How to Watch Grey’s Anatomy in Australia

In season 17, part two, Grey’s Anatomy, is the long-awaited second half of the latest series.

The smash medical drama show featuring Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey is up to date, with Covid stories being relevant to the storyline.

She and her fellow medical staff deal with life-or-death situations daily. If that wasn’t enough, the drama shows the personal and professional lives of the doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

So far, there have been 374 episodes and one remaining of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17.

Watch Grey’s Anatomy in Australia

The show has fans around the world, and Australia is no exception. Since there is often months’ delay of hit TV shows, fans are keen to watch online in Australia to avoid spoilers.

In our guide, you can learn all the ways you can stream Grey’s Anatomy season 17 or even old episodes. By the end, you’ll find there isn’t one place you can go to watch every episode, unfortunately.

Grey’s Anatomy Show and Cast

The show comes from creator Shonda Rhimes, and the drama follows the personal and professional lives of Meredith Grey and the interns, residents in the Seattle hospital.

It has been one of the top TV shows, and fans are eager to watch new episodes of the hit medical drama.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Current Episodes

S17, Ep7: Helplessly Hoping

Teams tend to a tense situation, while Jo convinces Hayes to bend the rules.

S17, Ep8: It’s All Too Much

Traumas and pressure mounts, and Grey Sloan doctors search for a path forward. Jo, Link, and Jackson play a drinking game.

S17, Ep9: In My Life

Teddy struggles to cope after a heart-wrenching loss.

S17, Ep10 Breathe

A mother and daughter are in critical condition.

S17, Ep11 T.B.A

Not Yet Aired

Grey’s Anatomy Cast

  • Ellen Pompeo – Dr Meredith Grey
  • T. R. Knight – Dr George O’Malley
  • Patrick Dempsey – Dr Derek Shepherd
  • Katherine Heigl – Dr. Izzie Stevens
  • Sandra Oh – Dr Cristina Yang
  • Justin Chambers – Dr Alex Karev
  • James Pickens Jr – Dr Richard Webber

Will Grey’s Anatomy Be on Netflix, Australia?

Anyone thinking they can use Netflix to watch Greys Anatomy Australia will be sorely disappointed.

You won’t find any Grey Sloan Memorial hospital action to watch now or for the foreseeable future. (Read How To Watch Nascar In Australia)

What Channel is GREY’s Anatomy in Australia?

You won’t find any TV channel where you can watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 or old episodes. The only way you can get the show is to watch Grey’s Anatomy online and streaming old or new episodes.

Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 17

Which Streaming Service Has GREY’s Anatomy?

Stan has some seasons of the show, although you will discover you can’ even get Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Australia as the extent of the shows and seasons ends at season 14. If you want to binge-watch back seasons, then this makes a good solution.

However, it isn’t the best, and you wouldn’t want to subscribe to Stan when you can binge-watch in a more accessible place.

To subscribe to Stan costs $10 per month, and there is a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. While you may not wish to subscribe, you’ll find out of home-grown streaming platforms; Stan is the only place you will find the show.

You won’t find any episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on many Netflix libraries; however, for once, US Netflix has a trending show, albeit not all the episodes.

If you have a Netflix account, you can make full use of a premium VPN for Australia and head over to the US Netflix library and watch back seasons up to and including 16 seasons of the medical drama. (Read SBS Nordic Noir)

If you wish to watch Grey’s Anatomy season 17, then you need a different provider. You will find a couple of options here to subscribe and use the free trial to access the latest season.


Fubo has a 7-day free trial, and then it reverts to a paid-for subscription service. You have access to over 100 channels, and the cost for this is $64.99.

It is only the latest season you can watch in order, and the service also has season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy; Grey’s Anatomy season 6 is also on the service.

You would need a VPN to access the service outside the USA.


Hulu has most TV shows on-demand the day after they air on the related network provider. The streaming service has the live TV option, yet there is the little point since the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy has almost ended.

The basic plan costs $5.99, and you get a full one-month free trial. The basic plan is ad-supported, yet it is a small price to pay if you cancel before your free trial finishes.

So far, you have 8 episodes available from the latest season, as that is all you can find anywhere. One is due in the next few days, and the season finale of Season 17 is at the start of April.

Hulu is a great option, and you can easily cancel after watching the latest trending shows and having your streaming fill. (Read Is Hulu Available in Australia)

Hulu offers its own originals that rival those from Netflix. This streaming provider should be the first place you check for many top shows as it offers apps for many devices and HD streaming while being affordable.


The show was written for ABC, so it sounds smart to head there to watch the latest season. You can, and you can’t watch season 17 episodes. ABC streams the latest 4 episodes of any show the network offers.

The fifth episode is locked until it is superseded as the most current offering. You will find these are shown on the same schedule as Hulu and are aired the next day after airing on the network.

Any shows with a padlock on them are locked, and you would need to sign in with a TV provider.

If you delve deep into TV networks, you can see a trend, much of which is highlighted in the next section. (Learn How to Watch ABC Go Live Online)

Where Can I Watch Season 16 of Greys Anatomy?

Once you search where to find the show, you’ll find besides the US Netflix seasons that are available, the only option is Stan, and even then, you don’t have access to the latter three seasons.

Since things change in the streaming world, Disney entered the space with Disney Plus. This was all younger audience material, and it was most often a case to head to Hulu for adult content.

Star, the latest inclusion to the Disney Plus streaming platform, has access to the massive libraries of FX, 20th Century Fox, 20th Television, and Disney’s own Television Studios.

With this comes around 270 films, 75 TV series, and four new Star Originals added to the Disney Plus experience.

However, with continual change and this new addition. Grey’s Anatomy has been watching on Disney Plus since 23 February in Australia and New Zealand. All this is because of the new rollout of the Star channel.

If you wish to Binge watch the last three seasons, you can find season 15, season 16, and some of season 17 to stream now.

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy follows the weekly rollout schedule and has a one-episode release per week. You would find this the same as Hulu and ABC. New episodes are made available each Friday.

Now, you can find four or five episodes in the app ready to stream.

You may find a Disney subscription as the answer to all your problems, and you can cancel once your free period has ended.

However, nothing comes for free in most cases, and now Disney has included Star as a channel; there has been an increase passed on to Disney Plus subscribers.

The service has risen from $8.99 to $11.99 per month; however, it does give back and has dramatically increased the number of TV shows and movies you can find available.

Besides this, you’ll find that Disney Plus doesn’t pass on any further cost for 4K or multiple devices; thus, it is a good deal when you calculate this.

One of the most significant downsides is that you can’t try Disney for free as they removed the free trial.

It means you need to pay full price, and accessing Grey’s Anatomy using this platform means you can’t watch it for free.

If you don’t wish to sign up for Disney, you can put the subscription cost to a VPN and access the options above and make use of the free trial to stream and watch Grey’s Anatomy online free. (Find the Top VPN Australia)

How to Watch Grey’s Anatomy in Australia