What Is The Best Anime On Netflix Aus?

Netflix is often seen as the top of all streaming services full of binge-worthy TV shows and movies. However, on the quiet, they have been increasing the number of anime shows. None more so than the Aussie Netflix library.

Maybe it’s down top proximity, yet it is better for anime fans in the country.

There is an increase in sci-fi, comedy, action, and love thrown in each genre of these anime classic shows and the odd movie.

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Fans are keen to watch the latest and greatest animated show there is. With this guide, you can learn what’s the best Aussie Netflix animes in December 2020.

You may find the odd one has part of the series down-under, while other episodes are on the US library. That’s an easy fix using a VPN to change your region.

Here you can find the greatest animated shows and the number one best anime to watch while you can. (Learn How to Change Netflix Region)

What’s good on Netflix right now in Australia?

No matter how many years old you are, there’s a show here from every genre where you can watch unlimited anime.


Beastars is about a wolf in turmoil and coming to terms with his predatory nature while there is a murder at the high school he goes to.

One Piece

A classic anime follows Luffy’s adventure, which is searching for the One Piece. Netflix Australia has 130+ episodes, and there are still more to be added.

Neon Genesis: Evangelion

One of the all-time greats is Neon Genesis. While not the best from the series because of the localisation quirks, and it lacks Fly Me to the Moon. However, it’s as good as ever and a must watch


The Aussie Netflix catalogue of sporting anime continues to grow, although you won’t find Prince of Tennis or even Hikaru no Go. (Read Which Country Has The Best Netflix)

Haikyu is available and enjoyable with 50 episodes in English language and original Japanese. With luck, the latest 25 episodes will be added over the next few weeks.


Here are the tales of a Red Panda stuck in the 9 – 5. She shows we all get a little Aggretsuko. Retsuko unwinds from monotonous days by going to the local death metal karaoke.

Sol Levante

Sol Levante is a first hand-drawn short anime film to show off 4K HDR. It’s billed as experimental and a fantastic way to test your TV. (Learn How to Watch American Netflix in Australia)

The Dragon Prince

An anime brought by the Avatar cast of creatives and The Last Airbender, The Dragon Prince, starts in a kingdom that’s seen a 1,000 years war. Three key characters stuck in the middle with stories from the thick of the battlefield spread over the two seasons on Aussie Netflix. (Read Why Is Australian Netflix So Bad)

Hand adding anime pictures in wall

Little Witch Academia

It isn’t just one for the girls and can appeal to everyone. Little Witch Academia is a mix of Japanese cuteness bundled with magic, even if she’d never cast a spell.

The makers released Little Witch Academia as a short animation on YouTube, and from there, there was enough interest to crowdfund a feature-length sequel anime series on Netflix. Akko and her friends now have a full series; you can stream on Aussie Netflix.

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Inspired by gag manga, Saiki K is about a high school sophomore struggling to keep psychic talents hidden. Saiki’s powers include x-ray vision, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance, and mind control.

He can share telepathy and turn others to stone. It’s anime packed with weird characters that are silly and great to kill some time. (Read Australian Movies On Netflix)

What is the dirtiest Anime on Netflix?

Demons invade humanity following being frozen for millions of years. Akira is timid and tasked by his close friend Ryo to merge with a demon to fight back for the sake of the human race and the world.

Akira becomes Devilman, a being that possesses the power of a demon, yet he has the heart and soul.

Man in a couch watching television

The anime is chock full of violence, gore, and sex and is close to overflowing. It is binge-worthy, and with ten episodes, it betters any anime on Stan by a mile. Devilman is about controlling the power of the devil and using it against them.

Crybaby continues over old ground, with Akira embracing the powers of the demon Amon. The key to the Netflix version is that there is a modern world setting, and there is more focus on sex, violence, and smartphones.

A few others to get your teeth into are:

  • Death Note (2006)
  • Kill la Kill (2013)
  • Kuroshitsuji (2008)
  • Kakegurui (2017)

Which is the #1 anime?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the series and will watch Brotherhood before you work your way through the original Full Metal Alchemist is up to you. However, it is one series that ‘’s worth your time.

Brotherhood is the adaptation that closely follows the source material. The original anime pull,s away from the manga story mid-way after Hiromu Arakawa (the creator of the FMA) wanted a different ending. Brotherhood can be the better telling of the two. (Read How to Watch Love, Death and Robots Online)

The series follows the journey of the alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric. They search for the Philosopher’s Stone to revive a body after a failed transmutation. The original FMA is on Aussie Netflix, and you will need a VPN to watch FMA: Brotherhood on the US Netflix.

What Netflix Has the Best Anime?

It is a year old knowing that Japan Netflix has the best anime. Even years later, there is no way any other country can catch up.

However, with the shows on offer here, you have a considerable amount to digest in the US.

Besides this, if you invest in a premium Japan VPN, you can access their Netflix library without too much effort. It is wise to choose because you know you want to. (Find the Top VPN Australia)

Take your time as you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee to check all the big anime animation releases, and you can watch unlimited episodes and watch as much as you want of your favourite character.

What Is The Best Anime On Netflix Aus

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