How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7037-1111

Netflix is a global streaming platform, and for many users such as those in Australia, they connect to the US Netflix library as there is a wealth of more content such as more movies and TV shows.

However, If you see the Netflix error code M7037-1111 on your computer, often accompanied by the message below:

Whoops, something went wrong… Proxy Detected. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit

It usually shows that Netflix’s systems have discovered that you’re using a VPN, proxy, or other Netflix unblocker service. (Learn How to Get American Netflix in Australia)

Quick VPN Guide for Fixing Netflix Error Codes

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Because Netflix’s content collection varies by region, and these services mask your region, you won’t be able to access Netflix content and watch movies or TV shows if you use one of these VPN services. You can quickly discover that not all VPNs work with Netflix.

If you receive this error while trying to play content, you can learn all the troubleshooting steps you need in our guide.

How Do I Fix Pardon the Interruption on Netflix?

If you get error code M7111-1957-205042 on your computer or device with the message:

“Sorry for the interruption. Your Netflix session expired. Please sign out and sign in again to play this title.”

It means information stored on your browser needs refreshing. Use these steps to fix the problem.

Check for recent Netflix emails

If you have received an email from Netflix saying they reset your password to regain access to your account. Click the link to create a new password.

If you have received no emails from Netflix, continue troubleshooting:

Sign out of Netflix

From the Netflix home screen, hover your cursor over your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Choose Sign out of Netflix.

Sign back in and try your Netflix again.

computer devices

Try to Sign in on other devices

To pinpoint the problem, sign in to Netflix on another device on the same network as your computer. (Read Why Does Australian Netflix Have Less)

If you see an error code or error message when you sign in, make changes to your account, or try to watch, it means your Netflix account isn’t connecting. Please try again later.

If you don’t see an error code or error message, continue troubleshooting.

Netflix Error O7037-1101

If you experience the error code O7037-1101 on your computer and the message:

“Pardon the interruption. We’re having trouble playing Netflix. Please check your internet connection and try again.”

It usually shows that your device cannot connect to the Netflix service due to a network connectivity issue. To resolve the issue, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Make sure the network allows streaming

Public Wi-Fi networks like schools, work, or hotels, sometimes block streaming video. If using a public network, check Netflix is allowed. If using cellular data or a satellite internet connection, try a different network if possible. (Read How to Fix Hulu Error Code p-dev320)

Restart your home network

Leave your computer powered off and unplug all your home network equipment for 30 seconds; you plug in each device and power it on again.

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Unplug your modem and wireless router or all-in-one device from the power for 30 seconds. Reconnect and wait for the indicator lights.
  3. Turn your computer back on and try Netflix again.

internet connection

Improve Wi-Fi signal

If you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, use these suggestions:

  1. Move the router to a central location for better signal strength.
  2. Move wireless devices like cordless phones or microwaves away from the router.
  3. Lift your router off the floor. Routers higher up offer better reception.

Connect directly to your modem

If you connect via a wireless router connected to your modem, try to bypass the router. This can help identify the problem by eliminating your router and wireless connectivity as being the issue.

  1. Turn off your computer.
  2. Plug the computer into the modem using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Unplug the modem for 30 seconds. Plug it back in.
  4. Turn your computer on and try Netflix again.

If this step gets you streaming again:

If you’ve bypassed your router and successfully connected to Netflix directly through your modem, the router itself is likely the source of the problem. Contact whoever set up your home network for help resetting or re-configuring your router settings.

Restore default connection settings

If using custom settings on your device, restore the internet provider’s default settings, then try Netflix.

If you connect using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy service, turn it off and connect directly to the home internet connection. (Read How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7037-1111)

If using custom DNS settings, reset them to get DNS automatically.

What next?

If you do the above but can’t connect to Netflix, contact your ISP (internet service provider). They should help determine if your router is set up correctly.

What Do I Do With An Error Code on Netflix?

If Netflix isn’t currently working, there are potential causes, including:

  1. A network connection issue
  2. A device issue
  3. Issues with your Netflix app or account subscription

To get back to watching:

  1. If you see an error code such as M7037, or message, you can head to the help page and enter the code such as M7037 into the search bar to get some troubleshooting steps.
  2. If you don’t see an error code or message, enter the problem description in the search bar. For instance, problems include seeing a black screen or being unable to sign in.
  3. If you are still not able to stream or watch from the service, check if Netflix is suffering a service outage.

