Australia

Watching Friday Night Dinner in Australia

With the show well and truly a part of UK TV culture, we need to see how it can be viewed online, bypassing regular and slower broadcasting channels.

The method used to do this also opens up the possibility to watch UK TV in Australia free. It works with the BBC iPlayer and even the ITV player.

This opens up a tremendous amount of content and TV shows you couldn’t usually watch as they are being aired.
First off, the Channel 4 player is geo-blocked for Australian viewers and limited to the UK. However, the process of unblocking Channel 4’s player is straightforward and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

Two things need to be completed, and it doesn’t matter in which order they are done until you want to sit down and watch some Channel 4 shows.

The easy step at this point must be completed in the right order to make sure the geo-restrictions are bypassed.

First Step to Watching Friday Night Dinner in Australia

Here, you need to create an account with Channel 4 as if you were a UK resident. By filling in the brief details, you come to the need for entering a UK postcode.

You can quickly grab one from the internet, but to be the same, if you know anyone in the UK, it would be better to use theirs.

This step is free to do and requires no more personal information. But, if you attempted to start the player, it would recognise your IP Address as being from Australia. This is very similar to how US Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many others block connections. (Learn How to Watch The Order Online in Australia)

The secret is the next part of the process. This is where you can beat any restriction from any online streaming service.

Step Two of Watching Friday Night Dinner

Step two requires you to sign up for a VPN service. The hardest part of this is finding the best service in Australia because not all have an extensive global network.

watch Friday Night Dinner via VPN

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To watch Friday Night Dinner with no buffering, it is best to check the fastest VPN Australia users have been praising for its high levels of security, privacy and geo-blocking bypassing features.

Signing up for the fastest VPN take minutes, and once you receive confirmation, you download the client software (available for a vast array of devices) and then install it.

Once you have done this, your system is fully protected, and even your ISP won’t see you are streaming. This, in turn, prevents them from throttling your connection.

The only intervention you require to watch Friday Night Dinner online is to change the outgoing server to one from the UK. This is a matter of selecting an option from a drop-down list.

Pick a server, wait for the connection to change or become connected, and then you are free to navigate to the Channel 4 (All 4) web page.

From here, you can access all the episodes or decide to watch something completely different. You are not limited, and you now have the full Channel 4 library for your viewing pleasure.

Shalom Jackie as the neighbour Jim Bell would say.