Where To Watch Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars had a rocky road to airing this year and missed the Spring launch of the latest season. It finally started in September and can hopefully run through the episodes to the end.

The ABC show is a smash around the globe. Many fans want to know how they can catch the latest season without cable, and watch the cast of celebrities strut their stuff.

This quick guide highlights where you can watch the new season of the hit family show week after week, which is packed with celebrities dancing their hearts out.

For everyone else, to watch dancing with the stars online is a dream come true.

Watch Dancing With The Stars

Is Dancing with Stars Cancelled for 2020?

The show missed the spring start because of the current outbreak. However, the new season of the favorite American dance competition based on the UK hit show Strictly Come Dancing, premiered for season 29 on September 14, 2020.

While the show must go on, they are unsure if it will be cut short, or it can last the entire run of episodes on ABC. (Read How to Watch Abc Go Live Online)

Can I Watch Dancing with Stars on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Dancing with Stars is not on everyone’s favourite Netflix, and the ABC show shows no signs of having any dance episodes on the streaming platform.

How Can I Watch Dancing with Stars without Cable?

One of the easiest ways to access the show is with a delay and head straight to the ABC website to watch the celebrities’ dance.

You can watch free episodes which are not live, and the latest one is Disney Night. Until the latest episode of the series airs, it will be locked. Nevertheless, it does offer you a chance to watch the series and all the glamorous cast.

The problem with watching on-demand, is you hear the spoilers. For Carole Baskin and Pasha Pashkov, Disney Night was goodnight as they were voted off.

Where to Watch Dancing with the Stars Live?

The best way to watch the cast of the family shows is by using a streaming service that has ABC as one of its channels.

Hulu with Live TV is the best answer to how can I watch Dancing with the Stars live on ABC.

You have full access to ABC and many other networks with Hulu (65+) and all for $54.99.

With this, you get hundreds of more shows and new Hulu original shows that make the cost well worth it. (Read Is Hulu available in Australia?)

You will need a premium streaming VPN to bypass restrictions, yet you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. You can test the capabilities and the unblocking they offer free.

You easily watch Dancing with the Stars using either method, so long as you use a VPN to avoid restrictions or any errors.

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Where To Watch Dancing With The Stars