For the troubleshooting, you can head to this Netflix help page:

netflix error

How do I fix Netflix VPN error?

To maintain its copyright commitments, Netflix began barring connections from all proxies and VPNs in early 2016. Although they are not unblocking content from another country, users who connect to a proxy service or VPN server in their own country receive the proxy error.

Netflix has done an admirable job of extending its international library, but certain nations still have streaming content not available in others; therefore, Netflix unblocking is still in demand.

Bypass a Netflix proxy error

Once you use a reliable VPN, it’s straightforward to avoid a proxy error.

  1. Sign up for a premium VPN, which bypasses a Netflix proxy ban.
  2. Run the VPN app
  3. Select a server location for any chosen Netflix library. For instance, to watch American Netflix from Australia, use a VPN server based in the United States.
  4. Click the Connect button and wait until it establishes a secure VPN connection.
  5. Open your Netflix app, or if using a browser, head to the Netflix page.

If your VPN works, you should be able to stream and watch Netflix without the proxy error code m7037 1111.

If you still see the Netflix error message or error code 7037 1111, try changing to another US-based server. It is advisable to clear the cookies and clearing the web browser cache.

A top VPN provider should have 24/7 live chat customer support and help choose the right settings or find a working server to help you watch Netflix.

It is handy to know how a Netflix proxy error comes about. Although Netflix won’t disclose how the VPN ban and proxy error works, here are the most likely methods. (Read Why the Netflix Australia Catalogue Is So Limited)

IP Address Blacklisting

Every internet-connected device gets an IP address. On the web, public IP addresses relate to certain countries. When you use a VPN or proxy service, the public IP address of your device is changed to that of the VPN or proxy

Netflix blocks most proxy and VPN server IP addresses, and they could restrict large ranges of non-residential IP addresses instead of picking out single IP addresses.

If you have the dreaded Netflix error m7037 1111, then there stands a chance many other users are trying to watch Netflix and facing the same issues.

DNS filtering

Netflix may also utilise DNS to determine whether VPNs and proxies are being used.

Your DNS server is most likely associated with your local Internet Service Provider and corresponds to a specific country or region by default. Many proxies and VPNs cannot route DNS traffic.

When Netflix detects a DNS server location and IP address location, it assumes you’re using a proxy service and displays an error message.

Most premium VPN providers transmit DNS traffic via their own servers. Netflix apps on Apple iOS and Android make the issue worse as they override DNS settings. The web version of Netflix doesn’t and is thus easier than unblocking Netflix on mobile devices.

What is Netflix proxy error?

When utilising a virtual private network (VPN) or a proxy to access Netflix, you’ll almost always encounter a proxy error and see the dreaded error message.


Netflix won’t let you use a proxy, unblocker, or VPN as it all comes down to streaming rights and money. VPN providers allow users to bypass these restrictions and access content from the US library in Australia.

Not all VPNs works with Netflix to access movies and Tv shows from another region. Hence the frequency of the m7037 1111 error as many users is using the wrong VPN providers.

To unblock Netflix, you need a reliable VPN that can first route all your internet traffic through a secure tunnel; it can then hide the fact it is a VPN, so Netflix can’t tell. Lastly, to unblock Netflix, there should be a kill switch or other methods to prevent DNS leaks.

One hint of your internet traffic coming from a VPN or another region, and you’ll catch hold of the m7037 error even if using a VPN proxy.

It may appear challenging to pick the right VPN subscription for your VPN, yet the better ones offer the same features, and there are only a few of them.

You can easily access the US, Japan, Canada, and United Kingdom Netflix libraries without issue. A VPN subscription would be cost-effective and offers lots of features to make your internet experience much better.

Such VPNs have thousands of servers for streaming from any country, and you can find blocked sites un-blocked in seconds.

Lastly, premium VPNs offer you the chance to test all the features using a 30-day money-back guarantee.  (Read What is the Best VPN for Australia)

There are no restrictions, and you can compare them all by streaming Netflix without error from any countries you desire. It can be the last time you see an error on Netflix, which is something worth paying for.

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