How To Watch SNL In Australia

SNL has been one of the top running shows on NBC since it was first aired in 1975. The satirical show places celebrities in a position where they star in sketches.

While it’s easy to access inside the USA, fans around the world may find it more of a challenge. However, there are many options open, so you can go through our guide and learn how to watch Saturday Night Live in Australia.

By the end, you’ll see all the options for Saturday Night Australia and how you can access these, no matter where they come from.

Watch Saturday Night Live in Australia

Does Foxtel Have SNL?

Anyone in Australia can Saturday Night Live returns to Foxtel for season 46 streaming. The premiere was in October 2020, and there are still a few episodes remaining before you can catch the show on-demand.

Starting with musical award-winning guest host Adele, who shows she’s naturally funny. Since the show plucks the latest political news, there is more than enough with Trump and the next President to fill the entire season. (Learn How to Get a Foxtel Go Free Trial)

You can catch all your favourite cast members from last season and many more.

Foxtel Now comes with a 10-day free trial, although this isn’t enough to catch every season of the comedy without you needing to subscribe to Foxtel.

Under the Foxtel umbrella is Binge. Binge offers a 14-day free trial and comes with no contracts. You can cancel any time you desire.

You will find Binge a cheaper option than Foxtel Now, although you can find many cherry-picked and the best reserved for the more expensive platform when you want to watch other shows from the US.

However, you can find shows and movies from studios including HBO, FX, BBC, and more on-demand to play on Binge.

You can find both services that support Apple TV, browsers, and the apps for many other devices to watch Saturday Night Live Australia. (Learn How To Cast Foxtel Go To TV)

Is SNL Available on Netflix?

You won’t find any regular season sketch episodes or live streaming episodes of SNL on Netflix. However, they may stream special collections of episodes that contain individual cast members.

If you log into your Netflix account and search for SNL, you can find classic shows and movies starring actors from the show. (Learn How to Get Netflix America in Australia)

Can You Watch SNL on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, there are no seasons to stream on Amazon prime Video. If you wish to watch the show, you’ll find you need to purchase a season and full episodes. However, depending on the region you access, you can find the show may not be available.

SNL is one of the biggest shows for the network, and they are not too keen on letting other streaming services have access to this.

Hulu is also seen as an online option, yet it doesn’t have every season of the trending show. You are able to watch a few of the first seasons and the later seasons with 20 or so missing from the middle of the long-running show. (Learn How to Watch Legacies Online Free)

It does offer a one-month free trial so that you can watch many of the later season’s episodes of the comedy show.

Hulu can also access many US networks, so you can stream no end of TV shows and movies and Hulu Originals in the month free trial you get from the on-demand plan. New shows are available the day after airing in most cases, so you may not need to stream live.

SNL best comedy TV shows

What Streaming Service Has SNL?

To watch the best of comedy TV shows, all the above options require you to subscribe. However, there is one option you can take full advantage of by just signing up for a premium VPN service.

By doing this, you can watch SNL or related shows on the network from any country. NBC broadcasts SNL, and they joined the streaming market with the Peacock TV streaming service.

Currently, Peacock differs from other platforms as there is a fair chunk of series and video options to watch across two tiers. This differs greatly as many offerings like this can just offer news or shows that are not interesting. (Learn How to Watch Archer Online)

Peacock allows you to stream and watch many shows on the free tier while they save trending shows for the subscription tier. However, Peacock premium is highly affordable if you wish to subscribe.

You may think it is a cut-down offering, yet with movies such as all the Harry Potter movies and other hits such as John Wick, there are lots on offer with the free tier.

All you need is a premium streaming VPN, and you can access every episode and season of Saturday Night Live. Some of the early seasons may vanish, yet it is the best way you can catch online episodes of numerous TV show without needing to subscribe to a streaming platform for one show.

A VPN can do this by replacing your real IP address with one inside the United States. Without a VPN, you will get an error, “Something went wrong. Sorry, Peacock is not yet supported in your region.”

It is a simple fix to a common online error you get with many streaming services. A premium streaming VPN fixes this in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is sign up, and you can even try top-level VPNs free for thirty days with a 30-day money-back guarantee. (Learn How to Watch Disney+ in Australia)

It is possible to sign up for a VPN, sign up for Peacock and watch Saturday Night Live for the extent of your money-back period.

In reality, this means you can watch any episode of SNL free, although you may wish to hang onto your VPN after the refund window closes.

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