How To Watch Free Movies On Kodi

As the world introduced more streaming platforms requiring a subscription, costs keep rising, and you can be paying more than an expensive cable subscription before you know it.

However, there are alternative solutions to this, and they all come with the help of Kodi.

Kodi is the number one home theatre app that lets you either stream your content on your home network or with third-party add-ons; you can access streams from a wide range of sources.

One of the issues is the many agencies and copyright trolls against Kodi because of its ability to stream copyright-protected content.

Watch Free Movies On Kodi

However, here, you can learn how to stream movies and TV shows from the official Kodi repo, and in case you want to, you can find a few free streams as well.

Lastly, you can learn in this guide how to bypass any geo-restrictions and keep yourself out of sight as you stream using any Kodi addons for movies.

Quick Kodi Basics

Before installing any Kodi add-ons, including from the official repository, Kodi users should consider installing a premium quality VPN to safeguard their connection.

VPNs help you access geo-restricted content while protecting you from viruses, malware, hackers and possible government surveillance.

For example, third-party add-ons or external repos can contain malware, which can undermine your privacy and harm your device.

Official Add-On Installation Steps from Kodi Repository

You can find many movie add-ons in the official Kodi repository, although the selection you may find here may be limited compared to other third-party repos.

However, using these options does mean you aren’t treading on the toes of any rights reserved copyright content. Although, you still require a VPN, as many sources are sitting behind a tall fence of geo-restrictions. (Learn How to Install Viewster Kodi addon)

Installing add-ons from Kodi Repo

  1. Open your Kodi app and select ‘add-ons.’
  2. In the top left-hand corner of your page, select the box icon
  3. In the list, locate and click on ‘install from repository.’
  4. Click on ‘video add-ons.’
  5. Locate the add on you want and click on it (add-ons run in alphabetical order)
  6. Click on ‘install’ and wait for the pop-up confirmation box your install is successful.
  7. Navigate back to the Kodi home screen
    Locate your video add-on and start watching

If the add-on is from overseas, you may still receive an error. It is here where you still require a premium Kodi VPN for access to restricted content.

Installing Add-Ons from a Third-Party Repository

It is the installation of these add-ons, which need a VPN to keep you out of sight. While some may be legal, you may not know what are and which aren’t. (Read Best Repositories for Kodi)

Kodi disables access to these by default for security, so you will need to grant access once. Here you can see how to do this and install the best Kodi addons for movies and TV shows.

  1. Enabling Third-Party Add-on Installation
  2. Open your Kodi app and click on ‘Settings.’
  3. Go to ‘System settings’ Kodi Leia 18 or higher will click on ‘System.’
  4. Select Add-ons from your left menu
  5. In the same window to the right, enable ‘Unknown Sources’
  6. Toggle the switch to say yes and when a warning pops up, click on ‘Yes.’
  7. You can now install any Kodi add-on for movies

Install Kodi Add-Ons

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Click the cog icon to the upper left side of your screen
  3. Click on ‘file manager.’
  4. Scroll down until you see ‘add Source.’ double click on it
  5. Enter the repo URL for the desired repo and click ‘OK.’
  6. Enter a name for the repo and click ‘OK.’
  7. Navigate to your Kodi home screen and click on the box icon
  8. Click ‘Install from zipping.’
  9. Locate and click on the file name in the list. Wait for your pop-up confirmation of a successful install.
  10. Navigate to ‘Install from repository’ and complete the same steps found in 3 – 8 with your new repository (Make sure you install from repo and not install from ZIP)

Each third-party add-on you install may have a different repo URL and name. However, the basic process is the same for the majority of them.

Movies and TV Kodi Add-Ons

Best Official Movies and TV Add-Ons

Here is a selection of the best add-ons from the Kodi repo that let you watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports.

iPlayer WWW

You will find this add-on delivers the best of the BBC, although it has no affiliation with BBC One even while it is in the official repo. The primary purpose is to prove an interface to the iPlayer inside Kodi.

You need an account with the BBC and a VPN to use this add-on outside the UK to watch a movie and access TV shows content from the BBC.


The site was made for US personnel in the armed forces who are overseas. You have three plans, though you can select a free package that delivers plenty of US TV and, most of all, watch movies free.

It needs a VPN as it faces geo-restrictions to anyone outside the USA.


If you check the Kodi repo, you will see this add-on offers over 7,500 movie titles. Once you have an excellent Kodi VPN, you can easily use Kodi and this add-on on your TV. (Read How to Watch Sky Sports on Kodi)


Sony is among one of the top movie studios, so it makes sense for an add-on. It is in a different repo, although it is still a legal add-on and works with a US server on your VPN.

The repo name is Eracknaphobia, and the URL for the repo is (Read Watch Legacies Online)


The source of this add-on is Switzerland, and it offers lots of free Kodi movies the TV that is without any geo-restrictions. Much of the reason being Viewster is a YouTube channel, and the add-on provides the interface to watch high-quality content on your TV.

You will find the add-on inside the official Kodi repo, and then you have access to many movies and TV shows, even if they are on the older side.

Unofficial Kodi Add-ons for Movies

Here are a few add-ons you won’t find in the Kodi repo. Make sure your VPN is connected before you try and install these add-ons.

The Magic Dragon

You can find Magic Dragon is one of the best Kodi movie add-ons you can see that still works.

It offers many exciting categories, which is organized into:

  1. People watching, Real Debrid Movies, Episodes of the day
  2. Catch Up TV, 4K Movies
  3. Documentary
  4. Kids, Kodi Channels
  5. Movies, Music, Radio
  6. Sports, TV and much more

You will find this in the Diamond Build Repository ( Please give it a name and install it using the previous instructions.


If you want to watch movies and TV shows with an add-on that isn’t in the official repository, then Covenant is the best Kodi addon you can choose. (Learn How to Install Covenant on Kodi)

Covenant is a fork of the popular Exodus and is among the most popular. It has masses of movies and TV shows content for you to access.

To get up and running quickly, here are the full installation instructions to install Kodi Covenant.

  1. Open Kodi and click on Settings (the gear icon, top left).
  2. Click ‘File Manager’ and Double click ‘Add Source.’ Select and click ‘None.’
  3. Enter the following URL, and click OK.
  4. Enter a name for the media source. “Covenant” and click
  5. OK twice.
  6. Navigate back to the main menu, and click Add-ons.
  7. Click the Package installer icon in the top left.
  8. Click install from zip file.
  9. Click Covenant
  10. Wait for the notification pop up box to show the repo to install.
  11. Click Install from the repository, and select
  12. Click Video add-ons and then click ‘Covenant.’
  13. Select Install in the bottom left of your screen.
  14. Wait for the notification box to show that the add-on enabled successfully
    Navigate to the Kodi home-screen; select Covenant to use from the add-ons option.

Using a VPN to Watch Free Movies on Kodi

Any Kodi addon for movies on this list needs a VPN for geo-restrictions or to hide your location and identity from ISPs and copyright trolls.

This is more important if you watch movies and TV shows that don’t come from the official Kodi repo.

Kodi streaming has a bad rap, and much of it isn’t justified. The authorities think any Kodi user is watching protected content. (Read Kodi Crackdown Explained)

Once you sign up for the number one streaming VPN, you can watch all the content you want. If nothing else, it can prevent your ISP from throttling your connection, and with military-grade encryption, they can’t retain any data of your online activities.

How To Watch Free Movies On Kodi