How to Watch Coronation Street Online in Australia

Coronation Street is a long-running British soap opera that is famous worldwide and has amassed many fans over the years.

In the 50 years, it has been on TV, it has gone to achieve cult status. While there are places, you can find the show online.

Many of these are often weeks, if not months, behind the latest events in Coronation Street. Besides, you get too many spoilers if you wait for the regular streaming site to catch up with episodes.

Luckily, with a little know-how and a premium VPN, you can watch Coronation Street full episodes online for free.

Quick Guide to Watching Coronation Street in Australia

  1. Install the fastest VPN Service (We recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Connect to a UK Server
  3. Head to and sign up for free
  4. Sit back and watch every episode of Coronation Street!

Watch ITV With ExpressVPN

By the end of this quick guide, you’ll see how easy it is to make an account with ITV, the British network that airs the classic show. (Watch more UKTV Australia)

Watch Coronation Street Online in Australia

How Do I Watch Coronation Street?

For anyone inside the United Kingdom, watching Coronation Street episodes is a simple matter of turning on your TV at the desired time.

ITV is the network with the show and countless other great shows you can search on the site. While the free to air channel is via aerial, they have their streaming service, the ITV hub.

You have access to ITV, ITV 2, ITVBe, and more. There is more than enough for all the family. All you need is your trusted VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions in place.

Can I Watch Emmerdale Online for Free?

If you search for Emmerdale on the ITV Hub and click play, you’ll find, as it was in writing this guide, it won’t let me watch it either.

Like others, this site uses cookies, and these cookies contain enough information to help the service block you.

Whenever you try to access ITV outside of the UK, you will get the error message “Sorry! This video isn’t available right now.” Besides the cookies, the platform checks your IP address. Both this and the cookies can be resolved.

Using the same instructions and process, you can search for Emmerdale on the ITV Player site (search bar top right corner) and watch it in the same way as Coronation Street.

You can find a wide range of device support for the app on Samsung TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and through browsers on any device, so long as you delete your cookies before connecting your VPN.

Watch Coronation Street Full Episodes

How to Watch Coronation Street in Australia

It is very straightforward to read how to access ITV Hub from anywhere after making a new account.

Once you do this, you are free to watch ITV live and view Coronation Street full episodes as they air, or watch Coronation Street catch up at your leisure. One drawback is the ads, but for free, this is a small price to pay.

  1. Pick your VPN, then signup and install the app on your device
  2. Clear your cookies and set the server to one inside the United Kingdom. You will not have a British IP address.
  3. Head to this site:
  4. Add your title and first and last name
  5. Enter your date of birth
  6. Enter a UK postcode (find one on the internet. It may or may not ask for an address. anyone will do that matches the postcode)
  7. Add your email address and create a password
  8. Don’t check the option for new updates and news
  9. Check the ITV terms & Conditions option
  10. Click ‘Submit

Once you submit, you may get a confirmation email. Click on the link to verify your address, and you are directed back to the website to sign in and continue using the free platform to watch Coronation Street or any of the other shows. (Learn How To Watch Eastenders In Australia)

If you are using an ad-blocker, it may ask you to; please disable it when you try to play full episodes of Coronation Street. The site, like the channel, is ad-supported

Also, make sure your cookies have been deleted to stop any restrictions preventing playback.

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When you sign into the ITV Hub to watch full episodes of Coronation Street or Emmerdale, and even the many other live or on-demand shows they have. A VPN serves you well in many more ways. (Learn How To Delete Cookies On Samsung)

Cookies are everywhere, and each site you visit will use them, although many sites now allow you to restrict what cookies can keep in terms of your data.

Please read this before accepting, as they all chip away at your online anonymity. Hence the reason a VPN can be the best way to watch episodes of Coronation Street while keeping you safe and anonymous while online.

How to Watch Coronation Street Online in Australia

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